Stocking Stuffers
By Nick Caruso
on 12.10.13

Editor’s Note: The stockings are hung by the chimney with care…now what the hell are you gonna put in there? Ah, stocking stuffers — the little things, the extras, the last minute goodies, the fun gifts. They’re as enjoyable to give as they are to receive. Thing is, there’s an endless supply of stocking-size gifts under $100, and picking up the right ones can be a little daunting. That, of course, is where we come in: over the next ten days we’ll publish stocking stuffer guides curated around themes that’ll make stuffing that certain someone’s stocking markedly easier.

Pockets are a man’s purse; as such, he is obligated to fill them. And, whether naughty or nice, he’ll be happy to fill them with these, the best Every Day Carry (EDC) gifts we could round up. Call them accessories, gadgets, gear (ahem) — we call them necessary.

Word-Books-Gear-Patrol Word Notebook 3-Pack
Because you never know when the screenplay idea lightbulb will go off. $12
Sena-Case-Gear-Patrol Sena Ultra-Thin iPhone Case
Because you drop your phone too much. $35
Nato-Gear-Patrol NATO Watch Strap
Because a little customization goes a long way. $12
AO-Pilots-Gear-Patrol American Optical Aviators
Because with American-made aviators, thou shalt do no wrong. $44
Rotring-Pen-Gear-Patrol Rotring Rapid PRO Technical Pen
Because a man must jot. $43
Apolis-Square-Gear-Patrol Apolis Polka Dot Pocket Square
Because a handsome pocket square can really pull the outfit together. $32
Seiko-5-Gear-Patrol Seiko 5 Automatic Watch
Because your time is priceless but your watch needn’t be. $50
Keyring-thing-Gear-Patrol Exotac FreeKey System
Because most keychains are bulky and demolish your fingernails. $8
Tanner-Glasses-Case-Gear-Patrol Tanner Goods Eyeglass Case
Because it’s hard to see through lens scratches. $60
Stanley-Flask-Gear-Patrol Stanley Adventure Stainless Steel Flask
Because all work and no play… $20
Bellroy-Gear-Patrol Bellroy Slim Sleeve Wallet
Because that mad stack of cash isn’t going to tame itself. $80
Daclan-Gear-Patrol Declan Microfiber Cloths
Because you want to put the “fun” in “functional fashion”. $10+
Brooks-Strap-Gear-Patrol Brooks England Cycling Strap
Because you hate to ruin your pants but love slap bracelets. $27
Sennheiser-Buds-Gear-Patrol Sennheiser CX 300 II Precision Enhanced Bass Earbuds
Because you can’t fit studio ‘phones in your pocket. $37
Utilikey-Gear-Patrol-2 Swiss Tech Utili-Key
Because you always wanted to be MacGyver. $9


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