By Nick Caruso
on 1.28.14
Piedmont-Red-NATO-Straps-Gear-Patrol Piedmont Red NATO Straps
These are NATO straps with a twist: the same timeworn design reimagined in new materials. The shiny, hammered vinyl straps will especially lend an air of intrigue to your latest timepiece. $35
Bergaffe-Modular-Tube-Tools-Gear-Patrol Bergaffe Modular Tube Tools
In the name of weight reduction and space conservation, these tube-based tools screw together to form a multitude of options: a shovel, a bench, a tripod — the list goes on. But because they’re put together in smaller, simpler pieces, they require less storage room and weigh relatively little. $124
Helly-Hansen-First-Tracks-App-Gear-Patrol Helly Hansen First Tracks App
Powder freaks need their early morning fix, and Helly Hansen has their backs. This alarm clock app finds you using GPS and then tracks overnight snowfall. Before bed, set your two desired wake-up times — one if it snows, one if it doesn’t — and let the app track weather patterns and rouse you if need be. Free
Heirloom-Scrimshaw-Knife-Kit-Gear-Patrol Heirloom Scrimshaw Knife Set
Like scrimshaw artists of yore, you too can carve your own artwork into the stock of this bone-handle knife. The kit includes every thing you need, including India ink for revealing your masterpiece. $49
Bentley-Home-Collection-Gear-Patrol Bentley Home Collection
So you want to be a Bentley owner, but that pesky Camry is taking up too much garage real estate. Solution: your living room. The fine motoring manufacturer is lending its craftsmanship expertise to a line of home furniture: armchairs, sofas, beds and more are wrapped in beautiful leathers and textiles that not only conjure the feeling of an elite automobile but allude to the male lifestyle in an elegant way. ()
Nike-Flyknit-Lunar2-Gear-Patrol Nike Flyknit Lunar2
Following fast on the lightweight and technical heels of the first generation, the Lunar2 adds more stretch to its strong, comfortable knit-style fabric uppers. The tongue is attached in this model so it doesn’t get in the way, and the sole is designed to deliver a more natural and flexible cushioning experience.