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Today in Gear: March 3, 2015

A lightbulb-sized projector, Fort Greene-inspired sneakers, Oakley Prism Ski Goggles and more.

Or Sleep if You Want

Crack a Novel in these Reading Chairs

A good reading chair is one you can stay in for hours and hours and hours, poring through detective novels, Sunday newspapers or websites like this one. Here's a few great options to consider.


The Home Screens of GP

A behind-the-scenes look at the apps and services our team uses most.


Cutting Ice with a Polar Explorer

Polar explorer Will Steger has turned a chore -- cutting lake ice for refrigeration -- into a cause for celebration and fellowship. He calls it the Ice Ball.


The Most Beautiful Motorcycle Ever Made

Why the Ducati MH900e stands above the rest.

On the Docket

The History of the NATO Strap

The trend that took over the watch industry.

Cold Weather Essentials for the Winter Ride

Everything you need to keep riding.

Learning to Swim with Minimal Drag

Reviewing coach Terry Laughlin’s DVD program.

A Healthier Way to Fry?

The Philips Airfryer promises crispy goodness without the fat.

Home Theater Jargon, Decoded by the Pros

Know what specs are important before you buy anything.

Bringing Watchmaking Back to the British Isles

Robert Loomes & Co. makes gorgeous watches in small, limited editions.

Volkswagen's Ace Hits American Soil

The hot hatch kicks it up a notch.

The Caffeinated, Protein-Rich Super Brownie

Meet the sweet way to power through workouts.

It's time to move past industrialized salt

Let naturally harvested sea salts elevate your meals.

40 Foreign Films to Stream Now

The arthouse theater is already in your living room.

Loch to Table

At The Three Chimneys, One Michelin Star


Eating at the kitchen table of The Three Chimneys, a Michelin star restaurant on the Isle of Skye.


Jimmy Chin Is Unstoppable

Jimmy Chin skiing in Chamonix, France.

In 2011, Jimmy Chin climbed one of the hardest peaks in the world, Shark's Fin on Mount Meru. What's more impressive is that he filmed the adventure, then turned it into a documentary that just won big at Sundance.

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Completing the Kitchen with 5 Great Skillets

Cast Iron Cooks On

No kitchen is complete without at least one cast iron pot or pan in the cookware collection. These five are the best of the bunch.

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25 Briefcases For Every Budget
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This Week in Culture: February 27, 2015

House of Cards is back, Leonard Nimoy died at 83, the final episode of Parks and Recreation aired, an investigation of Harper Lee's new book Go Set a Watchman and an Edward Snowden AMA.

Pay No Attention To That Man Behind The Phone

The Home Screens of GP

Get a quick glimpse behind the curtain with a look at the phone home screens of 15 GP staffers and a little on their favorite apps.

A 2800-pound dance partner

Waltzing with an Old Quattro

Learning to drive fast on ice takes time. So when you just start to learn, it’s best to have an instructor who know what he’s doing.

Pro Athlete, Photographer, Filmmaker, Family Man

Jimmy Chin Is Unstoppable

In 2011, Jimmy Chin climbed one of the hardest peaks in the world, Shark's Fin on Mount Meru. What's more impressive is that he filmed the adventure, then turned it into a documentary that just won big at Sundance.

Master Your Domain

The Ultimate Tool Kit

This is the ultimate tool kit, tailored to the apartment renter, condo dweller, homeowner and professional contractor.

A Study in the Finer Points of Drinking

The Perfect Bar Cart

Alcohol remains an enduring motif in the great American narrative -- probably because those who wrote it drank, and drank well. The symbol of this motif: that epitome of sophisticated drinking culture, the bar cart.

Traditional Japan at its Finest

72 Hours in Kyoto

As the former imperial capital of Japan, Kyoto is filled with more than 1,600 Buddhist temples and hundreds of Shinto Shrines, and has a restricted skyline dominated by imperial architecture.