By Ben Bowers
on 10.26.09

linkpatrol-badgeInteresting tidbits from our friends and colleagues from around the web.

Grow a Mustache and Punch Cancer in the Mouth. (Asylum)
Biggie Smalls v Thomas the Tank Engine = The Best Hip Hop Kids Show Mashup Ever. (Uncoached)
large Hadron Collider: 5 Things You Didn’t Know. (Askmen)
Spider Holster, A Belt-Mounted Camera Hitch. (Wired: Gadget Lab)
The United States of Bacon. (Valet Mag)
It Looks Costume-y. (Kempt)
Samsung 40-inch LCD is world’s thinnest at 3.9 mm. (Engadget)
PhotoTrackr Mini DLP900 Adds Geotagging to Any Camera. (Gizmodo)
Watch the First 8 Minutes of ABC’s New Sci-Fi Show “V”. (The Awesomer)
LEFT 4 DEAD 2 = Bestest. Video. Game. Trailer. EVER. . (Foundry Music)
Bless Navy Dress Coat. (Selectism)
Behind the Box: The Scariest Cereal Mascots Ever. (Top Cultured)
Mitch Hurwitz Weighs In On ‘Arrested Development’ Movie. (Screen Junkies)
Ooma Telo. (Cool Material)
The Night is Young and the Drinks Are Cold: A Short film by Spike Jonze with Kanye West. (


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