By Jason Heaton
on 2.25.14
Photo by Gishani

Dive watches are more popular than ever, despite most divers choosing not to wear them. Never mind. We’re all for getting our watches wet. Here’s a selection of our favorite dive watches and some adventures we’ve had with them.

dive-watch-deconstructed-gear-patrol The Dive Watch, Deconstructed
Don’t know your helium release valve from your decompression limits? Read on. See More »
best-dive-watches-gear-patrol 7 Best Dive Watches
This one inspired debate, but in our opinion, the ocean’s big enough for a lot of dive watches. Here are seven of our favorites. See More »
7-best-affordable-dive-watches-gear-patrol-lead Best Affordable Dive Watches
Like to go deep but don’t have deep pockets? We offer a selection of divers for under a grand. See More »
bremont-supermarine-2000-gear-patrol Underwater with the Bremont Supermarine 2000
We took a badass British diver to the Bahamas and stared down some sharks. See More »
best-japanese-dive-watch-gear-patrol-lead Japanese Dive Watch Shootout
The Land of the Rising Sun produces some great dive watches. We took three deep to test their mettle. See More »
timekeeping-icon-super-compressor-2-gear-patrol Icon: Super Compressor Dive Watch
Some of the coolest dive watches of all time were the twin-crown Super Compressors of the 1960s. See More »
MkII-Paradive-gear-patrol-lead Time on Our Hands: MKII Paradive
We go on maneuvers with a modern version of a Special Ops dive watch from the 1970s. See More »