It’s often the case that we men stuff our wallets full of crap on a daily basis that we never, ever need: every business card you’ve collected over the past six months, frequent soup-eater cards, receipts from everything, ticket stubs, condoms (this is a joke about lack of opportunity, not condonation of unsafe practice), et cetera, et cetera. Especially with the ubiquity of smartphones, so many passe wallet items can be done away with: pictures are a good example, and you could go as far as ridding yourself of most credit cards too (if you trust apps, that is). Plus, reducing your wallet’s contents reaps many benefits: it’s cathartic, helps with prioritization, and, most of all, gives you the chance to get a new, slim version.

But finding the right slim cash caddy can be overwhelming. There are all sorts of types to sort through: card wallets, slim wallets, very simple money clips, front pocket wallets and so on. Should you get something with RFID blocking? (Hint: it’s a good idea.) What sort of grain are you after? And how much dough should be left inside after you purchase the damn thing?

Instead of categorizing and complicating things more, we’ve decided to round up the best slim and minimalist wallets that run the entire gamut. There’s something for every budget, most every need and most every style. Some carry more than others, some are flashier and some are quite luxurious, but they’re all a lot less George Costanza than your current cash canister. Read on and find the perfect Simoleon sleeve for your new, minimalist life.


Inkleaf Double-Cross Slim Wallet (Chromexcel)


General Manufacturing Pinnacles 2-Pocket Slim Wallet in Tan


Atelier Pall Document Slim Wallet


Baconi Grant Slimster RFID Blocker


Capsule Slim Wallets


Jack Spade Waxwear Vertical Slim Wallet


Bellroy Slim Sleeve Wallet


KC Co. Simple Slim Wallet


Jack Spade Bicolor Index Slim Wallet with Elastic


WANT Les Essentials de la Vie Kennedy Money Clip Slim Wallet


Ralph Lauren Gents Slim Card Case


Ghurka Credit Card Window Slim Wallet No. 202


Tod’s Dauphin Vertical Bi-Fold Slim Wallet


Saint Laurent Vertical Fold Over Card Case


Valextra Slim Credit Card Wallet