Editor’s Note: This post has been updated to reflect five additional selections for 2015. Our earlier selections, from 2014, are on the following page.

You’ve got your summit day kit dialed in, your favorite pair of hiking shoes picked out, and you’re just about packed for the ultimate outdoor summer adventure. So when you get to your campsite after a long road trip of grueling hike into the wilderness, don’t get caught unrolling the same musty sleeping bag you once used while couch-surfing back in your college days. These great sleeping bags bring the comfort of home to the dirt floors of the high country, and everywhere else, for that matter.


Mountain Hardwear HyperLamina Flame 20


Best Fringe Season Sleeper: With proprietary seam-welded construction, the HyperLamina Flame 20 is designed to eliminate unintended venting that permeates conventional bags. Its synthetic and lofty Thermal.Q insulation is rated to keep you warm until 21 degrees Fahrenheit with strategically placed zones, while maintaining incredible compressibility. And at only 2 pounds, 10 ounces, it won’t bog you down on the trail.

Sea to Summit Spark Sp III


Best Bag for Motorcycle Adventures: All of Sea to Summit’s products take packability to the extreme. The Spark Sp III is no different: Packed down into its stuff-sack, this 850-fill power bag eats up less space than most tool rolls and provides enough warmth to keep riders who hit the high altitudes cozy and content. Its hydrophobic Ultra-Dry Down internals and DWR-treated shell also mean it won’t turn to mush in a downpour.

Nemo Sonic


Best All-Around Bag: Rarely can any camper rely on one sleeping bag for every type of adventure on the calendar; winters are cold and summers are hot, so that typically requires two different sleeper sacks, at least. The Nemo Sonic is here to change that: with integrated vents (dubbed “Thermo Gills”), the Sonic can dump unwanted heat faster than Pat Riley. Best of all, the Gill construction is such that cold drafts can’t creep in.

REI Lumen


Best Bag for Buyers on a Budget: At under $200, the REI Lumen delivers Ritz Carlton comfort for Days Inn dollars. Its double rip-stop nylon shell is abrasion- and water-resistant and has an overlapping layer construction, and the contoured hood features an insulated face muffler. Roomier dimensions, especially in the shoulders and hips, make this bag a great choice for tossers and turners.

Rab Expedition 1400


Best Bag for Traversing Hoth: Built to keep blood flowing in mountaineers hitting 8,000-meter summits, zipping up the Rab Expedition 1400 is even warmer than sliding into a Taunton — and it smells better, too. That’s thanks to 1,400 grams of Nikwax-developed hydrophobic, fluorocarbon-free, 850-fill power goose down lining its Pertex shell. A roomier fit allows maneuvers with your full climbing kit still in tow and further lends to its -40 degrees Celsius thermal rating. Longitudinal baffles are employed to keep those feathers at bay, which are hand filled in Derbyshire, England (as is proper).

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