Made with traditional methods (and a few logical modern production upgrades), Horween leather is the material du jour for everything from menswear staples to timeless goods. With both durability and a patina that wears just so, it works particularly well as a strap material for both vintage and new watches. Straps come in all forms, but these share the common element of artisan leather. Before you scoff at the “a” word, consider this: Chicago-based Horween is the longest continuously operating tannery in America. If that’s not worthy of pairing with your (perpetual) watch, what is?

A.Hodinkee ($135) | B.Cloud Sky Leatherworks ($55) | C.Leffot Leather NATO ($225) | D.Wood & Faulk ($125) | E.Shane David Designs ($120) | F.Gabarro ($100) | G.Daluca Straps ($195) | H.Rover Haven Bund Strap ($105+)