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This Week in Gear: July 25-29

A look back at an entire week's worth of gear.

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10 Products We Want From Amazon's New Kickstarter Page

Over 300 successful Kickstarter products are available right now for purchase.

Can Humanity Overcome the
Can Humanity Overcome the "Greatest Existential Threat" It's Ever Faced?
10 Affordable Sleeper Cars from the Past Decade
10 Affordable Sleeper Cars from the Past Decade

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Today in Gear: July 29, 2016

A new, slender water pitcher, a waterproof LED strip that'll light up your nightlife, an off-road moto in an adventure-ready colorway and much more.

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Don't Choose Between Fun and Function

Cool Dads, Rejoice: This Is Your SUV

The 2016 Mercedes Benz GLS slots between sport and practical — a German car playing Switzerland — by mating three roomy rows to gleaming muscle.

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Just Ask the Artisans Behind Blenheim Forge

What Makes a $600 Kitchen Knife?

Based in Peckham, London, Blenheim Forge handcrafts some of the world's most beautiful (and expensive) kitchen knives.

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What's New, Now

Today in Gear: July 27, 2016

A dovetail surfboard-inspired skateboard, a new rye whiskey with emphasis on the "rye" part, a special-edition electric three-wheeler and much more.

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