While a pair of well-fitting pants always looks respectable, swamp ass and sweat stains do not. It’s important to keep your closet stocked with a few pairs of stylish, proper-length shorts that show off a little leg, look respectable and keep you comfortable when it’s hot. These twelve pairs will look as great with a t-shirt as they will with a button-up Oxford. And for the last time: send those jorts to the Dumpster, where they belong.

Bonus: What You Shouldn’t Wear, Ever


At $2,915, Rick Owen’s Leather “Big Shorts” (which we affectionately refer to as “Battle Shorts”) prove that money can’t always buy taste. They seem more suited to the Battle of Maldon than to chatting up the hottie across the bar; they sure look like they could take an axe hack better than your average chinos.

A. Club Monaco Baxter Short ($60) | B. Gant Waffle Shorts ($225) | C. Brooks Brothers Twill Bermuda Shorts ($60) | D. Banana Republic Horizontal-Stripe Short ($60) | E. Sid Mashburn Short ($145) | F. Saturdays Surf Bellows Shorts ($81) | G. Outlier New Way Shorts ($120) | H. J.Crew Stanton Short ($30+) | I. Incotex Linnen and Cotton Blend Shorts ($265) | J. Bonobos Chino Shorts ($48+) | K. Carven Chambray Pleat Shorts ($128) | L. Boast USA Corduroy Fatigue Short ($98)