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Today in Gear, Outdoor Retailer Summer Market: August 5, 2015

The newest gear unveiled at the Outdoor Retailer Summer Market 2015 includes Manfrotto's off-road walking sticks, a new lightweight 1.5-person tent, Electric Sunglasses' new S-Line and more.

Troubled Water

On Vermont's Ravaged White River, a Fisherman Looks for Home

Over a span of two days in 2011, Vermont's White River was transformed by Hurricane Irene. So, when a local fisherman returned this summer, his home water was no longer his.


What to Bring When Meeting the Parents

Meeting the 'rents can be rough. So, why not bring a little something to smooth things over?


Annie Hall, A Style Guide

Aside from being one of the greatest romantic comedies ever made, Woody Allen's Annie Hall is an instruction manual in casual, cool style.


10 Excellent Everyday Carry Flashlights

A portable light source can do many things besides make shadow puppets on the ceiling. These pocket torches offer durability, reliability and plenty of light.

Popular Gear Guides

EDC Knives for the Distinguished Gentleman

Just because you're all gussied up doesn't mean you shouldn't take a blade along.

Essentials for the Ultimate Gym Bag

Here is all the gear you need to get back in shape.

Best Sour and Salty Gose Beers

A revived German legend is the perfect summer beer.

Floor Lamps to Brighten Your Home

Great lighting can drastically improve a home.

Best Pocket Notebooks

The best pocket notebooks are durable, functional, and inspire a desire to write.

Loose Teas to Drink Now

Loose teas can be as sophisticated as fine wines or craft beers.

Best Multi-Tools

Perhaps it's time to try the multi-tool.

Bike Racks for Your Ride

Don't load up the junk in your trunk — use a bike rack.

Apps for Better iPhone Photos

Bring professional-quality edits to your phone photos with these seven apps.

Get Back to Analog with these Eight Camera Films

Looking to shoot film? These are the eight best films for every situation.

Ultimate Home Brewer's Guide

Here are the kits you need for your next home brew.

Then, Do Shots

Make the Perfect Second-Date Cocktail


The perfect date cocktail involves mezcal, grapefruit, and a touch of flair.

Pat LaFrieda Explains How it Works

Like Intense Beef Flavor? Dry Aging Is For You


When it comes to aging meat, you need to talk to the beef cognoscenti, and Pat LaFrieda is a card-carrying member: butchery goes back more than 100 years in his family.

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City of Brotherly Love

72 Hours in Philadelphia

Philadelphia is an historic city -- but a visit needn't be a flashback to first-grade history. Today the City of Brotherly Love mixes modern fun with great tradition.

A Moveable Feast

The Ultimate Summer Picnic Basket

In this classic picnic basket we've combined classic ingredients like Champagne grapes and delicious cheeses, with some important additions like bestselling couples' literature, a safari bar kit from India and a bottle of wine from northern Spain.

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All's Fair in Love and Films

The 60 Best Romance Movies

Romance movies aim to capture the highs of love found, the lows of love lost, and everything in between. We've added 10 more films to our list of the best romance movies, just in time for Valentine's Day.

Will you go out with me?

25 Great American First Date Spots

Planning a date isn't like ordering on Seamless. You've got to put some thought into it -- and you can't just get Thai every time. Here are 25 ideas to get you started. Don't forget to send us a wedding invite.

Plan now. Party later.

The Ultimate Summer Music Festival Kit

Having the right gear on hand during an outdoor concert can be the difference between a weekend for the ages or an expensive lesson learned. These items cover the critical bases of comfort, connectivity, hygiene, peace of mind and style. Better yet, most are also made right here in America.

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From SURFER Magazine to The Surfer's Journal

The Man at the Helm of Surfing’s Greatest Magazines

We spoke with Brendon Thomas, the past Editor-in-Chief of SURFER Magazine and current Director of Operations at The Surfer's Journal, about his new job, how surf coverage has changed and what he has to look forward to.

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Today in Gear: July 30, 2015

A revolutionary messenger bag is Peak Designs' latest, Word. Notebooks calls to the mountains, LAX comes to your living room and more.

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