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  • Gear Patrol is a gathering place for guys hell bent on making the most of their time on planet Earth in the 21st century. What we do is what magazines have always done: provide a filter on the world, our take on what’s valuable and interesting, using original photography and thoughtful storytelling — but with the agility a website affords. That means we can tap dance between piping hot news, valuable, richly researched insights and timeless stories about people and far-off places, on the same day, on the same page, from our HQ in New York or anywhere else in the world. We value our long game and our short game equally.
  • Our first priority: thoughtful, enriching content.

    Studies suggest that people get flummoxed trying to pick jam at the supermarket. The tyranny of choice. Forget the supermarket: Online the options of where to click and what to look at are limitless. Gear Patrol emerged in 2007 as a place for guys to enjoy learning about new products — a sort of cool sidekick to help pick out your next pocket knife or home theater system. Even fruit spread, for that matter.

    Today things look a lot different. The focus on well-designed products remains, but now Gear Patrol addresses the greater world that those products enrich, insights for discerning lifestyle choices and stories of adventure.
    We operate at the intersection of technology and nature. Car and road. Wrist and watch. Traveler and foreign culture. Triathlete and limits. Chef and brisket. News and longform. Our readers reflect our editorial team: our first priority is thoughtful content. We value subtlety, wit, details. Attention grabbing viral videos and stories that juice our Facebook likes or tweets will always come second.

    Gear Patrol is based in New York City, across from the tumult that surrounds the Empire State and media, et al and is manned by a team of world-class correspondents and many contributors based in NY and across the country. We hail from all over America: Tennessee, Louisiana, New Hampshire, Illinois, California, Pennsylvania. We like to think this contributes to our eclectic taste and bullshit-free approach.
  • Our content ranges in size and scope from daily posts about products and commerce to original series, photo essays, and long-form storytelling. Some of our most popular sections cover automobiles (see our YouTube channel), watches, luxury, design and adventure. We keep things flexible, though: If we want to cover the subject of beef, coffee, James Bond, or even show men how to live the best summer ever, we’ll do it. We’re down for the challenge.

    Our readers trust us to not only deliver the best content, but also the meaningful advertising and organic brand messaging -- original, authentic content that's hand-crafted by our editorial team. We also believe that stunning ad experiences are the best way to showcase our advertising partners -- not intrusive wallpapers, piling on banners, or pageview-goosing slideshows.
  • Our readers are just like us: active, educated, adventurous, curious, successful, tech-savvy, ambitious, discerning. They are leaders in a diverse range of fields, from finance to entertainment to academia. They are the actionable readers that make decisions, make purchases and influence their peers. Our readers seek out challenges, means of betterment and an enhanced life in general. Some call them influencers and achievers — we call them alive and ready to tell their stories with those that matter.
  • Lifestyle
    49% of readers depend wholly on GP for discovering new products or brands.

    87% of readers considered a brand more favorably after being covered on GP.

    71% of readers were more likely to purchase a product after having been covered on GP.

    83% of readers immediately do more research on a product GP covers.

    46% of readers immediately email or tell their friends and colleagues in person about a story on Gear Patrol.
  • Who says great advertising has to be anything less than excellent? Not us. Rich, relevant advertising enhances the reader experience and is no less worthy of a vehicle to deliver great content. And though our editorial operations remain 100% independent -- just like the company itself -- we believe that an advertisement should be held to as high of a standard as an editorially driven article: content, design and placement.

    To accomplish this, Gear Patrol is exclusively partnered with the talented folks at Say Media, the next great media company. For advertising, brand-consulting or other inquiries, please reach out to the team at any time. We're ready to storm up an idea.
  • People will instinctively draw towards excellence, in any form. That is why I enjoy reading Gear Patrol. It showcases excellence.

    You are my
    Men’s Journal, Outside and Wired rolled into one, but with a more human twist. Also, subscription cards don’t fall out when I open GP.

    Gear Patrol is my first visit when I get to the office, it’s also my first visit when I return from lunch. It’s my safe place.

    The photography, the #longform writing and the perfect experience. It’s just all there, and few publications do it like GP.

    Above all, curation.
    It’s classy. And that cannot be overstated enough.

    Because “Social Media” is not the way influential people get their news. A trusted source is. GP is that source for me.

    Original content. GP allows me to discover new products, and more importantly, the perspectives I would never find otherwise.

    It’s fun for me to see quality manifest in any way: design, goods, ideas, anything that is true quality and inspires admiration. This is what Gear Patrol covers better than anyone.

    Killer photos, gorgeous design and the writing is just awesome. More of your epic films, please!


Editor in Chief
Eric Yang @hashtagyang

Managing Editor
Ben Bowers @benbowersgp

Special Projects Editor Jeremy Berger @mrjberger
Assistant Editor Chris Wright @wrights_writing
Editorial Assistant Henry Phillips @henrysp
Staff Writer Jason Heaton @jasonheaton

Motoring Editor
Amos Kwon @wrathofkwon

Director, Film
Sung Han @sungsdynasty

Contributing Editor
Matthew Ankeny @MatthewAnkeny

Bradley Hasemeyer @bhasemeyer

Editorial Apprentices
Tucker Bowe @jTb333
Nicholas Milanes @ndmila
Jack Seemer @j_seems
J. Travis Smith @jtrav_smith

Contributing Writers
Chris Burkhard @chrisburkard
Brandon Chuang @bchuang
Ed Estlow @EdEstlow
Jon Gaffney @jongaffney
Jonathan Gallegos @jonathantweeted
Shane Griffin @shanegriffin1
Peter Koch @iampeterkoch
Will McGough @wakeandwander
Darren Murph @darrenmurph
Matt Neundorf @neunrulez
Scott Packard @ageresequitar
Peter Saltsman @petersaltsman
James Stacey @jamesstacey

Editorial Intern
Andrew Connor

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