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Today in Gear: February 5, 2016

A sleeker FitBit, an espresso machine that looks like a V8 engine, a phone-charging duffel bag and more.


The Perfect Super Bowl Party Drink Is... Beer Punch?

How to make a high-brow beer cocktail, in a bowl, for you and all your friends this Sunday.

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The 20 Best Music Documentaries

Controversy, struggle, success, breakups, reunions and obscurity. All that, and you're still in the opening credits.

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Great Products, Great Prices

Deals of Note: February 5, 2016

How to save on one of the best values in home theater audio, a J.Crew hunting blazer and an iPhone wall charger that doubles as a backup battery.

Toyota's Youth Brand to Be Discontinued

A Farewell to Scion

While the tC and xB matched the brand's affordable and fun ethos, the rest of Scion's lineup was too uninspired to be successful.