By Nick Caruso
on 12.16.13
6876-Stapleton-Raincoat-Manilla-Gear-Patrol Stapleton Raincoat Manilla
Despite our vain pleas for rain to go away and come again another day, the weather never seems to cooperate. The next time you’re forced into compliance with precipitation, consider protecting yourself with a proper raincoat like Stapleton’s modern interpretation of the classic. The British Millerain three-quarter length coat is London-made. $531
Hodinkee-Canvas-Watch-Rolls-Gear-Patrol Hodinkee Waxed Canvas Watch Roll
Transport your wristwear the rustic way with a waxed canvas roll-up case. Available in three colors, this water resistant set up holds six of your timepieces and fits diameters up to 46 millimeters (sorry, Breitling Emergency). A rawhide tie secures everything, contrast stitching keeps things handsome, and since it’s handmade in the USA, you’ll feel good about yourself, too. $110
Kenton-Sorenson-Leather-Cigar-Case-Gear-Patrol Kenton Sorenson Cigar Case
No more will you hang your head in dismay the next time some upstanding gent offers up a cheerful “smoke ‘em if you got ‘em”. You’ll always have cigars on hand, what with you having picked up this leather case with shiny nickel hardware. They say you could use it for sunglasses too, but you can’t light sunglasses on fire very easily, now can you? $100
Luxi-iPhone-Light-Meter-Accessorry-Gear-Patrol Luxi iPhone Light Meter
This opaque clip-on dome attaches to your iPhone 5 or 5S and fits snugly over the front-facing camera. When used with a light meter app, it’ll be measure photons like the pros at a fraction of the price — and you’ll get the perfect shot every time. $30
Ray-ban-Wayfarer-Leather-Edition-Gear-Patrol Ray-Ban Leather Wayfarer
Perfect for anyone who just can’t seem to separate their bondage hobby from their daily lifestyle, these leather-wrapped Wayfarers are at once classic, indulgent and a little obscene. You won’t be able to hide these flashy specs very easily — dark calf leather pairs with dark brown lenses and pisses off PETA with aplomb. $300