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Today in Gear: June 2, 2015

Pagnol's M2 Jacket, Spy's therapeutic shades, bracelets from J.Crew and more.

Sadly, No Magic Berries and Herbs

5 Wilderness Injuries, 5 Wilderness Cures

For the outdoorsman, home is wherever the ground is flat and somewhat free of rocks. These tents make those spots more comfortable than ever.


How to Make Stock, a True Kitchen Staple

You can buy stock in boxes or cans, or even those insidious little bouillon cubes. But really, you should make it yourself.


The Playlist: Your Summer Camping Soundtrack

Nature's soundtrack is a hard one to rival, but we'll try anyway.


The 11 Best Tents of 2015

For the outdoorsman, home is wherever the ground is flat and somewhat free of rocks. These tents make those spots more comfortable than ever.

On the Docket

The Perfect Summer Beer

The 9 best sour and salty Gose beers.

A Good First Date is Possible

How to plan it, from the experts.

Your Ultimate Camping Playlist

A GP-curated list to take on your next trip.

Guide to Bluffing

Learning a thing or two from Matt Damon's character in Rounders.

Best Hydration Packs for Running

Hydrate without the hassle.

An Evolved Way to Explore

10 adventure basecamps in the US and beyond.

Fitness Apps to Try Now

From mountain training to lifting.

Pack the Perfect Weekend Cooler

Road trip? Camping? We've got you covered.

Healthy Breakfast, 3 Ways

How every athlete should start the day.

Braving the Wild: What You'll Need

The everyman's guide to survival gear.

Don't Bomb Your Flop Shot

An expert's guide to one of golf's more artistic shots.

What's For Dinner?

The Wilderness Guide to Hunting for Survival


When things get bad, you need to know how to catch your own dinner. Here's how.

Westward Ho!

The 15 Best Campgrounds in the West


Finding a worthy campsite is a lot more involved than just showing up at the nearest KOA off the freeway. We can get you started.

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Feature Story

Island Treasure

72 Hours in San Juan

Of all the sunscreen-smeared, piña colada-drowned Caribbean vacation destinations, Puerto Rico is easily the most underrated.

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15 Best Sleeping Bags of 2015
Because you can't take your bed with you.
Camp Chairs for Every Type of Outdoorsman
Because logs aren't exactly comfortable.
The Best Grills of 2015
Because your meat deserves better.

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Shaming Your Old Man's Pop-Up

7 Off-Road Trailers for Your Next Adventure

If you're worried your 4x4 doesn't have enough room for your gear and creature comforts on a weekend off-road getaway, there's no need to trade up to a custom overlanding vehicle -- all you have to do is hitch up a trailer.

What's New, Now

Today in Gear: June 1, 2015

Timeless Horween leather watch straps from Tanner Goods, Google's incredible new photo storage platform, a summer-friendly beard oil and more.

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What's New, Now

Today in Gear: May 29, 2015

A folding tent for the roof of your car, Moleskine's Apple Watch scheduling app, a duffel that keeps your suits pressed and more.

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What's New, Now

Today in Gear: May 28, 2015

Shinola’s first travel-focused GMT watch, Olivers Apparel releases The All Over Short, coffee with extra health benefits by Alpha Mind and more.

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Become a Knockdown Shooter

How to Improve Your Jump Shot

Ask any expert on the subject and they’ll tell you the same thing: the only way to get better is to get on the practice court -- or the backyard net or the school gym -- and start shooting.

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Slightly Less than Roughing It

Car Camping Done Right

Car camping is all about possibilities. Getting to a campsite on four wheels means you can take along a mountain bike, kayaks, hardcover pulp fiction and a cooler of microbrews.

What's New, Now

Today in Gear: May 27, 2015

Eddie Bauer's affordable technical t-shirt, Reid Mitenbuler's book about the past and future of America's whiskey, a social networking app for outdoorsmen and more.

Ticking Off The Week's News In Watches

This Week in Watches: May 26, 2015

Just in time for summer is a quiver of new sports watches: Omega's new regatta timer, Rafa's new tourbillon, Audemars Piguet's racing watch developed with Michael Schumacher and more.


Hiking the Alps, Sans Huts

Dan had mentioned his novel idea before our summer trip to Switzerland: we’d go backpacking, in the Alps -- no huts. Bring your sleeping bags and bivy sacks, he said. Brilliant, I thought.

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