Today marks the passing of a 2nd year since I wrote Gear Patrol’s first post. A lot has happened since April Fools Day, 2007. Like you, we’ve evolved and continue to evolve.

We tossed around the idea of putting together a great prank for today: writing a full review of the Macbook Nano, changing the site to Gear King – The Illist Men’s Website Ever, or simply loading a picture of the Gear Girl we think will be on the cover of next year’s Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue (we’ve been right with Marissa Miller and Bar Refaeli).

Yes, that would’ve been great, but honestly we haven’t had time. The team here has been busy working behind the scenes on everything from making the site faster (we’re painfully aware of how slow it is) to implementing a better commenting system (to weed out douchebags and reward those that are helpful), to fixing my unrelenting oversights, to offering more, better, and relevant articles published multiple times, every single frakin’ day. We’ve also been adding more GP Staff Contributors to the mix, setting up more giveaways, and trying to build a community with our readers and with each other. It’s absolute mayhem here, but in a good way. Why? Read on.

editor-bio-picWorking on Gear Patrol is incredibly hard work, but we believe in what we’re doing here and we believe its catching on. It’s also an absolute blast. All of us here at Gear Patrol have real jobs, just like you. It’s in the few moments that our days’ responsibilities afford us (and nearly every hour outside of that) that we spend testing, reviewing, and sometimes even breaking the gear we receive. Our respective digs are chock full of awesome gear and resources discovered, purchased, and procured by Gear Patrol to make sure our reviews (however lengthy or brief) are valid and endorsed. It’s all part of our 5 Point Pledge.

You see, that’s the difference. We understand why a few hundred bucks extra each month makes a difference. Our cash is hard earned too, brothers. We also understand that you like great gear (hell, that’s the whole point isn’t it?). We’re not here to make decisions for you, but rather to provide insight from a guy that’s already used a product or just to show you some useful (some not) gear and lifestyle tips that maybe you never knew of. Think of it as a recommendation from that one buddy of yours who’s perpetually researching everything about anything and knows his stuff.

But it’s not all about us… and this is where you come in.

We’ve come to realize that all of you who send us leads, tips, and comments (or just lurk) are part of the fabric of the Gear Patrol community. We want to provide you an opportunity to not only advance yourself by what you read here, but to also help advance your fellow man. Tomorrow, we’ll be launching an opportunity to provide you with the tools to do that. Some of you men are going to find yourselves an invaluable part of the GP community faster than you ever thought possible.

Stay tuned, and get ready to be heard.