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Today in Gear: December 22, 2014

Justin Chung's new photography book, Blackberry returns to the keyboard, medical marijuana storage cases and more.


Introducing: The North Journal

Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan are too often lumped in with the Midwest. We're putting the "North" back on the map with a new series of epic adventures; call it flyover country at your peril.


Ducati's Scrambler Is an Entry-Level Winner

Riding the antithesis of the brand's flagship beasts.


Great Red Wine Under $20

The only wine list worth knowing.


Exploring the Harsh Beauty of the Cascades

Conquering these mountains has its rewards.

On the Docket

Dopp Kits: A Survey

Grooming storage options for every kind of traveler.

Winter Driving Essentials

Don't let bad weather spoil the fun.

Hot Holiday Cocktails

Drink and be merry.

Best Gym Bags for Any Workout

The 10 best bags for being shoved into a locker while you get your sweat on.

How to Grill the Best Steak of Your Life

The magic of the Pinbone sirloin.

5 Facial Moisturizers to Beat Winter

There's no excuse for dry skin.

America's Overlooked Winter Adventure Destinations

Where to go when Vail gets old.

What to Watch & Read this Holiday

Catch up on what you missed.

22 Best Boots of the Season

Find the right boot for every occasion.

How to Filet a Fish Like a Pro

Chef Timmy Malloy of Local's Corner in San Francisco gives us a lesson.

Original Films

Fishing in the Late Light


Meeting a fishy relative in beautiful Cairngorms National Park.

Photo Essay

Dispatches From Cuba


Photos and Stories From a 20-Day Journey

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Feature Story

Notes from a WWII POW

My Grandfather’s War

GP writer Bryan Campbell's grandfather became a prisoner of war during WWII's Battle of the Bulge. He was imprisoned for just over four months. Here is a glimpse of his experience from his personal journal, 70 years to the day of his capture.

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Don't Call It Napa 2.0

New York’s Finger Lakes Wine Finds Its Way

At long last, New York's Finger Lakes wine region is gaining recognition, both nationally and abroad. Can the community preserve its identity in the face of looming challenges?

Stopping to Smell the Wildflowers

Getting to Know Australia on the Larapinta Trail

Outdoor enthusiasts sometimes turn their backs on organized, outfitted tours. But as a first-time visitor to Australia, GP contributor Will McGough was glad to hike the Larapinta Trail with a handful of locals.

Ducati ditches the suit and tie

The Ducati Scrambler Is an Entry-Level Winner

Ducati's new Scrambler is the antithesis to the brand's flagship beasts: fun rather than intense, individualized rather than perfected, accessible rather than the stuff of dreams.

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The Pros and Cons of Abandoning Europe's Hiking Hut System

Hiking the Alps, Sans Huts

Dan had mentioned his novel idea before our summer trip to Switzerland: we’d go backpacking, in the Alps -- no huts. Bring your sleeping bags and bivy sacks, he said. Brilliant, I thought.

Unique Travel Guides via Algorithm

DELI Scatters the Tourist Herd

DELI is a free web-based app that offers users tailor-made travel advice for both visitors and locals with ranging interests. Based in Amsterdam, the service plans to expand mid-2015.

Four Tips for Staying on Track

Stop Letting Excuses Ruin Your Workouts

At Fitbit, tracking steps, calories, weight loss and sleep efficiency is just the start. The mission isn't to push you to perpetually break a step record -- it’s to find habits that put you on the path to becoming healthier, happier and revitalized.

More: This post is presented by Fitbit
Light, After 40 Days of Night

Viewfinder: Return of the Sun

Ice and darkness: winters in Ilulissat, a coastal city in northwestern Greenland, are unfathomably severe. After 40 straight days of darkness, the Inuits welcome the sun.

A Scotland Travel Guide

The Right To Roam: The End

It's the final day of our sprawling travel journal of Scotland's environmental, cultural and culinary riches. We spent Day 11 exploring Edinburgh (where we got a trim, drank great beer and met a fellow American), reading great Scottish literature, and saying goodbye to this beautiful country.

James Wood & Sons

Postcard: The Oldest Barbershop in Edinburgh

2:30 p.m. GMT | Edinburgh, Scotland -- That’s what the guy in the shop selling scarves told us, anyway: that James Wood & Sons, Wood’s for short, was the oldest place to get a cut in Scotland’s capital city.

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Best Supporting Timekeepers

8 Iconic Movie Watches

Watches generally hold two positions in movies: they’re either part of the story, or part of the character. In either case, given the right circumstances, movie watches can reach icon status for watch enthusiasts and movie buffs alike.

A Scotland Travel Guide

Right To Roam: Day 10

Welcome to our sprawling travel journal of Scotland's environmental, cultural and culinary riches. Over the next two weeks we'll be sharing our collection of 50 essays, videos, anecdotes, photo essays, travel guides, recipes, poetry and tall tales gathered during one hell of a trip. On Day 10, we examined the best independent Scotches (and tasted a delicious Big Scotch name), visited the oldest in on Skye and learned a thing or two from a Scottish brown trout.