Gift Guide
By Ben Bowers
on 12.20.12
Filson Oil Finish Travel Tray
Put an end to those “have you seen my…” conversations with this Filson Oil finish travel tray, and gain some serious heritage bonus points. $24 Read More »
Bike Exif 2013 Custom Motorcycle Calendar
Pure. Motorcycle. Porn. From one of the web’s best motorcycle resources online. $26 Read More »
Kuat Dirtbag Bike Rack
We know, a $13 bike rack seems sketchy as hell. But this stainless steel accessory is legit. Fitting it into the stocking is the trick. $13 Read More »
3×1 Denim Cleaning Solution
Don’t pussy foot around the issue. That favorite pair is starting to smell and it’s time to do something about it. Trust the experts and use this. $20 Read More »
A Farewell to Arms: The Hemingway Library Edition
This version of the classic includes all of Papa’s alternate endings, original artwork, title brainstorming and copies of his handwritten notes. Read & learn. $16 Read More »
Dogfish Head Randall Jr. Personal Beer Infuser
Inject just about any flavor you can dream up into your suds of choice with this alcoholic take on the mad scientist’s lab. #Jackpot. $20 Read More »
Microplane Easy Prep Meat Tenderizer
Makes man’s most important food group even better. Just pray his blind rummaging doesn’t tenderize his hand first. $20 Read More »
Ilford HP5 Single Use Black & White Cameras
Get artsy shots of Christmas morning on the cheap. And don’t worry — they can’t appear in an Instagram ad campaign. $14 Read More »
The Dark Knight Rise Blu-ray
Batman. Anne Hathaway in tight leather. Morgan Freeman smiling. It’s all there. $15 Read More »
Woodford Reserve Bourbon Aged Cherry Bitters
They’ll get fancy with those post-feast drinks and you’ll reap the benefits. $15 Read More »


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