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Bringing back original Americana

30 Minutes With: Mac Bishop

Social causes are almost ubiquitous in the fashion / product / branding world, but it’s hard to find a company that takes its commitment seriously. Mac Bishop, founder of Native(X) is focused on his mission from the inside out: to collaborate with Native American artists and give them a platform to communicate their traditions and…

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Her Majesty’s woolen

Rickshaw Bagworks Performance Tweed Laptop Sleeve

Now that the holidays are long over and Apple products are filling pockets and bags by the tree-full, it’s time to worry about protecting them. We particularly like the Rickshaw Bagworks Performance Tweed laptop sleeve ($50). As always, Rickshaw manufactures to-order and their products are customizable, but we are sold on the classic Performance Tweed….

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The fabric of active lives

Breakdown: Gore-Tex Active Shell

Outdoor activity is unpleasant when: A). you are wet; B). your pack is too heavy; or C) when you are not wearing and Outdoor Research Axiom Jacket with Gore-Tex Active Shell (which, conveniently, solves all of these problems). Gore-Tex –- a name that needs no introduction — recently unveiled the latest advancement in its long…

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Interview: 30 Minutes with Gabe Ricioppo, Creative Director of Need Supply

Editor’s Note: If you haven’t already heard of Need Supply Co, then there’s a good chance you’re missing out on one of the most superbly well-curated mixes of contemporary brands out there. With a pitch-perfect mosaic of unique finds, denim, and other style finds, they rarely misses a beat. At the helm is the creative…

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Blue Shirt Special

Ledbury Short Run Shirting

Fashion is constantly changing, but Paul and Paul (the gents behind Ledbury) decided to take it to another level. Instead of releasing something, say, every season, new Ledbury will be offering a new shirt every Tuesday at 11am. The project is called Short Run Shirting, and it serves as a creative outlet and opportunity for…

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Solving It, One Design At a Time

Interview: 30 Minutes with Peter Bristol of Carbon Design

Chances are that if you’re reading this, you’re as completely and unashamedly obsessed with objects as we are. Interviews with designers are our way of getting back to the source and seeing who’s behind some of our favorite gear, and this week we got a hold of Peter Bristol,product designer/renaissance man and one of the…

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Leather. Head.

30 Minutes With: David Munson

Adventure, and the gear you take along for the ride never ceases to enthrall us here at GP. David Munson, CEO of Saddleback Leather Co. is a kindred spirit in that regard. Subsequently, we decided to sit down with him and pick his brain on everything from the best strategies for approaching world travel, to…

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Well-Dressed Comeback

30 Minutes With: Paul Trible

Southern gentleman. English rake. Paul Trible is the consummate man about town. Designer and co-founder of Richmond-based Ledbury, Trible draws on his transatlantic roots to make the ultimate refined-yet-modern shirt. Read about how that happens after the jump.

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30 Minutes With: Christopher Bastin

Gant has a long-standing tradition of helping men look their best, but a recent rival effort has thrust the brand back into the spotlight of men’s fashion. Characterized by modern tweaks on classic americana stye bred in the collegiate atmosphere, the company has also just launched a new online store, enabling anyone with a mailing…

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30 Minutes with Liad Cohen, Lomography General Manager and Chief of Retail

30 Minutes With: Liad Cohen

We tend to believe that technological advancement in the last 20 years has changed the world mostly for the better. Still, the waning of film-based photography is the worst causality in our books resulting from the collateral damage of the digital age. Thanks to a passionate community of shutterbugs and the style elite, however, analogue…

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Every Man Needs a Basecamp

30 Minutes With: Graeme Cameron

Few things are more primal than an axe. It’s the minimum amount of tool that can come between man and the act of felling a tree. But simple doesn’t mean crude — the perfect axe is a transcendent thing. To find out what that looks like, we sat down with Graeme Cameron, formerly of Best…

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Loggin' in a better average

Baden Axe Pro Bat

Baseball has been an American standard since… well, since old George W (the original) caused a ruckus in a certain British colony. During the intervening time, baseball equipment hasn’t changed much – leather skinned ball, three bases, sunflower seeds in the dugout – until the Baden Axe Pro Bat ($45). Woodsman, meet baseman. Rather than…

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Back to Square One

The Rubik’s Cube Revisited

As a cheeky middle schooler, my father challenged his math teacher with the then newly introduced Rubik’s Cube. They struck a deal – until he returned a solved cube, he couldn’t assign homework. One beautiful week passed before the kids were back to multiplication tables; whereas today, the standing record is 6.77 seconds. If the…

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Ties, films and a pop-up

30 Minutes With: Alexander Olch

The modern world is one where generalists thrive – renaissance men who have a broad education, who are involved in dynamic careers throughout their lives, and who have myriad passions ranging from flyfishing to webdesign (read: you, the readers). Rarely do such paragons enter in the world of menswear, especially designing traditional accessories like ties,…

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Caribbean in a Bottle

Tasting Notes: Appleton Estate Reserve Rum

It’s a commonly known fact that the months between New Years and Spring are dreary and depressing, especially for those of us on the East Coast. Being strong believers in self medication taking action, Gear Patrol set out to find a stiff drink to bust our winter blues, and came back with the Appleton Estate…

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Schlepping with San Francisco Style

30 Minutes With: Mark Dwight

We know that the best gear in the world is no good unless you’ve got a way of getting it from point A to point B. Of course, the MK4 would be our preferred choice, but its beauty comes with more environmental and financial baggage than, say, a bike. Companies like Rickshaw Bags are making…

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It's hip (monetarily) to be...


Throughout history, the retail experience has gone through continual reinvention: barter to coin to paper to plastic – and soon, even cash registers may be considered obsolete. Square is the latest, brilliant, “there’s an app for that!” moment, designed by Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey. It’s a postage stamp sized magnetic card reader that attaches to…

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Quintessentially Unique

30 Minutes With: Ray Kelvin

In England, Ted Baker has become what Ralph Lauren is in the United States: more than just a purveyor of the finest quality shirts – rather, an icon of its nation. (Disambiguation: there is no Ted Baker. Or rather, Mr Baker is “the ultimate Englishman in New York” – at once stylish, worldly and roguish)…

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Third Eye, 21st Century Style

Looxcie Wearable Camcorder

Video-worthy moments happen all the time (especially to the kind of guy who reads Gear Patrol); everything from your niece’s 7th birthday party to the rope swing stunt that landed you in the neighbor’s yard deserves to be catalogued. Whether it’s documenting nostalgia or street cred, the Looxcie ($199) wearable camcorder is starting a social…

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All American Style

30 Minutes With: Michael Maher of Taylor Stitch

Taylor Stitch, the All-American shirt company based in San Francisco, has never been about New York Fashion Week “seasons” and trends, (and we agree. Real men’s clothing shouldn’t be caught up in the latest Spring/Summer runway presentation). Instead, Michael Maher and his three collaborators who founded Taylor Stitch, pursue genuine quality. “Well-made” is the catchphrase,…

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Vertically Inclined

Wallee iPad Wall Mount

One of the main crutches of all science fiction worlds is the ubiquitous wall-mounted screen. Ranging from the playful ones in the Jetsons, to the utilitarian ones in Star Wars, to the creepy 1984 model, it seems that interactive wall displays are the direction our society is going. Thanks to Steve Jobs though, owning a…

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Hiking? Doubt it. Style? Absolutely

Gant Rugger Hiker Jacket

Good jackets are generally one of two breeds: down-filled marshmallow parkas or lightweight cover-ups for a beach barbecue. Rarely does a man cross paths with a perfect autumn jacket that strikes a balance between the two. The Hiker Jacket from Gant Rugger ($285) is quite possibly the best such garment we have ever seen. Not…

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Corona's Best Friend


Fall may officially be here, but that doesn’t mean we’re all trying to squeeze the most out of the last few weeks of warm weather, and there is no better way to do it than with a lime-topped cerveza. Good thing you won’t need to over pack for the barbeque – just toss a Citrusaw…

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Italian Envy

Glanshirt Madras Shirt

Every so often, a man needs a new shirt. Paralyzed by the jungle-like savagery of the average mall, most men fall back on a few classic brands that we are familiar with – Banana Republic, J. Crew, Polo, etc. While his style is infinitely more on-point, and his wardrobe impeccably tailored, the Italian man is…

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That Smell? A Ninja Just Baked a Cookie

Ninjabread Men

Who says baking can’t be badass? Instead of your run-of–the-mill stars or Christmas trees, imagine showing up at a holiday party with these little guys – cookies with a license to kill. And the decoration options are endless… well, almost endless: red, black and nunchuck. Black frosting never looked appealing until now, but that’s because…

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Tony Hawk Meets Martha Stewart

Street Furniture

Attitude, irreverence and pushing the boundaries are almost synonymous with skate culture. So doesn’t creating furniture whose express purpose is to be skated on seem a bit like playing Pin the Tail on the Donkey sans blindfold? Created by Jurjen Semeijn for Dutch Design week, the Street Furniture exhibit was first showcased at Area Fifty…

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Espresso with an Altitude

GSI Mini Espresso Maker

Fall is just around the corner, which means the ideal backpacking season is about to begin. And part of the challenge of mountaineering is leaving behind civil comforts and routines – like your morning shot. Right? Leave it to Washington-state natives to infuse rugged outdoor sports with a shot of brewed sophistication (and snobbery?): the…

rethink hangers gear patrol
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Don't Leave Your Eco-Conscience Hanging

ReThink Hanger

You won’t catch us driving solar powered scooters or living cut off from the energy grid, but we at Gear Patrol do appreciate an occasional nod to the environment. Especially when it’s a brilliant, simple idea and only costs $7.99 The Rethink Hanger by Chinese designer Xuan Yu is essentially a hook that old plastic…

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Porsche Design P’7000 | Santoku Chef’s Knife

Not satisfied with just stopping with the heart-stopping 911 or dive watch, the F.A. Porsche designed P’7000 Santoku Japanese Chef’s Knife ($108) is the epitome of quality cooking blades, combining the sleek curves that made the Carrera famous, with world-class blade craft. If you’re going to trust anyone to make a good knife, it has…

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Work on the Gold Cost, Literally

J. Rusten California Desk

American patriotism is great, don’t get me wrong, but to those from the golden state, California pride is first and foremost. The California Desk ($4,900) from J. Rusten Furniture Studio is far more sophisticated than hoisting a grizzly bear flag at the office. Not only is it made from a beautiful “curly-grain” Claro Walnut wood,…