At this point it should be common knowledge that facial skincare isn’t just for ladies. A man’s face happens to be made of the same stuff, and goes through just as much turmoil as any woman’s. Sure, women generally suffer through skin-stripping makeup regimens day in and day out; men grow rough fur on their face and scrape it off with sharp metal. If you’ve ever been in the sun, if you’ve ever been hit hard with cold wind, if you’ve ever been subject to air conditioning or the dry heat of a winter home, if you’ve ever spent too long in a hot shower — if you’ve ever had a face, your face needs moisture. Daily.

The first thing you should do after washing and shaving your visage should be to apply a high-quality moisturizer. You need to restore nutrients and hydration to your empty epidermis, and you need to protect against UV rays and premature wrinkles. Go ahead and look in the mirror. You’re a handsome dude — keep yourself that way. Commit to being blemish free, skin cancer free, flake free, wrinkle free; let’s aim to have clear, soft, touchable, youthful skin. Let’s start with these, the best facial moisturizers for men.

Each is a powerful little tube of pore-quenching moisture magic, and now is the time of year you’ll need it most. So even if you’ve got a beard or rock some sort of chic stubble, maintain the healthy Billboard of You — show off to the world your defended and preserved First Impression Machine. Your face: take care of it with one of these.

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Bulldog Original Moisturizer

Best Value Moisturizer: If bulldogs used a little more facial moisturizers they probably wouldn’t have as many wrinkles — so good thing they don’t, right? Your face is another story. Bulldog moisturizer protects it against premature aging with a healthy dose of essential oils, vitamins and other naturally health-rich ingredients. There are no parabens, artificial colors or other crap in this stuff, so slather it on after a good wash and/or shave and feel happy about protecting your skin. Good boy.

Neutrogena Men Age Fighter Face Moisturizer

Best Drugstore Moisturizer: One key to keeping your mug healthy and blemish free is to be vigilant regarding the sun’s rays. Vitamin D is one thing, radiation and over-drying is quite another. The SPF 20 in this lotion goes on smooth to soothe sensitive skin and protects against UV rays to keep you from looking like a saddle.

Kiehls Facial Fuel

Best Post-Hangover Moisturizer: Ever the bastion of classy, high-quality skincare, Kiehl’s facial fuel is kicking dry, unhealthy skin’s ass (quite the visual) left and right. Somewhat surprisingly, at least to those of us who aren’t face lotion scientists, this stuff contains chestnut extract, which helps the skin form a barrier to maintain its lipids. Which, for you non-scientists, is quite desirable for silky-smooth skin.

Jack Black Double-Duty Face Moisturizer SPF 20

Best Vegan Moisturizer: Blue algae, sea parsley, organic edelweiss and plantago leaf extracts…though it sounds a lot like the health smoothie you ordered this morning, Jack Black’s certified vegan moisturizer uses its natural, organic ingredients to soothe and replenish skin with copious moisture. Add SPF 20 and you’re good to go catch what precious few hours of sunlight there are this time of year.

Lab Series Daily Moisture Defense

Best All-Around Moisturizer: Aimed at those of us with normal, dry or oily skin types (that’s everyone), this antioxidant-rich formula blocks out the sun using SPF 15. Some moisturizers can be greasy-feeling, mostly due to their using ingredients that don’t easily absorb into the skin. Lab series goes on smooth and sucks into skin quickly, for a more instantaneous benefit.

Task Essential Skin Feed

Best Splurge Moisturizer: The natural ingredients in Task’s face lotion do a little something extra: they very lightly exfoliate the epidermis. That means newer, healthier, smoother skin gets to show itself and benefit from the moisturization and protection from this Swiss-born brand.