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Today in Gear: March 6, 2015

A private-minded smartphone, smart cameras, lots of whiskey and more.

Tips from a Hill Country Pitmaster

The Easy Way to Smoke Meat at Home

Think you don't have enough space to smoke meat at home? We've got two solutions that bring homemade barbecue to even the tiniest spaces.


A 5-Door, 4-Second Track Monster

BMW took a car that had no place being raced around the track and gave it the Nürburgring treatment.


These Apps Are So Money

Apps like Robinhood, Acorns and Digit -- are transforming the way people save and invest.


How to Mod a Seiko 5

Watch modder Nick Harris shows how to turn a $60 Seiko SNK809 into a beautiful custom timepiece in an hour and a half.

On the Docket

The History of the NATO Strap

The trend that took over the watch industry.

Speciality Foods, Delivered

Top-notch food in the mail.

5 Apps for Refocusing this Spring

Tools to clear your head and get productive.

Outerwear that Means Business

Yes, down blazers are now a thing.

The Pitch-Perfect Legacy of Joseph Grado

Celebrating the life of a headphone icon.

This $35 Device is the Future of Computing

How the Raspberry Pi is changing the world.

Sticking Points in Trinidad's Land of Tar

Irony and exports in the Caribbean.

Jeff Gordon on Retiring

And why he was driven to win.

How Combustion Engines Work

What you need to know about the thing under your hood.

40 Foreign Films to Stream Now

Arthouse in your living room.

The Audacity of a 25-Year-Old Watchmaker

Modding His Way Into American Watchmaking


At a desk in the corner of his childhood bedroom, 25-year-old Nick Harris is at work turning a Seiko 5 watch into something entirely different.


The Pillars of Central Texas Barbecue


In the eyes of BBQ wunderkind Aaron Franklin, there have always been a few spots in central Texas that have stood above the rest, providing a window into barbecue history (not to mention a taste).

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Learning While Drinking, Just Like in College

Prepare for Beer Week

We've been drinking our tails off. (For research purposes.) GP's first annual Beer Week is a celebration of all things beer, and a deep look into the blossoming craft beer industry.

Steak your claim

10 Best Mail-Order Beef Companies

Since there's nothing like coming home to a beautiful wife and a box of USDA prime after a long day at the office, we've graciously rounded up the top steak shippers.

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A New Breed of Cast Iron Skillet
Because they last forever.
The Field Watch Buying Guide
Because the desk never suited you.
25 Briefcases For Every Budget
Because you've graduated from backpacks.

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A Walk Through Communal Countryside Villages

Time Traveling Through Myanmar

Will McGough is a man who takes the path less traveled. In this case, that means a reminder that time is relative in the countryside of Myanmar.

What's New, Now

Today in Gear: March 5, 2015

The North Face celebrates a jacket's 30th anniversary, New Balance pays tribute to American guitars, new eyewear from Arnette, Microsoft's foldable keyboard and more.

Starts as a Seiko, Ends Up Something Different

How to Mod a Seiko 5

Watch modder Nick Harris shows how to turn a $60 Seiko SNK809 into a beautiful custom timepiece in an hour and a half.

What's New, Now

Today in Gear: March 4, 2015

The first fitness band by HTC, Glowpear's self-watering planters, the Travelteq A4 Portfolio, Hard Graft's collapsible Leica camera case and more.

What to see, read and hear

This Week in Culture: February 27, 2015

House of Cards is back, Leonard Nimoy died at 83, the final episode of Parks and Recreation aired, an investigation of Harper Lee's new book Go Set a Watchman and an Edward Snowden AMA.

Pay No Attention To That Man Behind The Phone

The Home Screens of GP

Get a quick glimpse behind the curtain with a look at the phone home screens of 15 GP staffers and a little on their favorite apps.