By Ben Bowers
on 11.16.09

linkpatrol-badgeInteresting tidbits from our friends and colleagues from around the web.

Bruce Springsteen screams “Good evening, Ohio!” to all of his adoring fans in..Michigan. (Foundry Music)
Leica M7 drops this December at a Price Your Can’t Afford. (Engadget)
Budget Garage Door Opener Spoof Video. (DJ Mick)
Vintage Video of Shaquille O’Neal in High School. (The Hoop Doctors)
101 Signs That You Might Be Evil. (Funny Crave)
The Worst of Netflix: Twisted Justice. (
Whose Responsible for This Railing?. (Top Cultured)
Feel Good: Excited Dog When Solider Returns Home. (Dave and Thomas)
Jeremey Clarkson Drifts a Jaguar XKR Flippers. (Autoblog)
The Top 100 Quotes from the Wire. (Warming Glow)
86 Year Old Titan’s Owner Bud Adams Flips Bird at Bills. (Banned in Hollywood)
75 Sexiest Rolling Stone Covers of All Time. (Manofest)
30 Best Action Figures of the 1980s. (Gunaxin)
Mr. Start Canvas Holdall. (Selectism)
People of Public Transit. (Cool Material)
Nixon Platform and The Decision Watches. (Acquiremag)
Curb Your Enthusiasm Michael Richards Racist. (Acquiremag)


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