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What To See, Read and Hear

This Week in Culture: October 4, 2013

Drive Headed to the UK anytime soon? Here’s something else to see beside the Queen and the Tower of London. It Happened Like This So this guy sends ricin to the President, right, and then tries to frame another dude, an Elvis impersonator who once uncovered a black-market organ harvesting conspiracy while doing janitorial work…

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What to See, Read and Hear

This Week in Culture: September 27, 2013

For the Fashionistas GQ’s Best New Designers, meet Gap. Gap, meet GQ’s Best New Designers. The rum punch is over there, and here’s some money for a cab ride home. We’ll leave you two alone for a while… Portrait of an Artist as a Young Man Before he died, Jean-Michael Basquiat spent seven years producing…

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What to Read, See, and Hear

This Week in Culture: September 20, 2013

Let’s Rock The Arctic Monkeys have been banging around for a while now, and although they’ve showed flashes of genius, nothing has come together quite as well as AM, their fifth studio album. It’s amazing. It’s sublime. And, if you can figure out how to get the falsetto from “Do I Wanna Know?” out of…

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What to Read, See, and Hear

This Week in Culture: September 13, 2013

What’s Popular? Gone are the days when the whole country crowds around their televisions for a single event, rushes to the store to buy a hit record, or floods the box office for the summer’s blockbuster. What does it mean to be popular in a time when everything is available all the time? The New…

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What to Read, See and Hear

This Week in Culture: September 6, 2013

Aerial Fashion by Joseph Ford It’s fashion week here in New York. All the elbow-rubbing and preening aside, a stunning mashup (photo above) has surfaced in the form of aerial photography and fashion by Joseph Ford. No Ordinary Passenger In this op-doc, Cabell Hopkins tells the story of Stan Dibben, a daredevil of a bygone…

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... And we're back

This Week in Culture: August 30, 2013

At the behest of our loyal readers and our own internal editorial auditors, we’re bringing back Briefings. Left to languish for the past several months, Briefings is fresh from “the shoe”: leaner, trimmer and ready for click-open-in-new-tab action. Oh, and it has a snazzy new name: This Week in Culture. From style to science, TWIC…

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The time of your life

Welcome to the New Timekeeping

To those who like timepieces, a watch can be many things: a piece of art, a collectible investment, an accessory to an outfit. But true to our name, we prefer to see watches first and foremost as gear. Whether you’re wearing it to dive with sharks, drive a supercar or get married, it is that portable, reliable companion that keeps the time of your life. These are not objects to keep in a safe deposit box, but rather worn, used and appreciated.

We’ve covered watches here for quite a while, but now, in the same vein as our new series LIMITS and OCTANE, it’s time to formally (re)introduce TIMEKEEPING, a discerning and slightly different take on watches than maybe you get elsewhere.

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The Man Who Shot Osama is Screwed, How to Make a Wall Work, Photos of Mount Everest Gear from 1963, Oral History of Pulp Fiction, and Motivational Articles Suck

The Man Who Shot Osama Bin Laden is Screwed Phil Bronstein reports for Esquire in this riveting tell-all about the Navy SEAL who fired the three shots that killed Osama Bin Laden. Tremendous reading. Bronstein’s account of the government’s failure to help our cherished heroes move on in life is astonishing and frustrating. How…

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The Big Chill

Grinding Nemo: 10 Things to Occupy Your Time

BioLite CampStove Because the only thing better than a camping stove is one that fires up enough juice to charge your iPhone too. Read More » Honda Hybrid Snow Blowers Because you won’t be able to help that shit eating grin as you help clear out your neighbor’s Prius from under a snow drift. Read…

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New York’s Sidewalk Clock, Beat by Dre, How Amazon Could Save the Postal Service, Working From a Park Bench, Charles Dickens and Life in an Old Packard Plant

The Story Of New York’s Sidewalk Clock In lower Manhattan there is a simple clock with a not so simple story. It has been living in the sidewalk ticking for over a century. Steven J. Pulvirent sweepingly reports its story in this long-form piece. Beat By Dre: The Exclusive Story of How Monster Lost…

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23 Year Long Game of Tag, Man’s Guide to the Super Bowl, Joys of an Alaskan Cabin, Inside the Planetarium Projector Museum, Old Man and the Tee, and a 100 Foot Wave

A 23-Year-Long Game of Tag You played tag as a child. You may have even joked around with it in your adolescent years. But now that you’re a grown-ass man, can you recall the last time you actually played tag? These gents can — and they’ve been doing it for 23 years. The Man’s…

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Testosterone, Best Cult Sports Books, How to Watch Two Teams You Hate (and the Hottest Women of the Century), How Much Military is Enough, and Aaron Swartz Through the 21st Century

A Week of Testosterone The ever on-point Art of Manliness dives into a week’s worth of testosterone, covering everything from benefits, know-how and ways to increase the big T naturally. Their in-depth coverage should be atop your reads of vigor. Best Cult Sports Books You read the news, you watch the stats, but how…

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Be Stylish in 31 Days, Coolest Shoe Shop in Hawaii, 11 Things at CES, Hang Gliding Records, Debating the Kilogram and the Grounded Dreamliner

To Hell with Resolutions, Be Better in 31 Days Valet’s fifth annual 31 Days of Style Tips & Tricks is better than ever with enough bite-sized how-to’s to get you on the pages of The Sartorialist. Well, maybe. A definite must-read for you Dapper Dans. This is the Coolest Shoe Shop in Hawaii So…

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Samuel L. on the N-Word, 10 Toughest Motoring Races, BlackJet, Gentleman’s Guide to Karaoke and an Unbelievable Story of Cyberwarfare

Mr. Samuel L on the N-Word In a role reversal, Samuel Jackson asks Jake Hamilton the hard question. The rest is history. 10 Toughest Motor Races in the World Jalopnik answers the question you’ve been asking yourself every morning while moseying up your gravel driveway: “What, really, are the toughest motoring races in the…

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This week, on the internet...

Manly Origins of Cheerleading, Robots, Two Guys Talking, Neil Armstrong’s Gaffe and Self-Acknowledged Narcissism

Manly Origins of Cheerleading What do Dwight D. Eisenhower, Franklin Roosevelt, Ronald Reagan, Jimmy Stewart and Tom DeLay have in common? They were all cheerleaders. Better Than Human Wired’s Kevin Kelly postulates the questions: What would happen if 7 out of 10 Americans were fired tomorrow? What would they all do? With special guest…

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Skip the fruit: overnight these awesome $25 and under gifts

Gift Guide: Last Minute Stocking Stuffers

Filson Oil Finish Travel Tray Put an end to those “have you seen my…” conversations with this Filson Oil finish travel tray, and gain some serious heritage bonus points. $24 Read More » Bike Exif 2013 Custom Motorcycle Calendar Pure. Motorcycle. Porn. From one of the web’s best motorcycle resources online. $26 Read More »…

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This week, on the internet...

Boredom, Visions of Decline, Freaks & Geeks, Office Parties and Live Sports

On Boredom Are you bored? Is a colleague yammering on about his Pinterest account? If yes, go for a walk. If no, continue reading. Psychologists at York University in Canada have developed a unified theory of boredom, which suggest doldrums are caused by a conflict between our inner focus and our environment. Whatever. An…

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Briefings: Random Purchases, Jon Gruden, Writing Lost, the UFC and a Jazz Legend’s Passing

It’s not always easy to rip a theme out of our five Briefings selections. But cool is cool; ditto interesting; ditto unexpected. Randomness and spontaneity: we like these things, and they’re harder and harder to find. Some of the most fun exercises are done without a purpose. Why pigeonhole what you’ll enjoy? Embrace the entropy…

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Briefings: Gift Guides Galore

A cheery wave of holiday gift lists are upon us (we’re partly to blame) — but hey, who doesn’t like some guidance? Life is hard, and so is buying quality presents for the people you care about. Our suggestions? Research thoroughly, sleuth like Sherlock Holmes (“Cashmere? Elementary!”), and never give away the surprise. Oh, and…

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Briefings: De Niro, Bear Scares, Sri Lanka, a Miracle Magician and an American Cycling Legend

You’ve survived the Month of Beef and Bond Week without being grilled or assassinated; now, on to bears, heavy surfing and cycling up majestic mountains. Lucky for you, we’ve done all the work — you’re safe and sound in your comfy computer chair. Don’t worry, it’s more fun than it sounds (and it should sound…

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Briefings: Meeting Family, Caveman Beef, Pint Math, Butchers and WWII Photos

Short and sweet. No, we’re not talking about your first girlfriend or how you like your shopping trips. Our pinnacle of pertness is far, far more important (just like every Briefings). Our theme: more content, less time spent. Reading, that is. History. Dating. Beef. More beef. Sudsy math. Our finds keep it quick, because goddammit,…

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Briefings: Bond Theme, Speaking Scotch, Advice for Advisers, the Boss’s Promise and Louie Takes a Break

The coffee-laden mist rising out of our morning mugs is music to our noses. The cool autumn breeze is music to our jacketed skin. The taste of beef — broiled, fried, chopped or otherwise — is music to our tongues. We’re so happy with melodies of all kinds this week (can you tell?) that we…

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Briefings: Getting Away, Crazy in India, Beer Politics, D.C. Shooter and Nick Offerman on Meat & Life

We like to think of this week’s briefings as a sandwich. An interview with Nick Offerman about meat (and canoeing, and woodworking, and acting) is the meat. An NFL officiating expert demonstrating how to pick life over work is the philosophical meat. Westerners going crazy in India is the intriguing, creepy meat. A shooter’s remorse…

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Briefings: Pop Tops, Opium, Groucho Marx Writes a Letter, British Champagne and Scab Refs

It’s only midweek, and already we’re feeling blue. Why? We love wine, and it appears Al Gore’s nightmare is looming over our favorite form of intoxication (that’s a lie; they’re all our favorite). Worse still, NFL scab refs are ruining our Thursdays, Sundays and Mondays. Luckily, we only sulk lightly; we’ve got the surprisingly recent…

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Briefings: Sites, Salman, Bond Blueprints, Illusion Endangerment and Everest

The ultimate spy compendium, a man hunted by assassins and the mysteries of top-secret theft. We’re only throwing in the best of the internet and what not to do on Everest to remind you that this isn’t a plug for Skyfall. Or is it? No, it’s not. It’s a big and complicated world. We’re at…

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Briefings: Brisket’s Better Brother, Rolex, Chess Cheaters, the A Train and Festbier

The most important excerpt from this week’s Briefings, which we ask that you read if you have time for nothing else: “Perhaps more importantly, did you know that the 18th century Hungarian engineer, Wolfgang von Kempelen, made a phony mechanical chess master to woo Empress Maria Theresa Walburga Amalia Christina of Austria?” But you can’t…

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Briefings: Neil Armstrong’s Photos, Pithouse Playlists, Perfectionism, Surfing NYC, and Meditation

Whenever someone passes it’s a good opportunity to reflect on what we knew about them, what they meant in our lives, and how the world will be different without them. Neil Armstrong’s lesser-known skills, meditations on perfectionism, and meditations on meditation, in this week’s Briefings. It’s a big and complicated world. We’re at tips [at]…

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Briefings: Tony Scott, High-Frequency Trading, Pappy Van Winkle, Mobile Phone Throwing, and the Oglala Lakota

We’re off to Ironman this week. There’s plenty to keep you occupied, though: a great director needs to be mourned, rare bourbon consumed, and mobile phones hurled. All in a days work. It’s a big and complicated world. We’re at tips [at] if you think there’s something we should know about.

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Briefings: Obesity, Barneys Private Label, Facedeals, Huntington Beach, and the Pussy Riot Trial

Off the top of our heads, what’s most important in the world at this very moment is finely tailored menswear, Facbeook surveillance cameras, and three young women standing trial in Moscow. We cast a wide night. We’re doing our best. It’s a big and complicated world. We’re at tips [at] if you think there’s…

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Briefings: Private Languages, Kitajima Kick, Jamaica, 24 Hours with Tim Ferriss, and Finding Ultra

Inevitably, in the wake of big events with major accomplishments, the instinct of writers and reporters is to look for the hidden stories, the secrets of the trade, the explanations for The Way Things Work. Our Briefings this week is roughly about that, both in the Olympics and in things and events more generally. Sometimes…