Friday, Mar 27, 2015

Eight Watches and a Robot

The Best of Baselworld 2015

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  1. To and Fro, Safely and in Style

    Road Wares for the Hardcore Bike Commuter

    You’ve waited long enough — join the righteous fold of bike commuters this summer. Like any proper cult, though, there’s an entry fee, and here that means investing in the proper gear.

  2. The Switzerland of Central Asia

    Ski the Silk Road with 40 Tribes

    Interested in hunting down the wildest, farthest-flung mountains in search of unexplored lines and fresh powder? Try Kyrgyzstan.


    The 10 Best Minimalist Running Shoes

    Today, manufacturers are pushing shoe tech to find sacred middle ground — offering lightweight, responsive shoes with enough cushion and stability to prevent injury. These 10 are the best of the new breed.

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