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Assaulting Batteries? Guilty as Charged.

Mobee Magic Charger

Mac heads are normally a pretty cohesive group — that is until you ask what “magic” product they prefer using. Both the Magic Mouse and Magic Trackpad have their respective advantages, but until recently, dealing with frequent battery changes was an issue for either side. Thanks to the Mobee Magic Charger ($50) the tides have…

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Snow Might

Snow Peak Titanium iPhone 4 Case

Used on everything from the space shuttle (hat tip to you Atlantis) to golf clubs, titanium is an element that requires little explanation. It’s both lightweight and stronger than steel, and here in the form of the Snow Peak Titanium iPhone 4 Case ($120), totally bewitching. The ultra-thin case is made entirely in Japan using…

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Ferdinand's Other Sunday Drive

LaCie Porsche Design Desktop Drives

In the saturated world of hard drives, it’s good to know that LaCie still pursues a goal of creating bewitchingly designed hard drives, even with something as pervasive and everyday as an external hard drive. But, they might have finally reached an apogee with their latest collaboration with Porsche Design. The drives’ telltale design element…

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In, Case

DODOcase for J.Crew for iPad 2

Give your iPad 2 a touch of preppy protection with this collab between J.Crew and DODOcase. Taking the already popular DODOcase, J.Crew has added a touch of their signature style with two combinations of contrasting sailcloth lining and contrasting spine (navy and orange, or grey and blue). And of course the wood and linen case…

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Stick It Like a Polaroid Picture

Twig Pod

If you’ve ever traveled with a tripod you know just how much of a pain they can be. Everything from the odd-sized shape to airport security hassles make them a real turn off for the amateur. Of course, not everyone really wants to shell out hundreds of bucks for an aerospace grade carbon fiber monopod…

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More Space, Same Case

New Apple Time Capsule

After sulking in the corner for the last two years from lack of attention, the Time Capsule ($300-$500) has finally received an update from the loving engineers in Cupertino. Well, sort of. Now the line consists of a 2TB and beefier 3TB model, which are available at the price points of the old 1TB and…

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Cocoon Grid-It Tablet Wraps

Typical sleeve cases go out of their way to stroke the egos of ever-slimming tablets, but they’re pretty much worthless if you need to schlep related accessories. Cocoon’s new Grid-It Tablet Wraps ($25) finally eliminate that compromise by integrating a Grid-It organizing system on top of a neoprene protective sleeve. The result is tablet case…

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Happy Feet

Hard Graft iMac Slipper

The iMac’s sleek stand has one fundamental flaw. Its base lacks feet, which means the chiseled edges mar wood finishes faster than Apple can release new versions. Hard Graft, who we imagine saw the problem first hand, has a solution: the iMac Slipper ($42). Simply slide on the sheath, made of German felt and Italian…

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A touch closer to the real thing

Pix & Stix

The GarageBand app for the iPad 2 showcases the power of Apple’s darling of gadgetdom like few other apps. No matter how visually pleasing, or “delightful” the UI is, though, tapping out beats or virtual picking still just doesn’t feel right to practiced musicians. That’s where Pix and Stixs ($16) can help. Each pack includes…

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Fine Lines

HP x2301 Micro Thin Monitor

Get it straight people. HP’s new x2301 monitor isn’t thin, it’s Micro Thin. What exactly does Micro Thin mean? Well, we’ll skip today’s lesson on redundancy, and just presume it’s a new adjective for describing things measuring 9.8mm (0.39 thick) or less — because that’s how thin the x2301 is. It’s a pretty incredible spec…

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Zone Water Defense

LowePro DryZone 200

There exists a direct correlation between the adversity of a particular situation and the coolness of a photograph. The worse a situation, the better the photo. The problem is, your camera may not be up to snuff and there’s no worse enemy to a camera than water. Moisture or worse, immersion, are total dealbreakers for…

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Blackstone Bags Urban Quiver Camera Case

Blackstone Bags designed their Urban Quiver Camera Bag ($125) to serve as the ultimate day companion for the wandering photog. Unlike the ubiquitous pouches and messenger bag clones that dominate the market, the Quiver’s skinny design compliments the natural length of most camera gear — making it perfect for walking through busy areas. Since the…

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From Clogs to Tablets

Miniot Wood iPad 2 Cover

Were you lucky enough to get a hold of the most talked about tablet since the pair handed down from Sinai? Or perhaps you had the saintly patience to wait for one after pre-ordering from Apple. If so, picking up Minoit’s Real Wood iPad 2 Cover ($70) will guarantee your sleek new gadget doesn’t get…

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Protect Your Baby In Any Bag You Choose

ONA DSLR Camera Insert and Bag Organizer

Professional camera bags are a must for hauling your prized-optics collection from shoot to shoot, but they can be overkill. That’s why the ONA Roma Camera Insert and Bag Organizer ($60) fills such a nice niche. Measuring 10.5L X 7H X 4D, it’s designed to fit inside most medium-sized bags to make sure your camera…

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1990 Meets 2011

iFusion iPhone Docking Station

The idea of making a wireless phone wired is admittedly strange, but nostalgia for the familiar often drives people to do crazy things. The iFusion ($150) is essentially a Bluetooth speaker dock in traditional telephone clothing. Thanks to A2DP Bluetooth streaming, the iFusion can playback both call audio or music over its internal speakerphone. The…

Apple Smart Covers_gearpatrol
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Judge An iPad By Its Cover

Apple iPad 2 Smart Covers

Now that the iPad 2 hysteria has passed — at least until launch day, it’s worth circling back to focus on its companion Smart Covers. Apparently Steve Jobs was upset that the old iPad case hid the beauty of the original iPad’s industrial design, so Apple went back to the drawing board to develop an…

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Because you need proofing from your life

LifeProof iPhone Case

Are you the guy that drops his iPhone every time he turns a corner, and then manages to kick it into a puddle foul of dirty rain water? Are you the guy that can’t even muster up a lousy layup, but when it comes to landing iPhones into beer mugs, you might as well be…

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A far cry from high school

Texas Instrument TI-Nspire CX

A far cry from your high school TI-82 (or for you honors students, the TI-85), the TI-Nspire CX ($165) may. The new TI centers around a new 16-bit 320×240 high-resolution color display with powerful 3D graphing capabilities. A bevy of classroom and lab-centric features and adaptors will also be available including an in-classroom wireless network…

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Mighty lithe

LaCie Little Big Disk Thunderbolt

Let the onslaught of Thunderbolt enabled devices begin. And like clockwork, LaCie is at the head of the pack. The design-drive company’s venerable Little Big Disk (we actually have a couple of these around at GP HQ) will be receiving the Thunderbolt treatment this summer endowing it with workstation-class 10Gbps I/O. Huge audio and video…

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Wonder Twin Powers...

iTwin USB Remote File Access

Technology geeks bring up “the cloud” about as much as Mel Gibson drops slurs on voicemail. When you parse through all the hype and dreaming, though, securely accessing files remotely from any computer you come across isn’t exactly easypeasy yet. Owning an iTwin USB Remote File Access ($99) system can change that — as long…

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Peripheral pairings


If the idea of pairing your Mac’s keyboard and trackpad using wood isn’t your thing, then consider TwelveSouth’s minimalist MagicWand ($29) a suitable alternative. The keyboard and trackpad snap into the MagicWand for left or right hand use, turning the two devices into a single extended keyboard, which we still don’t understand why there’s not…

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Bag Your Shot, Conditions Be Damned

Burton F-Stop Photo Backpack

Burton’s reputation in snowboarding needs no introduction, so we’re sure that the F-Stop photo backpack can meet all of the crazy demands of professional photographers tasked with documenting the acrobatics of legends like Shaun White. Even if you haven’t mastered the skill of shooting while edging down the mountain, the F-Stop bag still looks like…

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Mouse Freely

Logitech Couch Mouse M515

Home theater computer owners take note. If you haven’t already figured out how to turn your smartphone into touch pad mouse, the Logitech Couch Mouse M515 ($50) may be your best back-saving alternative. That’s because it’s designed to work on all manner of surfaces including blankets, cushions, carpets — or even the back of your…

Cisco E4200_wireless_router
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One Route to a Better Connection

Linksys E4200 Wireless-N Router

Wireless router. Now that’s a pair of words completely devoid of sex appeal. Still, that hasn’t stopped Linksys from pushing the design envelope with its dual-band E4200 ($180) wireless router. In fact, on looks alone we’d expect its slick black silhouette to blast out beats from our iPhone. Its real purpose, however, is to deliver…

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Protection, Minus the Bulk

Cocoon Tribeca Digital SLR Sling

Toting around your SLR, a couple of lenses and the multitude of other accessories you need to get your Terry Richardson on can be a bulky proposition. The Cocoon Tribeca ($50) aims to ease your pain. The bag features two main compartments, one for your DSLR and a second to hold up to two additional…

Oliver Camera Strap
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Strapped For Class

Draught Dry Goods Oliver Camera Strap

You spent hours researching it and threw down stacks of cash to get that perfect camera setup. When the gear arrived, you attached the included strap to your rig, stuck your neck through, and immediately realized you’d transformed into Clark Griswold. Now that wouldn’t be so bad if a young Beverly D’Angelo appeared too, but…

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Mount MacKindly

MacMini Backlit Mount

Now that you’ve got your Philips Cinema Display hanging on the wall, what about your Mac Mini turned home theater PC? Well, give it some ambient back-lighting love with a backlit mount. The mount, made of recyclable materials replaces the newer unibody Mac Mini’s stock base without any sacrifices in features or connectivity. Once replaced,…

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Multimedia "Support"

Trtl Bot Stand 4

The iPhone 4’s staggering media power is its greatest asset. Problem is, no one wants to endure arm cramps while catching up on episodes of Mad Men. Trtl Bot’s Trtl Stand 4 ($35) makes iPhone 4 viewing a pain-free experience. It also offer options to support FaceTime and for utilizing your camera’s timer function. The…

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Can stand it

Sieveking Sound Omega Headphone Stand

Those headphones you’ve spent hundreds of dollars on deserve more than a place on your end table or desk. Steam molded from a single piece of wood shaped into the shape of an omega symbol the Sieveking Sound Omega Headphone Stand ($179) is offered in 4 different veneers (walnut, zebrano, cherry and maple), and coated…