By Nick Caruso
on 1.27.14
Mystery-Ranch-ASAP-Pack-Gear-Patrol Mystery Ranch ASAP Pack
The niftiest detail on this pack is the three-zip closure on the main compartment: two zippers open on each side of the top flap to make a quick, wide portal to your gear and the zipper continues down the body of the pack, allowing the entire thing to flay open for total access. Inside are sleeves for hydration packs; on top is a zipper slit to poke hydration tubes and antennas through. The whole shebang is covered with PALS webbing, and of course it’s available in tactical colors and camo. $245+(?)
Every-Man-Jack-Sandalwood-Gear-Patrol Every Man Jack Sandalwood
Every Man Jack products are sort of an anomaly: they’re high-grade stuff, very affordable and leave out all the gross chemical crap (and also eschew animal testing) found in many skin care products. The new Sandalwood line, available on the shelves at Whole Foods, features new packaging and fragrances, and includes a body wash/face cleanser, shampoo, shave gel, face lotion and deodorant. Cheap doesn’t always mean cheap.
Outlier-OG-Freeshell-Jacket-Gear-Patrol Outlier OG Freeshell Jacket
Outlier has the solution for those iffy days when you “might need a jacket later”. Their new Freeshell reduces to a small pack with shoulder strap and deploys at a moment’s notice. It’s a semi-stretchy shell made of moisture-resistant, breathable fabric cut in a flattering shape. $365
Slyde-Performance-Karbon-G6-Gear-Patrol Slyde Performance Karbon G6
If you’re going to cut some waves with handboards, you’ll want to (a) look stylish and high-tech and (b) lose as much weight as possible. Same goes for your handboards. The Karbon G6 is a good place to start, made of high-tensile carbon fiber for featherweight surf shredding. $247
877-Design-Bracelets-Gear-Patrol 877 Design Bracelets
Put some old school on your wrist. This Hamburg-based shop handmakes bracelets to order using tools and methods from decades ago: think antique lathes and sand-castings. Each bracelet — made from rope, leather, aluminum, copper and more — is made to order and can be engraved with any letter or number you choose.
Belair-Instant-Back-Gear-Patrol Belair Instant Back
Belair’s new device converts their X 6-12 medium format shooters into instant cameras. (Don’t make an Instagram joke…Don’t make an Instagram joke…) $89
Oakley-Razor-Blade-Gear-Patrol Oakley Heritage Collection
No, using the word “heritage” to describe the ’80s doesn’t make us feel old at all, thanks very much. And how could we feel negative about the decade at all, really, when it produced game-changing sunglass frames like the Eyeshade and Razor Blades? Yes, Oakley came out with the first shield-style lens frames a scant 30 years ago, when they were worn by athletes at the top of their respective games. And that’s why they’re back — the Heritage collection is available at select premium retailers for your nostalgic pleasure.