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Founded in 2007, Gear Patrol’s mission is to help guys make the most of their time on planet Earth. What began eight years ago as a side project has evolved into a resource and gathering place for men to discover new ideas, products and places. Independently designed and published in New York, Gear Patrol combines the speed and agility of digital with a passion for storytelling and reader experience long cultivated in print. Our team of editors, writers, directors and photographers travel the world in search of stories not told anywhere else. We share them in the spirit of adventure.


Uniques 1,500,000
Page Views 5,000,000
Engagement 4:30

Facebook 103,000
Twitter 40,000
Instagram 33,000
Google+ 440,000

HHI $100K+ 70%; $150K+ 68%;
Education 80% College; 40% Grad School
18-24: 14%; 25-34: 29%; 35-44: 22%
Male: 80%

The Crew

In Alphabetical Order

Matthew Ankeny
Senior Editor

Matthew oversees day-to-day editorial development with a team of writers in addition to producing specialty editorials like The Adventure List. Ankeny specializes in cycling, running, motoring, and technology, and once rode his bike from Columbus, OH to Nashville, TN in the middle of a heat wave. He values climate control. When in repose, he is at work on his first novel.


Jeremy Berger
Senior Editor

On top of overseeing day-to-day editorial development with a team of writers, Jeremy produces large-scale editorial missions abroad, like The Right to Roam and Lands Afar. He also writes and takes photographs for the publication. Jeremy specializes in food, travel, outdoor adventure and endurance sports, having completed an Ironman and ultramarathon while at GP. He is a 2006 recipient of the Fulbright Scholarship.


Tucker Bowe

Tucker reports on everything from products in the Today in Gear column to larger features like Racing in the Sky. He studied creative writing in Maryland and New Zealand, and now lives in New York City. He has experienced high G-forces, skied on active volcanoes and interviewed some of the world’s best surfers, all in the name of journalism.


Ben Bowers
Man. Editor, Co-Founder

Ben is the team’s resident Swiss Army knife (though he hails from Louisiana) and co-founder, tasked with everything from developing editorial processes and growing GP’s audience, to curating products and working with advertisers. His career in media began at CBS with Eric, crunching numbers around how people consume content. While consistently impressed by the feats of strength and speed of other team members, Bowers prefers spending rare free moments with his wife savoring an excellent bourbon, traveling, or watching a good film. He enjoys his humor like his coffee — black. Ben was honored as a min Rising Star in media in 2014.


Bryan Campbell

Although Bryan specializes in GP’s automotive content, his writing finds topics on everything from home appliances to the events of WWII. His photography can be seen on GP as well. Bryan’s focus is in performance cars, motorcycles, motorsport and is a graduate of both Skip Barber Open-Wheel Racing school and Team O’Neil Rally school. Bryan earned his masters in automotive journalism at Coventry University in England.


Andrew Connor

Andrew Connor is a recent alum of GP’s internship program. He writes regularly for the site, and takes photographs and video as well. Andrew reports on everything from culture to technology, but takes a special interest in motoring and style. He even — against all good judgment — purchased a 1982 Fiat 124 Spider at the age of 19. Andrew graduated from University of Wisconsin, Madison, where he studied psychology and filmmaking, and served as an editor and contributor for the university’s fashion and lifestyle magazine.


Sung Han
Director, Film

Sung directs and produces original films at GP in addition to curating the Viewfinder series. Formerly in the advertising world, his work has played on all types of rectangles including television, movie theaters, billboards and mobile phones. Nowadays, he’s traveling the world and capturing extraordinary moments 24 frames at a time. When he’s not traveling, you can find Sung cycling in central park or skateboarding down Broadway. He’s also known to be the best poker player with the worst poker face.


Bradley Hasemeyer

Bradley Hasemeyer is a husband, father, host and writer — usually in that order — specializing in automotive and anything that involves travel. He is often spotted walking with a purpose, holding multiple car keys in one hand and a carry-on bag in the other while simultaneously FaceTiming his wife and daughter. He is a ninja multitasker.


Andrew Haynes
Art Director

Andrew is the Art Director at GP, helping direct the design team and maintain GP’s brand aesthetic across all touch points. Andrew’s previous work has included commissions for Grey Goose, Cannondale and Vitamin Water. From the perfect page layout to the ideal cafe olé; he strives for balance in all things. He partakes in martial arts from time to time, and believes all sports are better played than watched. Haynes is also known to play a mean round of golf.


Jason Heaton
Staff Writer

Jason Heaton is a long-time GP staff writer, having joined the team in 2008. Since that time, he has been our unofficial adventure correspondent, having summited Mount Rainier, swum from Alcatraz and dived with tiger sharks in the Bahamas. He’s also our timepiece expert who can rebuild a hundred-year old pocket watch in a pinch. When Jason is not out chasing stories around the world, he holds down the GP northern outpost in Minneapolis, helping drive the vision for The North Journal.


Peter Koch

Peter is a correspondent for GP based in upstate New York. He specializes in outdoor adventure, endurance sports, travel and beer. A long-distance runner since high school, Koch has dabbled in adventure racing, canoe touring, backpacking, high-altitude mountain bike racing and, most recently, marathons. But his weirdest, wildest adventure to date began in 2014, when he became a father.


Amos Kwon
Contributing Staff Writer

Amos is primarily focused on all things motoring, writing about cars, gear and opinions and essays on the state of the automobile. He also thrashes around the track whenever he gets a chance, snaps photos and is known to attend events wherever cigars are served. As a former federal law enforcement officer, Amos enjoys tactical and close quarters combat training, marksmanship, hunting and whittling things with very sharp knives. He lives in Evanston, Illinois with his wife and two children, both of whom will will learn how to drive stick shift as soon as they are able.


Will McGough
Correspondent, Nomad

Will is a nomad-at-large and travel columnist for GP, penning the Road Notes column in addition profiles, features and dispatches from afar. His wake and wander philosophy leads him to spend two-thirds of the year on the road. McGough finds inspiration from the various ways in which people live their lives in different parts of the world — waking each day on the hunt for new opportunities in new landscapes, and the inevitable adventure and reactions they evoke. Will received a masters in journalism from Temple University.


Nick Milanes

At GP, Nick serves as a copyeditor and writer, finalizing all content pre-publication and penning his own stories or diatribes. He is GP’s resident video game geek, rum advocate and social issue bellyacher. Nick doesn’t know anything about cars or watches, but he’ll talk your damn ear off about Buddhism, Cuba, the heady social implications of this one game he played or a sketch he watched and, at one point or another, Prince.


Matt Neundorf

As GP’s man north of the border, Matt provides a Canadian perspective through his writing and photography. His primary interests lie with motorcycles and the adventures that only two-wheeled transportation can permit, but loves gear, tools, and other everyday carry goods. Years spent in the construction trades also mean he doesn’t mind doling out some do-it-yourself advice, preferably over a cold craft beer.


Chase Pellerin

Chase is a visual apprentice on GP’s design team where he captures stories through photography and film. He contributes to daily visual production needs, visual social media tasks and weekly entries to Today in Gear. Son of a carpenter, Chase can parallel park a forklift better than his own car. Pellerin remains a loyal fan of his befuddled New York Knicks.


Henry Phillips
Photography Manager

Henry is the photography manager on GP’s burgeoning design team. He spends most days helping craft the editorial look, while occasionally being roped into a writing assignment or two. Much of his time is spent behind the lens, capturing some of the amazing experiences and products featured here. When he’s not pushing buttons for GP, you’ll likely find him watching The West Wing or attempting to re-live the glory days of his collegiate cycling career. It’s been said that he’s never ordered poorly at a restaurant.


Jack Seemer

Jack is a writer and photographer for GP, specializing in style, culture, food and adventure. He also contributes to the daily column, Today in Gear. Raised in Florida, he is an alumnus of the Global Liberal Studies program at NYU.


J. Travis Smith
Associate Staff Writer

Travis covers culture and entertainment, primarily as a writer and reporter, though he’s been known to take photographs for our in-depth productions, like The Bourbon Issue. After graduating from Duke University with a degree in economics, he enrolled in Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism, where he’s currently working toward a masters degree. Travis typically drinks any and all alcohol that comes in for tasting, and can beat anyone in the office at billiards.


Chris Wright
Assistant Editor

Chris steers a crack team of writers during their daily exploits and draft-making. He also writes and photographs for GP, focusing on culture, essays and reports. He plays a mean blues harmonica, cleans up at the office poker game, fly fishes, and posts personal fiction, poetry, and essays for his blog, Writes from Wright. His karaoke rendition of Boston’s “More Than a Feelin'” is legendary, and during his time reporting for The Daily Collegian at Penn State the publication was ranked the best college newspaper in the US by The Princeton Review.


Eric Yang
Editor-in-Chief, Founder

Alongside a topflight crew of next-gen journalists, Eric manages deep field strategy, editorial direction and the creative concern. His career began at Scripps Networks and CBS Interactive before moving on to start GP. In fleeting moments of downtime, you can find him in an airport lounge or under the hoods of his vintage Land Rovers with unhip coffee. Eric’s disdain for hubris and the status quo are overshadowed by his fondness for the enduring, his wife, a good meal with friends and his home state of Tennessee. For simple series he does not use the Oxford comma.





Reach the Right Men

Why Gear Patrol?

Monthly, Gear Patrol reaches 1.3 million readers and gets 5 million honest page views. Our audience is built on organic, sustainable growth comprised entirely of loyal, enduring readers. We’ve accomplished this by eschewing the paper chase of “web news” and instead delivering readers rich, targeted, evergreen content as well as discovery-focused reports in travel, automobiles, watches, design, food, style, science, technology, sports and outdoors.

The core reader of GP is a graduate degree educated traveler working in creative, technology, marketing, finance, media, advertising, venture capital, science and academia. They are not just savvy consumers, but intelligent, non-experts who crave content that edifies and inspires.

GP offers brands and marketers creative content opportunities beyond traditional media opportunities. These solutions seamlessly integrate with existing marketing strategies to reach the GP reader. Produced by a topflight team with editorially guidance, GP’s native content opportunities are every bit as rich and exclusive as our editorial, from the sharp writing to the rich film, photography and integrated social media.

To advertise or work with Gear Patrol, please reach out to Zach Mader. Whether you’re a global brand, a crack agency or just a boutique brands looking for guidance, we’re happy to talk to you about plans both large or small. Let’s chat and do something great.


Affiliate: Our editorial is driven foremost on quality, taste and testing and therefore GP writers are completely disassociated with our affiliate programming, which includes organic links to proven retailers like Amazon where applicable. GP receives a small commission for purchases through these links, which help support our editorial operation.

Advertorial: Any native content crafted by GP adheres to our own internal guidelines. These guidelines are simple. 1. Commissioned content and advertorial must be clearly demarcated. 2. Advertisers must ensure provided materials are truthful, substantiated and meet all law and regulations. Partner content must be vetted by Gear Patrol editorial and marketing. 3. We reserve the right to refuse or remove any ads which do not comply or harm the GP brand or its readers. 4. Native content must meet GP’s own editorial standards. Though native content may contain a clear point of view, those views do not necessarily reflect the views of GP’s editorial team at large.

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