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  1. Road Notes

    Stopping to Smell the Wildflowers

    Getting to Know Australia on the Larapinta Trail

    Outdoor enthusiasts sometimes turn their backs on organized, outfitted tours. But as a first-time visitor to Australia, GP contributor Will McGough was glad to hike the Larapinta Trail with a handful of locals.

  2. Quick Spin

    Ducati ditches the suit and tie

    The Ducati Scrambler Is an Entry-Level Winner

    Ducati’s new Scrambler is the antithesis to the brand’s flagship beasts: fun rather than intense, individualized rather than perfected, accessible rather than the stuff of dreams.

  3. The Pros and Cons of Abandoning Europe's Hiking Hut System

    Hiking the Alps, Sans Huts

    Dan had mentioned his novel idea before our summer trip to Switzerland: we’d go backpacking, in the Alps — no huts. Bring your sleeping bags and bivy sacks, he said. Brilliant, I thought.

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