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Ahead Phones

Audez’e LCD-2 Headphones

Using planar magnetic technology, essentially a thin-film diaphragm housed between two magnetic structures, and an arsenal of knowledge pooled from a cache of industry sound engineers Audez’e (pronounced “odyssey”) has managed to create what might be the smoothest pair of headphones we’ve ever auditioned. Sure, the Audez’e LCD-2 Headphones ($945) may cost a pretty penny,…

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Captain Show and Tell

Photo Essay | Taking Advantage: 500 Miles in the Aston Martin Vantage S

Saturday, 9:05pm | It’s often said that New York City is one of the world’s worst places to own a car. Between the raging cabbies, soaring parking prices and tousled roads the conditions are enough to beleaguer even the most steadfast owner. Even worse, the past few weeks in New York have been a seasonal…

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Hot Shot

Sony NEX-7

Sony hopes to shift the tide in the war between micro four-thirds technology and mirrorless DSLRs with their newly announced NEX-7. Its 10.3 ounce, magnesium alloy body contains the same 24.3-megapixel Exmor APS HD sensor that has made Sony’s Alpha line of DSLRs the talk of the camera town. Combined with other features like an…

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Street Stormer

BMW Slugger

BMW Motorcycles are refined performance machines, no question about it. What happens when you torque it up to brutal? You get the BMW Slugger, a 200 horsepower two-wheeled juggernaut of a bike that’s propelled by a monster turbo-charged six-cylinder boxer engine. Swedish bike builder Stellan Egeland, who previously bestowed the steampunkish “Harrier” bike upon the…

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Fiat It's Worth

Behind the Wheel: 2012 Fiat 500

With the Italian brand finally making its debut back on US shores, what better time to get behind the wheel for an extended session with the hot new hatch. More than a Smart Car, but less than a Mini, the 2012 Fiat 500 delivers a cache of vintage-inspired looks combined, modern underpinnings and an approachable…

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Paradise...rain or shine

GP Excursion | Pura Vida: 72 Hours in Costa Rica

Glancing down for a moment, my eye caught sight of the orange glow of the speedometer. The readout hovered at 50 km per hour. My head did the rough conversion as a fat drop of rain streaked across the plexiglass visor of my helmet. Things sure felt faster than 30 miles per hour. Then again,…

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Worn and Well Worn

Patina: 1966 Rolex Submariner (ref. 5513)

Author’s Note: It’s no secret we’re all about surfacing the latest and greatest, newest and shiniest gear. But that doesn’t mean we don’t have a healthy respect for careworn, well-made gear from the past. Because in the end, good quality stuff should last a while, perform for years, and become careworn itself. In this era…

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Criminally Stunning

Design Spotlight: Ferrari Xezri Concept

The 2nd prize winner of the 2011 Ferrari World Design Contest, Turin IED graduate Samir Sadikhov of Azerbaijan has created what might be the penultimate modern-day Ferrari design (subjectively, nothing beats an early model Ferrari 250 GT Cabriolet). Designed with “flexible aerodynamics” principles, Sadikhov’s concept proposes a roof mounted rear wing that activates over 125…

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Small Batches and Pretty Bottles

Tasting Notes: Milagro Select Barrel Reserve Reposado Tequila

Milagro makes a full range of quality tequilas – silver, reposado and anejo – each distilled in small batches from 100% blue agave grown in the Jalisco highlands. In addition to the base lineup, Milagro offers its line of Select Barrel Reserve tequilas, which are produced from hand-selected agave meeting specific quality requirements. Milagro Select…

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BBQ Meets the Autobahn

Brennwagen GTX 1500 Grill and Smoker

German engineers have made countless innovations in the automotive world, and hold a reputation as some of the best in the business. The question is, do these technical skills translate to BBQ? Brennwagen is a relatively new company, founded in 2010 by former Formula 1 engineer Florian Wagner. A quick look at his grill’s low…

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River Deep, Mountain High

GP Excursion | Enchanted Valley: 72 Hours in Olympic National Park

Starting a campfire in a rainforest is no easy chore. I summoned up some backcountry knowledge gleaned from watching the Discovery Channel and gathered a handful of “old man’s beard,” the moss that droops Dr. Seuss-like from the limbs of trees. “Good tinder,” I remembered Bear Grylls saying, as I laid a healthy bed of…

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A passion for watches

Timekeeping | Interview: 30 Minutes with Steve Laughlin, Designer of Benarus Watches

The watchmaking business is not for the faint of heart. We’ve showcased a number of niche watches on Gear Patrol, and we’re proud to say that Benarus has been one of them. From their groundbreaking Barracuda, which sold out in a matter of weeks, to their latest creations, the Moray 2 and the Remora 3,…

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Eric Estrada should've been so lucky.

Randolph Engineering Concordes

Built with a heavy dose of human power, Randolph Engineering has been producing honest, premium quality eyewear, frame after frame at their family owned factory in Massachusetts. We’ve spent time with Randolph’s quintessential Aviators, but this time around we walked away even more impressed having had the opportunity to do an inadvertent test of the…

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Pack It In

Goruck Brick Bag

Gear Patrol favorite Goruck has launched their first accessory offering in the form of the Brick Bag. In spite of its misnomer of a name (re: it’s not actually intended for bricks), the Brick Bag is an excellent addition to the Goruck line. Built from the same 1000D Cordura, ballistic nylon, mil-spec webbing and hardware…

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1,000,000 Reasons

Phantom v1610 High Speed Camera

When is too fast, too fast? Never, at least when it comes to cameras. And so we have the Phantom v1610 ($TBA), a widescreen camera that shoots 16,000 frames-per-second at 1280×800 resolution. Whether you want to capture the joys of breaking, shaking or destroying something at high-speed, Phantom cameras rarely disappoint. Of course, if you’re…

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Dispatches and gear reviews from Hawaii's oldest island

Kauai Four-0: 4 Days in Kauai, 4 Gear Essentials

Hawaii has always been one of those places that seems totally wild and far off. Yet, like Lada Gaga, it’s American. So when I was tasked by my better half with finding a summer adventure that didn’t require a subscription to Rosetta Stone and also had a beach, it became abundantly clear that Hawaii was…

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Lock 'n' Load

2011 AEV Wrangler Hemi

Armageddon is just around the corner. Okay, maybe not. But just in case, there are some niche vehicles out there that are up to the task (you know, traversing washed out roads, bludgeoning snowbanks and mowing down zombies). American Expedition Vehicles knows. They just built one such vehicle by outfitting a standard Jeep Rubicon 4×4…

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You'll hate getting it dirty, but love every minute of it.

Test Ride: Cannondale SuperX (Video Essay)

The arcane sport of cyclocross is a mix of mountain biking and steeplechase that was developed in the mid-twentieth century by European road bicycle racers looking for a way to stay in shape in the cold off-season. They would fit knobby tires on their road bikes and race them around muddy, or often snowy, tracks…

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A Time Honored Moving Tradition

All the Bentley’s Men: Bentley Driver’s Club 75th Anniversary (Photo Essay)

Marking the second in-depth post of British marquee Bentley, we’re turning back the clocks nearly a century from our previous post. Tuesday 10am | There’s really nothing quite like seeing 80 years worth of history rumbling its way up to you, but here on a breezy Tuesday June morning we managed to see just that….

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Chairman of the Board

GP x Onia Amaury Board Short

Why is finding a good pair of swim trunks so damn hard? Is it too much to ask for a balance of quality materials, simple design, and fit? After asking ourselves the same questions season after season, we decided to do something about it. So we partnered with the good men at Onia to create…

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Chariot of Fire

Something Bentley This Way Comes: Driving the 2012 Bentley Continental GT

As we mentioned, earlier this summer GP got the chance to dive into the fabled world of Bentley Motors. Immersing ourselves in a century’s worth of motoring history the marquee boasts, we took an in-depth look at everything from Bentley’s bespoke coachbuilding process to an all-access look at Bentley’s factory grounds. And of course, time…

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Dos Caminos

Tenere Motorcycle Expedition Tent

With enough room for you, a companion and your ride, the Tenere Expedition Tent ($399) is easily one of the best motorcycle adventure tent solutions we’ve come across. Developed by the minimalist two-wheeled trekkers at Redverz, the Tenere offers designs specific to motorcycle expeditions. Consisting of two vestibules along with a separate inner-tent, the main…

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Location: 12°15'00

GP Excursion | 7 Days in Paradise: Diving Bonaire (Video Essay)

If there’s one piece of advice I can give first-time visitors to Bonaire, it’s to skip the iguana stew. Maybe it was all the diving I’d done, but feeling adventurous, I ordered the local specialty at Rosie’s Inn in the small town of Rincon. Rosie’s is a café along the dusty, windy road in the…

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Just add water

Design Spotlight: Adhoc Folding Canoe by Ori Levin

Who says canoes can’t stow? The Adhoc Folding Canoe is the creation of designer Ori Levin, which turns an otherwise non-pliable vessel, into a foldable sloop that stashes into a standard sized backpack. Weighing just 9 lbs, the boat is made of a carbon fiber hull wrapped in aramid, a lightweight heat-resistant fabric normally used…

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On July 27th, Celebrate Accordingly

Tasting Notes: National Scotch Day and The Dalmore Cigar Malt Reserve

It’s not that we ever need a reason to drink, but when one presents itself – especially one of such distinction as National Scotch Day – we’re obliged to raise our glass. The origin of this boozy holiday, like most, is shrouded in mystery and probably found life on the cocktail napkin of some marketing…

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Beauty of the Beast

Photo Essay | Sweet Axe O’ Mine: Base Camp X Titanis Axe

Sunday, 6:45pm | If someone were to tell you that swinging an axe is an art form, you might initially think of the actual technique, but there’s also the implement itself. No, not the quick grab at Home Depot, but more so the Paul Bunyan harking metal and steel apparatus designed with a single purpose:…

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Leather. Head.

30 Minutes With: David Munson

Adventure, and the gear you take along for the ride never ceases to enthrall us here at GP. David Munson, CEO of Saddleback Leather Co. is a kindred spirit in that regard. Subsequently, we decided to sit down with him and pick his brain on everything from the best strategies for approaching world travel, to…

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Excellent Timing

Timekeeping: Irreantum Magellan

In 2009, Matt and Courtney Wilson embarked on an effort to create a dive watch that incorporated all the vital aspects of watchmaking that aficionados of niche brands were looking for, albeit at a remarkably affordable price. Hence the birth of the Irreantum Magellan ($545). We had the opportunity to review one recently, and we…

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Circle of Light


If you’ve ditched the camcorder for a DSLR equipped with video then you already know that flash isn’t much much help when it comes to a dark scene, even if you’re packing a fast lens. The Rotolight ($110) remedies that by providing a convenient on-board ring light packed with 48 LED’s that mounts to either…

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Hot 100

Icon 100: A5 Limited Edition

Back in 2008, we introduced you to the first renderings of the revolutionary Icon A5 personal aircraft. Small, light, maneuverable and sleek, it showed what portability and cutting-edge design could look like in a small aircraft. Well, ICON has now released info about the first production run of the Limited Edition ICON 100 A5. The…