Award winning eyes? Yes. Courtesy: Fox Entertainment

Emily Deschanel deserves an Oscar. Not for her performance on the show Bones, but an Oscar for her eyes. Yes, her eyes dammit. They’re performance is unparalleled, not to mention outrageously seductive. And like any great performance, we wouldn’t mind having to gaze into them (or her 5’9″ frame) for the better part of our lives.

Emily Erin Deschanel, born October 11, 1976 in Los Angeles lives in both LA and New York and graduated from Boston University. She is sister to actress and nerd heartbreaker, Zooey Deschanel, daughter of cinematographer Caleb Deshanel and actress Mary Jo Deschanel, but most importantly our significant other (in dreams).

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Courtesy: Fox Entertainment

Courtesy: Statement Magazine

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