This guide on the best travel apps has been updated with 8 additional suggestions in 2015.

Travel today is easy. Pick a destination, book a flight on Kayak and be on your way. It’s also easy to order dinner on Seamless and eat in front of your TV, but what’s the fun in that? Good travel is a great location. Great travel is a great location and being prepared. And we’re not just talking about packing a bag and scoring cheap airfare.

The supercomputers in our pockets are the best thing to happen to travel since online travel booking and roller bags. But they’re only as useful as we make them, which means spending a minute or two to get your app game in order. We don’t condone app clutter (delete and the cloud are your new friends), but the right travel apps can make any kind of jaunt, from a weekend ramble in Montana to a two-week trek across Basque Country, a more rewarding experience. These 17 apps may not be the end-all manifest of travel tools, but they’ve certainly made our own travel easier and better. Consider them a good place to start.

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