By Nick Caruso
on 1.6.14
Lum-Tec-x-DSPTCH-M46-Chronograph-Watch-Gear-Patrol Lum-Tec x DSPTCH M46 Chronograph Watch
The latest collab from Lum-Tec and DSPTCH is a 44mm chronograph featuring a Japanese Miyota OS20 quartz movement, a custom-engraved stainless steel case back and a special DSPTCH dial. Included are one black and one gray PVD NATO strap, an anti-static rubber strap and a stainless steel bracelet. Like all good things, this one will come to a (quick) end: only 30 of the limited edition watches will be produced. $495
The-Dalmore-Selected-By-Daniel-Boulud-Single-Malt-Scotch-Whisky-Gear-Patrol The Dalmore Selected By Daniel Boulud
Richard Paterson, master distiller of The Dalmore, worked with Michelin star chef Daniel Boulud to select the perfect batch of single malt for this 1,000-bottle run. Only available in special retailers in the U.S., this aged booze is culled from muscatel, madeira and port wine barrels, so it’ll pair well with bitter chocolate and rich coffee.
Uncorking-the-Past-The-Quest-for-Wine,-Beer-and-Other-Alcoholic-Beverages-Gear-Patrol Uncorking The Past
Forget the wheel. The most important discovery in ancient times (really, ever) is booze. Author Patrick McGovern, an expert on beverages of long ago, guides readers through the role alcohol has played in evolution, agriculture and culture in general. He posits (and we agree) that alcohol has played a deeply integral role in the progress of humanity. $19
Lego-Architecture-Studio-Gear-Patrol LEGO Architecture Studio
If you’ve ever wanted to let your architectural genius shine on a small scale, look ye no further. This freeform set of over 1,200 white and clear bricks comes with a guidebook endorsed by major architectural firms and bigwigs to serve as inspiration as you explore the world of building very small pieces of structural art. $150
Guide-Boat-Co-Gear-Patrol Guideboat Co.
What do you get with you combine a YouTube founder and a Restoration Hardware founder? A premium boatmaker and storefront for high-grade American goods. Obviously. The two make modern renditions of three boats — the Sabot, the Peapod and the Guideboat — from a bygone era, each with cherrywood seating, marine bronze hardware and spruce oars mounted to a built-in-California hull. $2,975+ ()
Sony-USB-Flash-Drive-for-Smartphone-Gear-Patrol Sony 2-in-1 Flash Drive for Tablets and Smartphones
This tiny little plug-and-play dongle features a micro USB connector at one end and a USB 2.0 doohicky on the other. It plugs into most Android devices (and, of course, computers) to enable quick file transfers without the need for wi-fi or sometimes-cumbersome app-driven transferring. It’s available in 8GB, 16GB and 32GB configurations, so you can unload all your saved SnapChats in one fell swoop. $20+