By Nick Caruso
on 12.3.13
Bacons-of-the-World-Gear-Patrol Bacons Of The World
Stop whining. We don’t care that you’re just emerging from your post-turkey bloat and tryptophan fog. Fact is, there’s never a bad time for bacon — especially if it’s the best bacon the globe has to offer. We’re talking four installments, each five pounds of heavenly hog meat ecstasy. With each order you’ll receive American bacon alongside another pack of perfect pork strips from elsewhere on this great planet: Italy, England…the people who know how to produce succulent swine. All meat is taken from organic, pastured Ossabaw-Berkshire piggies. $299
Patagonia-Book-Gear-Patrol Climbing Fitz Roy, 1968
In Patagonia, on the border between Argentina and Chile, stands a mountain named Fitz Roy — the most technically challenging mountain on earth. This is the story of a six-month-long adventure to the region in 1968, where three climbers ascended to the summit. As a result of the journey, a fantastic mountaineering film was produced and two of our favorite gear companies — Patagonia and The North Face — were established. We’d say it was a successful trip. $35
2Xist-Tartan-Henleys-And-Long-Underwear-Gear-Patrol 2(X)ist Tartan Underwear
Every outdoorsman knows that warmth starts with a good base layer, and every gentleman wants to look his best at all times — why not combine the two? The henleys and long underwear at the helm of 2(X)ist’s Tartan line are ready to stylishly warm your person (you can pick up some boxer briefs and briefs too if you’re only concerned about certain parts catching a chill). The garments are detailed with — you guessed it — a red Tartan pattern, which you and your…umm…closest acquaintances will appreciate. $15+
Big-Shot-Bikes-Custom-Cruisers-Gear-Patrol Big Shot Bikes Custom Cruisers
The cruiser bike has experienced a tremendous surge in popularity recently, and if you’re interested in jumping on the trendy train but don’t want to be lost in the crowd, a custom cruiser is right up your alley. Choose a high or low bar frame, different fenders and wooden inlay rack, and pick a color combo that suits your style. The bike is shipped mostly assembled; just add a little elbow grease and you’ll be good to go.
Rift-Recon-Gentleman's-Bogotas-Gear-Patrol Rift Recon Gentleman’s Bogotas
There’s not much to explain here, really. If you’re into “locksport”, we can assume you either have some sort of savant-level focus on obscure hobbies or you’re a thief. Whatever your inclination, this set of lockpicks is engineered to not only look good but travel discreetly as well: the clever safety pin keeps your picks secure and allows them to be easily hidden on your person behind a lapel, inside a cuff or sleeve or wherever else you might need to, you know, hide a lockpick set. $35
Skookum-Dog-Gear-Patrol Skookum Dog
It’s the season of giving, and Fido deserves some special stuff. Skookum makes high-quality, USA-made canine gear like toys, beds and duffels for carrying it all so your dog can experience the good life. What’s more, 10 percent of your purchase is donated to organizations that you and Fido would enjoy — The Petfinder Foundation and The National Forest Foundation, to name a couple. He’s your best friend; treat him like it.