Buying Guide
By Jeremy Berger
on 9.5.13

Choosing a surfboard is no simple matter. There are lots of factors to consider, like the shape of the board, the size, rocker and rails, tails and fins. There are eggs and fish — and we’re not talking about breakfast options. Confounding matters further, the categories of boards don’t break down quite as neatly as skis or snowboards. The ideal board for beginners is long, wide and thick since it’s stable for both paddling and for taking off on a wave. After that, unless you’re an advanced surfer with specific needs based on performance and location, the ideal board is one that can perform well in a variety of conditions — one that pulls characteristics from shortboards (e.g., maneuverability) and longboards (e.g., buoyancy) and everything in between. Each of these boards is available in many different lengths, so make sure you get the right size for you. Everything beyond that is up to you and the waves.

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