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Shot Knox

Beta Shell SLR Lens Cases

Beta Shell SLR Cases ($45-$84) are the most affordable insurance policy out there for those who’ve spent a pretty penny on camera lenses. Their impact-resistant ABS exteriors are water-tight thanks to a heavy duty EPDM O-ring seal and will protect your glass from the elements, while a 1.5-inch layer of visco-elastic memory foam and 2mm…

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Dark and handsome

Killspencer iPad Case

Killspencer is one of those brands we like to cover here on Gear Patrol. You know, a brand and story that you can’t get enough of the moment you set eyes on one of their products. Started by Spencer Nikosey in 2009 and based in Pasadena, CA, the brand has a growing collection of great…

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Traditionally Modern

Colonel Littleton + Griffin iPad Cases

Somewhere at the crossroads of Americana and technology two very different companies based around Nashville decided to have a cup of coffee and brainstorm about the iPad. The result? A small collaboration of iPad cases by heirloom-grade leather goods maker Col. Littleton and popular gadget accessory brand Griffin Technologies. The iPad cases are signature Col….

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Keep It Together Men

Pack & Smooch Leicester and Soay iPhone Wallets

Men today normally have two things on them at all times: their wallet and phone. Since there’s no need to tote your full George Costanza everywhere you go, the German artisan brand Pack & Smooch has devised a series of great looking iPhones cases to free up some much needed pocket space. The Leicester ($51),…

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Strong and slender protection for your iPhone 4

iPhone Got Back

The glass back on the iPhone 4 is a work of art, no doubt about it. The only problem is that it’s also a bit fragile. There’s plenty of cases out there, but they can be bulky and take away from the clean lines of the phone. Why not replace it with something cooler and…

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Because Details Make The Man

MS & Co. Selvedge Denim Sleeve Collection

Image, courtesy of our friend, photographer and fashion blogger William Yan. Be sure to check out his site: If we’ve learned anything from our investigations of the world of men’s style — it’s that the details leave the most lasting impressions. That doesn’t mean simply going against the grain is a golden ticket to…

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Industrial design tastiness

Kickstarter: TikTok+LunaTik Watch Kit

Our obsession with products and projects funded on Kickstarter has grown from a peripheral hobby to an all-out obsession. In fact, we’re starting an informal series of posts highlighting the projects we’re observing and/or pitching some dough into, like The Glif. Our latest mini-investment (disclosure: $150) is the TikTok+LunaTik Watch Kit, the coolest watch-conversion of…

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Flash Gordon

LaCie FastKey USB 3.0

The LaCie FastKey isn’t some plain ol’ flash drive you picked up as a conference tchotchke. The USB 3.0 enabled hot stick is capable of 260MB per second data transfer to its aluminum enclosed solid state drive that’s protected by full AES 256-bit password-based encryption. How fast is it in the real world, you ask?…

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Fractals will cower with fear

Nvidia Quadro 4000 for Mac

Are your job tools less hammer and nail, more Maya and MathWorks? Do you have nightmares of Photoshop status bars and history cache? Is your day’s productivity counted in fractals rendered? Well, if you’re a Mac Pro user then your graphics card has landed. The insanely fast Fermi architecture based NVIDIA Quadro 4000 ($1,200), not…

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Treat Your Gadgets Right

Carga Sleeve Collection

We’ve covered plenty of great iPad cases in the past, but often where there’s an iPad, there’s also other Mac products. While some case lines offer matching iPhone or MacBook accessories to go with your iPad, finding one that has all three isn’t always easy. This Carga Sleeve Collection ($100-$200) has solutions for all of…

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Mighty & Mini

OWC Mercury Elite-AL Pro Mini 500GB

Remember in college when you were cutting edge with a laptop with the Intel Celeron processor, a Zip drive, and a magical 256KB thumb drive? Just like drunken mornings, pleated khakis and boy bands, those days are gone (mostly). In a world of 1080P HD video, 16 megapixel cameras and music libraries running wild, storage…

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Bring Your Gear, Ditch the Bulk

Naneu Sahara 217F Camera Bag

The Naneu Pro Sahara 217F ($114) is an ideal carry-on solution for camera enthusiasts frequently on the go. Made from water-resistant Kodra, the bag is designed to be both compact and ergonomic while still including space for critical camera gear as well as a 17″ laptop. Don’t go thinking that it’s just like every other…

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Felt So Good

Hard Graft XIII Macbook Air Sleeve

Hot on the heels of the new MacBook Air, Hard Graft has released a variant of the XIII Macbook Sleeve ($95). Designed to sheath your ever-so-slim piece of Apple hardware in glorious felt the 100% wool case keeps true to HG’s minimalist design with small leather accents and branding. Buy Now: $95

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Wrist Pod

Incipio Linq for iPod Nano

Be the first of your friends to rep the Incipio Linq ($25). A combination of part wristwatch and the 6th generation iPod Nano, the Linq is set to drop Mid October and provides a rugged, yet elegant carrying option for those desiring an active lifestyle with a simple storage option for their iPod. Composed of…

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One Big NAS Drive

Seagate BlackArmor NAS 440 12TB Storage Server

Network Accessible Storage used to be something only businesses needed to pay attention to. As the Napster turned BitTorrent generation continues to age though, the need to back up and maintain enormous libraries of digital photos, music, and videos has become much more of a mainstream consumer concern. That’s why storage brands like Seagate continue…

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A Different Kind of Apple Wood

Combine Collective Black Walnut Keyboard Trays

Like Apple but looking for a more natural look? Check out Combine Collective’s Black Walnut Keyboard Trays ($64-$79). They also work well for those of you who start twitching when their separate wireless peripherals start to scatter (att: Eric Yang). Made in Vancouver, Canada from whole and solid-joined sustainable hardwoods harvested in North America, Combine…

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Q Would be Proud

Timbuk2 Q Laptop Backpack

Sometimes less is more, and backpack design is no exception. Try finding one for your laptop that holds plenty of gear while not looking like part of an intergalactic space suit with enough straps and pockets to confuse Stephen Hawking. Introducing the new Timbuk2 Q Laptop Backpack ($100). It’s a bit more budget-conscious than the…

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Dead Zones Be Damned

Netgear Universal Wi-Fi Range Extender

Wireless internet is no longer a luxury, it’s a necessity. If you’re paying for internet service, then expecting to have full Wi-Fi coverage throughout your home or business shouldn’t be too much to ask. Unfortunately, unless you shelled out some serious dough for your wireless router, you’ve probably become all too familiar with Wi-Fi dead…

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Speakers You Won't Have to Send to ColorWare

Edifier Aurora 2.1 Speakers

As much as you want to imagine someone handing one of those gleaming rainbow tubes off to Usain Bolt, they’re really 2-inch magnetically sealed subwoofers that come as part of the Edifier Aurora 2.1 Speaker System ($76). Now sold in nine different color patterns with comic book names like Liquid Silver, Luminous Yellow, and Stormy…

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Ostendotech CRVD 43″ Curved Display

If the idea of owning a ludicrously big monitor is something you’d consider “luxury” then consider the Ostendotech CRVD Curved Display ($6,500) 100% pure excess. Distinguished by a 43″ diagonal viewing area and 2880×900 resolution, Ostendotech states that the CRVD’s seamless curved screen engages 75% of human peripheral vision, for an unmatched enveloping effect. Thanks…

Just Mobile UpStand
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Just Mobile UpStand Apple iPad Stand

The Just Mobile UpStand ($50) is the perfect accessory for those of you who just(ified) buying an iPad to your wallet on the premise that you really needed it to replace that netbook. That’s because its solid aluminum frame is the right height for desktop use and can hold your precious tablet in either landscape…

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Enclose Your iPad with GP Approved Cases

25 Best iPad Cases

There are few greater ironies on this earth than buying a super sleek gadget like the iPad only to let the fear of scratching or damaging it cause us to mummify them in cases, sleeves, et al. Since we’re doubtful the trend will change or relent anytime soon though, we’ve scoured our offices, the web,…

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Happy Fingers

Apple Magic Trackpad

Apple is bringing the, um, “magic” of the Apple laptop multi-touch trackpad to a Mac desktop near you. The Apple Magic Trackpad ($69) supports full gesture control. Swiping, flipping, inverting, inertial scrolling, momentum, caressing, cooing, and hugging have all made it to the Magic Trackpad including features like the smooth, wear-resistant glass surface that’s 80…

wooden ipad dock
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A Vote for Simplicity

Wooden Desktop iPad Cradle

The tendency to over complicate things (and over price) is a common problem in the world of technology accessories. That’s why we loved this Wooden Desktop iPad Cradle ($18). Hell, they didn’t even bother to give it a name. Designed to hold your iPad at a 18° for display purposes, or at 45° as a…

blue lounge cable clips
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Manage Your Machines

Blue Lounge Cable Clips

Gadgets are great and all, but for every device you own, there’s usually a cable somewhere that needs to be managed. Duct tape and twist ties are certainly excellent options in a clutch for battling the birds nests of wires that form under your desk or bloat your carry on luggage, but if you’re looking…

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Data Brutality Prevention

LaCie XtremKey

Not all USB drives are created equally. Most are relegated to being generic tsotchkes handed out at conventions, but on the other hand you have the LaCie XtremKey ($50+) which offers industrial-grade data protection. With a pipe-shaped casing constructed of Zamac (an alloy of zinc, aluminum, magnesium, and copper) that’s brawny enough to laugh at…

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Stick to your Mac

Macbook Bros & Macbook Mos

You know what that svelte, sleek MacBook needs? It needs hair. Actually, it needs hair and a mustache. Well, the creative folks at Herraiz Soto & Co in Barcelona, Spain have got the fix: Stick with me, baby! stickers. Whether you want to Bro or Mo your Macbook (Pro) they’ve got some genius sticker options…

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Some have Steel. Some have Leather.

Saddleback Leather iPad Sleeve

Yes, it conveniently fits an iPad with near-perfection, but the Saddleback Leather iPad Sleeve/Gadget Pouch ($55) isn’t necessarily just for tablet-sized devices from a fruit-named company. The sleeve also fits a small DSLR, camcorder, papers, power supplies, pens, or what have you. Constructed of thick full grain leather (tobacco, carbon black, chestnut, or dark coffee)…

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Landlubbers Will Shiver Their Timbers With Camera Envy

Light & Motion Bluefin Underwater Video Housing (w/Video)

There are few places more worthy of high-definition video than the underwater world. Sure, photos are great. But SCUBA diving is such a dynamic, otherworldly experience that still photography has always seemed a bit two-dimensional as a means to convey the experience to landlubbers or to re-live adventures back home. Coral reefs teem with thousands…

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A Felt Case That Doesn't Require a Mortgage

Sleeve by Nedrelow

Like the look pioneered by Hardgraft but don’t think paying $100+ is worth it for an iPad case? Then the Sleeve ($29) might be just the tablet accessory you’ve been waiting for. Made from 100% 3mm German-made wool felt, the Sleeve is designed to fit snugly around your precious new gadget and look good while…