Unless you have a disposition that favors organization, clutter will inevitably find its way to your work desk. When deadlines loom and stress is high, the last thing on your mind is where that pencil should go. Thankfully, design-minded brands have the office corner covered. Everything you need to keep your desk both clean and aesthetically pleasing — brass accents, natural wood, leather — all comes in simple, sleek, useful designs. Devote a little time to procuring these items, so even if your schedule is a mess, your desk won’t reflect it.


MOMA Page 1 Business Card Box
Forget the drawer heaped with an uneven stack of cards. $40


Native Union iPhone Lightning Dock
Sleek and modern, this charging dock looks good with or without a phone. $55


Hender Scheme Leather Mouse Pad
Upgrade your neoprene to Japanese leather. $65


Il Bisonte Papers Holder
Keep your loose papers stashed in this stylish wallet. $88


Damasquina Leather Tray
Your keys and trinkets have a new home. $85


Ystudio Pen Container
Stash your free pens in this brass and walnut piece. $100


Sieveking Sound Omega Headphone Stand
If you’ve invested in nice headphones, this is the place to put them. $180


Muji File Cabinet
Because a sleek, simple file cabinet is a necessity. $285


M2 Monitor Arm
Nothing gets your monitor off your desk like actually getting your monitor off your desk. $295


Lampe Gras Model 201 Clamp Lamp
Clear up your desk surface with this classic clamp lamp. $420