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This Week in Gear: April 20 – 24

A look back at an entire week's worth of gear.

Standing Alert with the UPS Hot Spares

How 1.6 Million Daily Packages Stay On Schedule When Shit Hits the Fan

When a UPS plane breaks down or the crew encounters problems, packages still need to get there. That's where the "hot spares" program, modeled after the US Air Force’s alert force, comes in.


Google Is Now a Mobile Carrier, Here's What It Means

Mountain View's latest initiative is poised to rattle the mobile world.


The Case for Carrying your Luggage By Hand

Here's why carrying luggage the old-fashioned way still works.


The Only Sneakers You'll Need This Summer

Temperatures are rising, leisure levels are increasing. If there was ever a time for some great summer sneakers, it's now.

On the Docket

The 10 Best Multi-Tools

Be a handyman, wherever you go.

An Argument for the One Season Sneaker

When it comes to summer ruckus, a pair of cheap kicks does the trick.

America's 20 Best Municipal Golf Courses

Greens for the people.

How to Scandinavian Flick

A step by step guide to the famed rally turn.

The Perfect Summer Shirt You Aren't Wearing -- Yet

It's time to chop the sleeves.

Developing Film Is Easier than You Think

Learn to process and scan your own film.

Review: TIDAL Hi-Fi Music Streaming Service

Is Jay-Z's new acquisition worthy of the hype?

Pasta that Can Stand the Heat

Marc Vetri's farfalle with chorizo and favas.

The Quarter-Million-Dollar Coupe That's Worth Every Penny

Driving the Mercedes-Benz S65 AMG Coupe.

5 Watch Straps for Summer

Spruce up your wrist.

Bermuda's Cocktail: The Dark 'n Stormy

A cocktail with a story.

Tough Shirts That Don't Tear or Wear

8 Rugby Shirts Worthy of the Scrum


Even though classic rugby shirts aren't worn competitively anymore, they're still great for everyday adventures. Here's a few to consider.

Over and Under Down Under

Kayaking and Diving in Milford Sound


Milford Sound is one of the most beautiful places in the world. We wanted to see it from beneath the surface.

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Latest Stories

A New Zealand Travel Guide

Lands Afar

We sent a team of four to New Zealand this winter to see what adventure looks like on the opposite side of the planet, making our way from the North Island to the sparse reaches of South Island. We returned with wild stories, films and photo essays. Welcome to Lands Afar.

Premium Goods from Afar

Elements: Made in New Zealand

Though countries like the United States, Germany and Japan all carry a manufacturer’s badge of distinction, the quality of New Zealand goods is evidence that artisans and craftsmen come from all corners of the globe. Here are 10 products that prove it.

The Capital City

72 Hours in Wellington

Although small, New Zealand's capital city has surf spots, great food, craft beer, museums, film locations and killer places to crash. Don't miss Wellington.

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The 10 Best Multi-Tools
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10 Slip-ons & Espadrilles for Summer
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The 65 Best Festivals in America
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Drinking with Garage Project

The Kings of Kiwi Craft Beer

There's a beer that tastes like Venus. One that's made to be served like a flat white. The boys of Garage Project have endless creativity, and that innovation translates to the best beer in New Zealand.

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With A Recipe From Ponsonby Road

How to Make: Wagyu Brisket Like a Pro

Wagyu beef is prized for intense marbling and succulent flavor. This recipe from Orphans Kitchen in Auckland, NZ utilizes a cheaper cut from the cattle and transforms it into a knockout dish.

As Told by Greg Townsend

5 Great Surf Spots in New Zealand

In 1995, Greg Townsend became the first full-time employee of Surfing New Zealand, helping to establish the country as the top-tier surfing destination that it is today. Here he shares his five favorite places around New Zealand to catch a wave or two.

Be a Handyman, Wherever You Go

The 10 Best Multi-Tools

You're not the guy who has a frequent buyer card at Sears, and you can't always find the perfect tool in your less-than-organized garage. Perhaps it's time to try the multi-tool.

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White (and Purple) Gold

The 10 Best Wineries of New Zealand

New Zealand's 11 wine regions are growing in popularity; wine is now the country's sixth-largest export. That's largely due to an explosion of styles beyond its well-recognized sauvignon blanc at some fantastic wineries.

Adventures by Land, Sea and Air

72 Hours in Wanaka

The lake, mountains and trails are nice to look at. Sure. But don't go to Wanaka to sit around and stare. Go there to get out and explore.

What's New, Now

Today in Gear, New Zealand Edition: April 20, 2015

From a country bountiful in natural resources, here are a few of the most exciting products you’ll find coming out of New Zealand, including a Merino wool henley, a quirky new photo app for your smartphone, skin-saving sunscreen and more.