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Today in Gear: March 31, 2015

Soma's newest filter, Tortuga's stress-free carry, Rapha's Cutter's Shirt and more.

Wheels for the working man

The Best Commuter Bikes For Any Budget

Long gone are the days when the commuter bike was an old-school mountain bike with a potpourri of parts and a rear wheel that was only roughly true. A rise in people looking to build fitness, lower their carbon footprint or simply have fun while getting around has created a big market for commuter bikes. Here are some of our favorites for 2015.


There's No Substitute for Pure Maple Syrup

Here's how it's made, why it's healthy and which five bottles are worth your stacks (dollars and pancakes alike).

Jonathan Cooper knows how to surf the earth.

A Beginner's Guide to Splitboarding Gear

Want to take your snowboarding into the backcountry? This guide to splitboarding will give you the tools and knowhow.


25 Essential Cookbooks

GP's 25 essential cookbooks for the home kitchen will teach you everything from fine French cooking to baking basics.

On the Docket

Skiing the Switzerland of Central Asia

Discover the best powder of your life in this former Soviet republic.

Mis-Exposed Film Turns Vacation Photos into Art

A hazy look at the Old World.

What the Heck Is "Guide" Gear?

Outdoor brands want to sell you gear designed for guides. But is it right for you? Maybe.

A Beginner's Guide to Splitboarding Gear

How snowboarders go backcountry.

8 Must-Read Fitness Books

Timeless advice on getting in shape and staying that way.

The $250,000 Coupe That’s Worth Every Penny

A sports car for the rich, powerful and amply pampered.

Rum from the Rockies?

The secret is altitude and unrefined sugar.

Lose the Bags with Proper Eye Skincare

Exhaustion isn't a good look.

Osprey's Anti-Gravity Suspension System Is a Back-Saver

Turning comfort upside down.

Apps for the Digital-Age Literati

Read more, get smarter.

The Hotels of James Bond

Check out where 007 checked in.

A GP Experiment

Notes from a 7-Day Water Fast

water glass ice splash

GP contributor K.B. Gould tries a seven-day water fast to see if it can cure his health issues.

To and Fro, safely and in style

Road Wares for the Hardcore Bike Commuter


You've waited long enough -- join the righteous fold of bike commuters this summer. Like any proper cult, though, there's an entry fee, and here that means investing in the proper gear.

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Tasting the World in One City

A Guide to Portland’s Best International Eats

Local and approachable may describe this town best, but Portland’s global culinary offerings also rivals any city on earth. Whether you’ve got an evening or a weekend in the city of roses, plan on eating at one of these standout ethnic restaurants. And keep a roll of Tums within reach; no amount of digestive rebellion...


Mass-Market Beer Tournament: Domestic Division

We kick off the Mass Market Beer Tournament with the Domestic Division. It's a blind tasting fight to the finish (and a Final Four berth) between Budweiser, Sam Adams, Yuengling, PBR, Miller High Life, Blue Moon, Coors Banquet and PBR.

More: Beer Week

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Wheels for the working man

10 Commuter Bikes for Any Budget

The commuter bike is no longer just an old-school mountain bike with a potpourri of parts and shaky wheels. The fitness-minded and the eco-friendly, along with those who simply want to have fun getting around, have changed the game.

Everything you need to know, nothing you don't

How to Buy an Espresso Machine

Espresso is so the new moonshine. But this brew doesn't run through slipshod copper stills or spend time fermenting in claw-foot tubs. Instead, amateurs and connoisseurs alike utilize beautiful, complicated and completely legal kitchen countertop machinery to whip up and drip out high-grade buzz that people pay good money to sip.