By Nick Caruso
on 1.8.14
Mercedes-Sprinter-Van-4x4-Gear-Patrol Mercedes Benz Sprinter 4×4
Everybody’s favorite utility van just got an upgrade: now, instead of seeming to be everywhere, it can go everywhere. The Sprinter’s new all-wheel-drive system functions on a 35/65 front/back split and is engaged via a dash-mounted button at speeds up to 10 kph (roughly 6 mph). There’s a low-range gear for off-road deliveries, a downhill speed regulator, and the entire body has been raised about 4 inches for maximum clearance. ()
Scratch-Map-Globe-Gear-Patrol Scratch Map Globe
Globetrotting scratch-off lotto players, take heed: your 3D map has arrived. The sections of this thick cardstock globe come folded flat but assemble to create a faceted map of the earth, all its land masses colored gold. Once you’ve visited a certain spot, simply scratch off that area of the gold to reveal a lush green below, ripe for fueling your worldly bragging rights. $36
Ghurka-Khaki-Twill-Camera-Strap-Gear-Patrol Ghurka Khaki Twill Camera Strap
This adjustable strap is made of a handsome khaki twill and trimmed in rich chestnut leather, perfect for those who don’t want their camera to be too much more expensive than the thing securing it to their bodies. $225
Floyd-Leg-Gear-Patrol The Floyd Leg
Whether you’re moving from home to home and discarding furniture at every turn or simply want a refreshing, clever new surface in your space, a set of Floyd legs is your answer. It’s essentially a clamp with a table leg extension; you just secure it to a flat surface. Use a plank, a door, a spare counter top…the possibilities are endless. And since they’ll be made in two sizes — regular table height and coffee table height — you can really go wild. The project needs funding, but it’s a short bit of work for such a nifty concept. Click through and give ‘em something to stand on. $189+
Phaidon-Concierge-Service-Gear-Patrol Phaidon Concierge
The most gift-intensive season may be freshly behind us, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t in the giving mood, right? Phaidon has you covered, especially if you’re not sure exactly what to give the folks on your list. As far as documenting the humanities in style, their books are, of course, second to none. And now the Phaidon Concierge service will, with just a bit of data about the recipient, curate a gift package at whatever monetary level you assign it, up to over 4,000 bucks.
Lucky-Punch-Nut-Crackers-Gear-Patrol Take 2 Lucky Punch
To get to the good stuff without damaging it, stop putting your nuts in the wooden guy’s jaws — go modern with this quick and easy spring-loaded one-hander. It’s like a German Shake Weight, except your friends won’t laugh at you for using it.
Johnnie-Walker-Gold-Label-Reserve-Gear-Patrol Johnnie Walker Gold Label
This limited edition Johnnie is a blend of Master Blender Jim Beveridge’s (yes, real name) favorite whiskies, including Clynelish malt, which gets its water from hills that bore gold in the 1800s. To commemorate its history, these bottles and the labels on them are covered in a shiny metallic gleam that would have driven a 49-er nutso.