By Nick Caruso
on 2.4.14
Iridium-Gear-Patrol Iridium GO!
Wi-fi everywhere. And beamed wirelessly, no less. Satellite communication pros Iridium have unveiled the GO! — a pocket-sized, satellite-connect wi-fi hotspot that will connect up to five devices anywhere on the globe, pole to pole. Now Santa will be able to live-blog his delivery route and we’ll be able to Instagram from the depths of the Amazon, which is really all we’ve ever wanted anyhow.
Zoom-iQ5-Gear-Patrol Zoom iQ5
This little dongle slips a recording studio into your pocket. It plugs into an iPhone or i-Thing and records high-quality stereo tracks like nobody’s business using Zoom’s recorder app. The app will record multiple formats, and you can monitor everything real-time with the iQ5′s headphone jack. $100
Dwell-Copenhagen-Silicone-Nutcracker-Gear-Patrol Dwell Normann Copenhagen Silicone Nutcracker
A modern send-up of the classic metal nunchuk-looking things, this silicone-coated nutcracker is a complete loop of shell-annihilating vise grip-ness. $53
Sour-Beer-Gear-Patrol American Sour Beer
No, this doesn’t mean that two-year-old Heineken in your back closet is suddenly in vogue. Sour beer is not skunky beer, and is instead made to be tart in specific, yummy ways (though it’s not for everyone: a roommate recently called one of ours “fermented diarrhea”). It can be fermented with wild fruits or aged specially for that intentional taste, and this book documents it all with history, how-tos and more. $17
End-Cycling-Nanamica-Cycling-Pack-Gear-Patrol End Nanamica Cycling Pack
Cordura is a good start for any pack — it’s tough as hell and always looks excellent. This pack is detailed with leather straps and brass buckles and has plenty of pockets and a fold-over top closure. It’s handsome, it’s handy and it’ll survive just about anything. $425
Pelican-Elite-Marine-Cooler-Gear-Patrol Pelican Elite Marine Coolers
Pelican cases make “durable” look shabby. This cooler, available in 35- to 65-quart sizes, not only boasts “ice retention” of at least a week but also handles and corrosion-resistant hardware made for gloved hands. Its 2-inch polyurethane insulation and freezer-grade gasket will keep those brewskies cold no matter what. $190+
Chineasy-Gear-Patrol Chineasy
Chinese is a difficult language to master. This book superimposes individual characters over imagery to create a visual connection for the learner, and there’s also a brief history and origin of each character. Might not make you fluent, but it’s a pleasant start. $19 ()
Pacemaker-app-Gear-Patrol Pacemaker
Any good DJ would be proud to show off his Spotify playlists, mixing beats and tracks like Julia Child combined Sherry and everything in the pantry. And until Pacemaker, that’s just not been possible — but this app is fully licensed by Spotify themselves, putting millions and millions of songs at the fingertips of every spin doctor with an MD in awesome. So (virtually) scratch your other options, fellas, download away and drop them beats. Free