It’s been a great year for wheels at Gear Patrol. Octane, our special section on all things motoring, was launched back in early summer with the goal of bringing together our collective driving experiences, which ranged from driving some of the world’s greatest cars on tantalizing tracks and breathtaking open roads to imparting our two cents worth about the current state of vehicles and their place in the world. And, as always, there was a story to tell behind the videos and images… stories that the boy in each of us has dreamt about telling in our own lives, about the supercar we’ve always wanted to drive or the motorcycle that’s beckoned to us from beyond our office walls.


What it’s all amounted to for us has been nothing but blast after pavement-smoking blast. We hurtled through the Midwest in a Ferrari FF, tossed a Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Black Series around a track, peeled the tires off an SRT Viper TA, mudded through the Trans American Trail in a Land Rover LR4 and even did a few spins on the ice in a Zamboni. We took in some sights riding a Royal Enfield through the streets of London and drove an achingly gorgeous vintage 1968 Jaguar E-Type. Clearly, this is a tedious job.

We also spend some intense yet pleasurable days carefully selecting the best cars and motorcycles of the year in the GP100 and picked our first ever Gear Patrol Car of the Year. Our small pool of dedicated and rev-happy Octane staffers showed up for work with a smile every day, occasionally stepping on the brakes, but only to wipe tears of vehicular joy out of their eyes (safety first). We’re chomping at the bit to see what 2014 brings our way — even we can’t believe some of the things we’re cooking up — and we hope you’re just as impatient as we are for another fantastic year of motoring. Just remember: downshift, nail that apex and drive it like you stole it.