Saturday, Mar 28, 2015

Eight Watches and a Robot

The Best of Baselworld 2015

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  1. Finding Aspiration

    Celebrating the Typeface Born from Cycling

    House Industries have teamed up with director ErĂ­ch Wiess for a witty short that showcases a new collection of cycling gear and the new typeface that inspired it, Velo Serif.

  2. Wheels for the working man

    10 Commuter Bikes for Any Budget

    The commuter bike is no longer just an old-school mountain bike with a potpourri of parts and shaky wheels. The fitness-minded and the eco-friendly, along with those who simply want to have fun getting around, have changed the game.

  3. To and Fro, Safely and in Style

    Road Wares for the Hardcore Bike Commuter

    You’ve waited long enough — join the righteous fold of bike commuters this summer. Like any proper cult, though, there’s an entry fee, and here that means investing in the proper gear.

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