By Eric Yang
on 6.13.07

Spyder BRP Can Am

An entirely new approach at top-down driving, the Spyder fuses the thrills of a motorcycle with top down roadster approachability. Using a revolutionary 3-wheeled stance, the Spyder is built around an SST frame that minimizes flex and keeps a low center of gravity for enhanced stability and handling. Further, it features:

  • 106hp V-Twin Rotax engine
  • 5-speed sequential manual transmission
  • Surrounding Spar Technology frame
  • Roll over, traction, and stability control systems

What this means to you: What is the complete opposite of owning a Toyota Camry? A Spyder BRP Can-Am

EST MSRP: $14,999 @ Spyder

More photos of the Can-Am after the jump.

Spyder BRP Can Am

Spyder BRP Can Am