This post has been updated to reflect the best winter tires of 2015 Our earlier selections are on the following page.

Driving is a skill that takes both good tutelage and copious amounts of real-world practice. And snow adds another dimension to the equation altogether. As important as good tires are, driving on warm and dry roads is far easier than on frigid, black ice- and snow-covered roads. Even the best drivers sometimes miscalculate and end up in the frozen weeds. And your vehicle’s brand-new, expensive all-season tires and all-wheel-drive setup do not equate to invincibility on the white stuff. Heck, slap some great dedicated snow and ice tires on a rusted out Chevy Chevette and you’ll run circles around a 4×4 with all-seasons.

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Regardless of what you drive, it’s wise to shod your ride and possibly save your bacon with a high-tech set of snow tires. We’ve put together this season’s best snow and ice tires; it’s not too late to properly outfit your car for the next few brutal months of Old Man Winter.

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