By Ethan Dougherty
on 4.26.11

Powered by Honeycomb, Sony has unleashed a duo of tablets called, S1 ($599, est) and S2 ($699 est) — we’ll let you guess what the ‘S’ stands for. The S1, designed for media consumption and shaped like a folded magazine features a 9.4″ screen, Tegra 2 SoC processor, Sony’s own customized UI, “Swift” web browser and can even work as a remote for Sony gear. The smaller, dual-screened S2 clamshell utilizes a custom UI for its duo of 5.5″ 1024×480 displays and is powered by the same Tegra 2 SoC processor. WiFi, 3G/4G, DLNA certification, and all you the normal connectivity players are here too. Now that’s all good and well, but here’s a real potential killer for Android users feeling iOS game envy. The tablet duo will also be PlayStation certified so you can get both your productivity and GTA action on.


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