By Eric Yang
on 4.16.07

Kawasaki Ultra 250X jet ski

The Kawasaki Ultra 250X markes its place as the quickest and most powerful production PWC in history.

The supercharged Ultra 250X delivers 250 horsepower for astonishing acceleration that can be felt in the rider’s soul. Once up to speed, its precise handling and superb stability are equally impressive, thanks to a brand-new hull specifically designed to capitalize on the engine’s awesome performance.

The JET SKI Ultra 250X’s new engine, jet drive and hull incorporate racing technology refined through Kawasaki’s multiple IJSBA championships. This same technology allows it to deliver the awesome acceleration of a drag racer, and help ensure excellent hook-up – even in rough water.


  • 1,498cc liquid cooled four-stroke DOHC 4-Cylinde Engine
  • Roots type Supercharger
  • 11.4psi boost
  • 250hp @ 7.750 RPM
  • 20.6 Gallon Fuel Capacity

What this means to you: Summer is rapidly approaching, bomb away the slow days in this supercharged monster personal watercraft. For $69 a month, we think you can probably afford it.

Cost: $11,499 @

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Kawasaki Ultra 250X jet ski

Kawasaki Ultra 250X jet ski

Kawasaki Ultra 250X jet ski


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