Basics: Internships last roughly 16-18 weeks depending on start dates. Apprenticeships are 9-12 months. You must be located in New York or have a reasonable commute to our office in midtown New York.

Remuneration: The internship does not include benefits, but we provide a stipend for housing, commuting (MTA) and lunches. The rest is, alas, a chance at valuable experience. Riches this is not, but it does make a dent. We also offer and encourage course credit. Those horror stories you’ve read about internships at legacy publications? Expect none of that — unless you can make espresso faster than we can — and we seriously doubt it.

What We’re Looking For: You must be relentless about excellence. Typos and pixel-level errors must be your enemy. Intelligence, inspiration and irreverence must drive your writing and visual storytelling. Applicants must demonstrate a keen ability for story development, discovery and technical savviness (nerds welcome). Editorial hubris, existentialism and wanderlust are not welcome. If you are applying with a visual concentration then all the same fundamentals apply — just add more white space and Photoshop layers. Applicants should plan to be available full time.

To Apply: Interested applicants should email the following to with the subject heading: “2014 Internship” or “2014 Apprenticeship”. Please include: 1. An introduction on yourself and why you’d be a great fit for the job; 2. Links to any previous work applicable to GP (if you don’t have any, write, photograph or design some and post it somewhere for us to see); 3. Resume in PDF form (some experience required for apprentices); 4. Links to your favorite three GP stories and 50-100 words for each on why; 5. One sample 500-word article (trends, roundup, spotlight or essay, in GP style) for us to gauge your storytelling or reporting abilities, or a 15-photo fully edited and captioned photo essay; 6.. Area of interest (gear reviews, technology, style, culture, adventure) and a 50-100 word explanation why.

Bonus Requisite: List five essential pieces of gear you own.

Gear Patrol is a gathering place for guys hellbent on making the most out of their lives. We produce a daily roadmap to a life well lived. The team that makes that happen every day is a small but intensely passionate crew of journalists huddled around a simple mission: cinematic storytelling and product-forward reporting.

As a growing, bootstrapped operation with big aspirations, we’re also having a damn good time doing it. The work is hard, but it’s remarkably fun and rewarding. We care deeply about our editorial goals, love balancing data and art and hold ourselves accountable to our readers and each other.

INTERNSHIP This summer we’re on the hunt for two individuals to join us as interns. If you’re a matriculated student or finishing this spring you’re likely a great candidate. You’ll come away with an intense summer of meaningful editorial experience. This year, we’re looking for a Visual Production Intern focused on visual storytelling (photography, design, editing) and an Editorial Intern focused on traditional editorial (reportage, well-researched writing and research, basic editing). Both require individuals that are passionate about journalism, technologically savvy, highly organized, self reliant, attuned to social media and well read in our industry. Interns should expect their work to focus on daily editorial sections, compiling and producing stories and sidebars, assisting editors with research and layout, editorial production duties, brainstorming ideas and other day-to-day production responsibilities.

Currently Seeking Contributors

Freelance Product Photographer, New York based
Freelance Outdoor Gear Tester
Contributor, Watches & Horology
Contributor, Automotive & Motoring
Contributor, Technology
Contributor, Style
Photo Essayist
Freelance Tech/Gadget Tester

APPRENTICESHIP The apprenticeship is a bigger step and puts individuals on a long-term, full-time career tract at Gear Patrol. Editorial Apprentice applicants are required to have completed college (or be completing it this spring) and have some experience working in an editorial environment. An apprenticeship is also available to interns who perform exemplary work during their term and demonstrate invaluable contribution and natural chemistry with our team. Apprentices earn a small salary and a guaranteed full-time job at the completion of their apprenticeship.

If you’re reading this then there’s a good chance you already have a grasp of what we do so we won’t delve into details — our pages do the talking. See further details to apply in the sidebar.

CONTRIBUTORS We are also seeking freelance editorial and photography contributors. Applicants should send resume and links to previously published works to with the subject heading: “# Contributor”. Please express your area of interest, two writing samples (75-150 and 500-750 word samples in your subjective field) and social media profiles. For photographers, please send link to portfolio, published works and 3-5 samples.