CES 2013
By Chris Wright
on 1.10.13
Photo by Vizio

Tablets tablets everywhere — how’s a man to choose? Vizio’s MT11x Windows 8 slate adds another drop in the bucket of great selections. A full-HD 1080p capacitive touchscreen with 10-finger multi-touch gestures pleases eyeballs from the start; it’s the guts, however, that make the 11.6-inch device a top-line competitor. 64GB SSD storage, AMD’s Z-60 APU processor with Radeon HD graphics and 2GB of RAM means Vizio’s tablet runs with the best of them. A micro HDMI port and a 2MP front camera are also nice touches. Of course, it runs Windows 8, which will be a divisive decider amongst potential buyers. The big question, as usual, will be price. And as usual, there’s no word as of yet, but we’ll keep you updated.


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