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Today in Gear: May 27, 2015

Eddie Bauer's affordable technical t-shirt, Reid Mitenbuler's book about the past and future of America's whiskey, a social networking app for outdoorsmen and more.

Night landscape with tourist tent. Camping in the mountains
Hacking Mother Nature

Camping Tips and Tricks from True Outdoorsmen

22 smart tips for improving your time in the wild from 12 men who've learned through experience.


An Inside Look at Ford's Newest Supercar

Interviews and an inside look at the most anticipated, and praised, American car of 2015.


How to Hit a Flop Shot

The flop is all glory or failure. Hank Haney guides on how to channel your inner Mickelson.


Minimalist or Not, Camping Light Is Worth the Effort

You don't have to replace your propane stove with a soda can to get the most out of minimalist camping. All you have to do is carry less weight.

On the Docket

23 Backpacks for Every Style and Budget

They're not just for school books.

Should You Really Stretch Before Exercising?

We asked an expert to end the confusion.

The King of Kettlebells

How Pavel Tsatsouline became one of the most important names in strength training.

Tasting a $3,500 Scotch

Cracking the code of 185 years of whisky.

How to Clean Your Bike After Riding It

Look like a pro, ride like a pro.

It's Time to Kill the Tea Bag

And make a proper cup of tea.

F$%& Running

Writer Matt Neundorf sounds off on a beloved recreational activity.

The Ultimate Nightstand

The gear you need to create the nightstand of your dreams.

Everything You Know about Sitting Ergonomically Is Wrong

Why ramrod straight ain't so great.

Cars of the Corporate Ladder

Bring the office party, no matter what your title.

How Speakers Work

Where the Physics Meets the Showroom

Embrace Fast Flipping

The Secret to Cooking the Best Steak of Your LIfe


Stop living a lie. Many food experts now agree that fast flipping is the best way to cook a steak. Here's how to do it.

Better Brekkie

3 Breakfasts to Perform Your Best


Put down that Jimmy Dean easy egg casserole. These breakfasts are quick, healthy and damn good.

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Become a Knockdown Shooter

How to Improve Your Jump Shot

Ask any expert on the subject and they’ll tell you the same thing: the only way to get better is to get on the practice court -- or the backyard net or the school gym -- and start shooting.

More: Jumps
Slightly Less than Roughing It

Car Camping Done Right

Car camping is all about possibilities. Getting to a campsite on four wheels means you can take along a mountain bike, kayaks, hardcover pulp fiction and a cooler of microbrews.

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Because you're always prepared.
15 Best Sleeping Bags of 2015
Because you can't take your bed with you.
The 25 Best Running Shoes of 2015
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The Best Grills of 2015
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What's New, Now

Today in Gear: May 27, 2015

Eddie Bauer's affordable technical t-shirt, Reid Mitenbuler's book about the past and future of America's whiskey, a social networking app for outdoorsmen and more.

Ticking Off The Week's News In Watches

This Week in Watches: May 26, 2015

Just in time for summer is a quiver of new sports watches: Omega's new regatta timer, Rafa's new tourbillon, Audemars Piguet's racing watch developed with Michael Schumacher and more.


Hiking the Alps, Sans Huts

Dan had mentioned his novel idea before our summer trip to Switzerland: we’d go backpacking, in the Alps -- no huts. Bring your sleeping bags and bivy sacks, he said. Brilliant, I thought.

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Remembering D-Day

“The Horrible Waste of War” by Ernie Pyle

It's been 71 years since the invasion of Normandy by Allied troops, the largest seaborne invasion in history in the largest war in history. It was just after the massive beachhead invasion that war correspondent Ernie Pyle walked along the shoreline of one landing beach and looked out on what the invasion had left in its wake. This became the subject of his short piece, "The Horrible Waste of War", published on June 16, 1944.

What to see, read and hear

This Week in Culture: May 23, 2015

Letterman hosts his last Late Show, American Pharoah wins at the Preakness, Mad Max: Fury Road redefines action movies in 2015 and Joshuah Bearman concludes his two part story on the infamous Silk Road.

What's New, Now

Today in Gear: May 22, 2015

An app that lists every wi-fi hotspot on earth, a collection of biking gear in 11 different colorways, Neil Stephenson's new Sci-Fi epic and more.

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What's New, Now

Today in Gear: May 21, 2015

Retro arcade cabinets by Love Hulten, REI's stylish new outdoor gear collection, a witty pocket guide to trail running and more.