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This Week in Gear: January 26 – 30

A look back at an entire week's worth of gear.

Life on the Road, Refined

Quick Essentials for the Seasoned Traveler

These are the premium accoutrements to any journey, the picks that come from the refined palate of the guy who's putting six figures of flight miles on the books each year.


The Right Guidebook for Every Journey

Your personal Virgil to help you find your way in a new world.


Shell Out: The Best Hard-Shell

If you're between a soft and a hard case...


To Check or Not to Check?

Experienced traveler and GP contributor Geoff Parker shares his rule on the common packing conundrum.

On the Docket

Spill-Proof Coffee Mugs

It's time you did your shirts a favor.

Style Advice from J.Crew's Head of Menswear

From his brain to your closet.

A Hotel with a Helluva View

The right way to see Monument Valley.

The Everest of Sailing

Why the Volvo Ocean race is as intense as it gets.

Know Your Russian Imperial Stouts


Apocalypse Rides

Vehicles to survive anything.

Truck Off!

Rating today's top full-sized pickups.

Why Do Sportsman Love the .22 Rifle?

A tale of the small but mighty.

Anonymous Social Networks are Booming

So much for keeping secrets.

10 Vintage Cameras Worth Collecting

Give that selfie stick a break.

Original Film

4 Wheels, Nighttime Thrills


The Audi RS7 has 560 HP, goes 60-0 in 3.5 & has room for 4. We took it out for an evening drive.


The Rise of Montauk


In the last decade of summers, more and more tourists have embraced the little town of Montauk. We talked to six locals -- a policeman, a teacher, a surfer, a scenester, a fisherman and a retiree -- about why and how Montauk is changing.

Today's Contents

Feature Story

Hit Hard, Dress Well

A Style Guide to 7 Legendary NFL Coaches

NFL coaches once reigned with poise, exhibiting leadership through style and class. We pay tribute to football's bygone era of style by remembering those that cleaned up with care.

Latest Stories

What to see, read and hear

This Week in Culture: January 31, 2015

Marshawn Lynch doesn't speak to the press, Louis CK releases his new comedy special, Larry David talks Broadway and Munchies improves on your Super Bowl finger food game.

Carve on Hardpack, Glide over Powder

Best All-Mountain Skis of 2015

Nowadays, a single “all-mountain” ski can have a traditional camber in the center for packed snow speed and rocker in the tips and tails for incredible powder performance. We've gathered our picks for the best all-mountain skis.

This snowy CEO playground has plenty to offer everyone

72 Hours in Beaver Creek, Colorado

Since the 1980s, Beaver Creek has grown to be a high-end alternative to Aspen, and a little sister to the city-on-a-slope that makes up Vail. We spent a weekend at the resort to try out the food, drink and slopes.

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10 Best Sportsman's All-Terrain Vehicles
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Earlier This Week

Dapper Dopps

The Best Dopp Kits for Every Man

The dopp kit, or toiletry bag, is vital for traveling, but it's also a big question mark. How much style does the bag that holds your toothpaste need to have? Features? Materials? For our latest survey, we've gathered nearly 20 dopp kits together across a range of prices, styles and functionalities -- all priced well within their respective echelons.

An Impeccable Carry

Timekeeping Selects: The Rolex Explorer Travel Kit

In the spirit of exploration, we're bringing back our popular (and completely sold out) series, Timekeeping Selects -- a partnership with Analog/Shift, the New York-based purveyor of vintage watches. As before, we've sourced unique old watches with impeccable authenticity -- all serviced and ready to wear. But this time there's a twist: each watch now comes with several handpicked accessories for a complete ready-to-go kit.

25 Best Places to Travel in 2015

The Adventure List

Travel is the desire to be changed -- to go, engage in a place, assimilate into its rhythms and quirks, and return home with its fragrant intoxication still swirling around in the brain. For 2015, these places are where we want to be changed.

No Days Off

Labor and Life Aboard A Maine Lobster Boat

For the lobstermen who call Penobscot Bay home, there is no off-season, and unpredictable waters make their jobs difficult and dangerous throughout the year. We paid one boat a visit to see what goes into catching a Maine lobster.


Best Hard-Shell and Hard-Side Suitcases

In the good old days of train travel, a gentleman would have a cavalcade of steamer trunks in tow, housing all manner of wardrobe, knick knacks and accoutrements. These days are different -- but thankfully, technology is on your side.

What's New, Now

Today in Gear: January 28, 2015

A limited run of 60 special-edition 911 GTS Club Coupes, Paul Smith's essential travel suit, a smart bed that kids will love/hate, Italian ball caps and more.

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The Well-Traveled Smartphone

The 25 Best Travel Apps

Whether you're going abroad or visiting a neighboring state, you should take time to make sure your smartphone is ready to make your trip easier. Updated for 2015, our list of the best travel apps is a good start.

Red Bull's Frozen Rush is Unlike Any Other Motorsport

Dashing Through The Snow, in a 900 horsepower Sleigh

75 miles north of Portland, Maine lies the small, secluded town of Newry. Come early January you can hear the savage howl of racing V8s resonate through the snow as the Red Bull Frozen Rush comes roaring into town.

AMA and Motorsports Hall of Famer

Ready or Not, Ricky is Ready to Race

Ricky Johnson's advice: "Know your limits. That goes for everything from driving to women." We grabbed a few minutes with the racing legend after qualifying sessions at the Red Bull Frozen Rush.

Tin Cloth, Leather and Quartz Movements

Filson Leans on Shinola for 25 New Watch Styles

Filson's release of watches in 25 styles for pre-sale yesterday shouldn't be a surprise: its partnership with Shinola, a sister company, was announced at Baselworld last year. But the watches still serve as a nice addition to the burgeoning pool of American-made field watches.

It's Complicated

The Best Watches of SIHH 2015

Despite the economic clouds that blew into Geneva the week before, there were still some spectacular new watches at the annual Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie. This year, the exclusive exhibition of high watchmaking lived up to its name. Here are 10 of our favorite watches from the show.

A portrait of a changing beach town

Sunset in Montauk

In the last decade of summers, more and more tourists have pushed farther down Long Island until, invariably, they've arrived at its end: the little town of Montauk. With increased tourism comes money, but for many in Montauk, it also brings a yearly headache of inebriated vacationers, rising rent prices, congested beaches and changing culture in between harsh, wasteland-like winters. We set out to Montauk to talk to six locals -- a policeman, a teacher, a surfer, a scenester, a fisherman and a retiree -- about why and how Montauk is changing.

Carry-On Allowance

Three Kits for Getting Work Done in Flight

Whether you’re flying from Cleveland to Chicago in coach or Boston to Bangladesh in business, the reality of flying involves cramped quarters, mediocre wi-fi and floppy tray tables. That doesn't mean you can't be productive. Here are three setups to maximize your jetset efficiency.

Digging Up History on the Kalaupapa Peninsula

Finding the “Real” Hawaii in Molokai’s Leper Colony

There I was, coming down the mountain like a kid on a playground, happy to finally be in the “real Hawaii”, and all of a sudden I realized that I’d arrived at a leper colony -- one where people still lived.

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Come for the Views, Stay for the Rest

At The View Hotel in Monument Valley, the Name Says it All

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out why they decided to name it The View Hotel. Each of the hotel’s 95 rooms features a balcony that faces directly out over the buttes of Monument Valley, providing a thrilling front-row seat for some of the most beautiful terrain in the world.

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The Virgil To Your Dante

The Best Travel Guidebooks for Every Journey

Everybody needs help when in a foreign place. And there's no shame in owning a travel guide. In fact, it's encouraged. Choose one of the below guidebooks to be the Virgil to your Dante as you feel your way through a new world.

What to see, read and hear

This Week in Culture: January 24, 2015

American Sniper breaks records, previously unseen WWII photographs are developed, Bob Dylan releases an album (and eats lunch with Norm Macdonald and the Patriots played with under-inflated footballs.

Go where no man has gone before

10 Best Sportsman’s All-Terrain Vehicles

These ATVs and UTVs are designed for sportsmen, farmers, ranchers and outdoor off-road lovers. They're built with the mindset that hauling a load can be a darn good time, as long as it involves a gas pedal.