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Trophy Compact Gets Spit & Polish

Canon PowerShot S95

The Canon PowerShot S90 has a permanent place in my bag. As a compact point-and-shoot, the S90 has not only been a powerhouse compact, but also a great substitute slash justification for not carrying around a DSLR. The new

Homemade & Hand-Delivered in NYC

MilkMade Ice Cream

Tucked away in a tiny corner of Queens, homemade ice cream is being made using only the highest quality, locally sourced, and occasionally unorthodox ingredients. But while words like "artisanal" and "sustainability" may make you feel warm, fuzzy, and socially responsible,

New Week, New Product


San Francisco has proven itself to be a hotbed of great ideas far beyond Silicon Valley. As a matter of fact, some seem to pop-up everyday. One of those people behind the ideas: Chris Lindland, founder of Cordarounds (the brand behind

Get Iced, Minus the Smirnoff

Fretta V60 Iced Coffee Maker

We have all tried (and failed) to create iced coffee by brewing a pot, and immediately pouring it over a glass of ice. A true glass of iced coffee however takes time, patience, and effort. Or at least that's what

There's a Wall-Mount for That

iPort for iPad

You spent $500+ getting yourself a sleek, portable, app-running machine, that is, the iPad. Now, what better thing to do than judiciously mounting it into one of the most permanent things in life: your home's walls. The iPort CM2000

Better, Badder, Guidebook

Rough Guides

For some, a vacation is supposed to be an adventure, and nothing’s worse than realizing you've spent your hard-earned dough and precious holiday time in a tourist trap. That's why Rough Guides