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Dennis Hopper Photographs_1961-1967_gp
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The 60's From a Man in the Thick of It

Dennis Hopper: Photographs 1961-1967

We’re all aware of Dennis Hopper the actor and director. You may not know though that the man carried a camera everywhere he went too — and unlike hipsters snapping shots of bicycles and alleyways — Hopper was privy to, if not the instigator of, some pretty ridiculous situations. Dennis Hopper: Photographs 1961-1967 is a…

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An unrelenting read

Matterhorn: A Novel of The Vietnam War

Probably one of the greatest books you’ve never read, Matterhorn ($15) takes place during the tumultuous era of the Vietnam War. Reviewed by Amazon as one of the best books of 2010, this novel grips you from the start and will have you utterly engrossed in a story that could easily have been true. Karl…

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Creative Inspiration, Minus the Hangover

Minibar for the Mind

Hunter S. Thompson clearly had his own idea of what a proper minibar of the mind contained, and preferred carrying his version in a briefcase. For The School of Life and the Morgan’s Hotel Group, though, that name refers to a custom-made box designed to provide guests with a “midnight feast” of inspiration. Inside, buyers…

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Sporting chances

Scorecasting: The Hidden Influences Behind How Sports Are Played and Games Are Won

The sports world is probably responsible for half of the world’s clichés. Fans, athletes, and coaches just love to boil everything down to one catch phrase out of fear that our feeble minds are only capable of processing things muttered in one huddled breath (which admittedly may very well be the case with Mike Tyson)….

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A Tribute to Ping-Pong

Everything You Know is Pong

Ping pong or Table Tennis for you highbrow types triggers memories for different people (Bangkok’s “ping-pong shows” not withstanding). Famous fans of the sport include everyone from Fidel Castro, Sasha and Malia Obama, to Henry Miller, and anyone who can recall a middle school history class should remember the term “ping-pong politics”. For the authors…

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What if there was no future?

Ghost Country by Patrick Lee

Following up his head spinning, stomach churning debut novel, The Breach, author Patrick Lee has once again turned our world on its ear. The clandestine group known only as Tangent has a device of ah, “unknown origin” that opens a portal to the future. Problem is, all of humanity has been wiped out. Now it’s…

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Care for some light reading?

Penguin Classics Library Complete Collection: 1000 of the Greatest Classics

Bring home half a century worth of literary treasures with the Penguin Classics Complete Library ($13,400). Originally released in 2005, the trove of books has evolved to include 1,082 titles (the image above includes some of our personal favorites), which accounts for nearly half a million pages worth of reading. Weighing in at 700 spine…

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The humorist speaks again

Autobiography of Mark Twain

For an anyone of importance to declare that their autobiography be left unpublished for 100 years so he can be “dead, and unaware, and indifferent” requires a considerable pair of literary cojones. If there’s one person that could pull it off and still remain pertinent, it’s the national treasure Mark Twain. 2010 marks the 100th…

Colonel Roosvelt Gear Patrol
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"Never throughout history has a man who lived a life of ease left a name worth remembering." - T. R.

Colonel Roosevelt by Edmund Morris

Colonel Roosevelt ($20) is the last and final installment of a trilogy of biographies written by Edmund Morris detailing the life of one of America’s greatest presidents and men. If you haven’t read the other titles which include the Pulitzer Prize-winning The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt and Theodore Rex, we would encourage you to start…

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Don't Try These Shots at Home

Unexpected: 30 Years of Patagonia Catalog Photography

Outdoor lovers are well aware of Patagonia as a brand, and have probably spent plenty of time browsing through the companies unique and decidely epic catalogs. Unexpected: 30 Years of Patagonia Catalog Photography ($49) is compendium of over 100+ images submitted by customers and professional wilderness photographers over the last 30 years (of which they…

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If His Albums Were the Blueprint, Consider this the Drafting Table

Decoded by Jay-Z

Hip-hop may not be for everyone, but that hasn’t stopped Jay-Z from becoming a household name. Though his rise to fame stems through rapping, Mr. “I’m not a business-man. I’m a business…man” has earned praise from plenty of those outside the game, including Warren Buffet. So when a mind like that puts its attention towards…

The Essential New York Times Cookbook- Classic Recipes for a New Century gear patrol
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All the Food That's Worthy to Print

The Essential New York Times Cookbook: Classic Recipes for a New Century

Cookbooks may not be the first thing you’re looking to whip out your wallet for, but having few around is certainly something we’d recommend. Especially if you hope to pull off a home-cooked meal at some point to prove your not completely worthless. Luckily, New York Times food columnist Amanda Hesser has put together a…

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Barnes & Noble Gives E-Ink the Boot

Nook Color from Barnes & Noble

Definitely not an e-reader, and not quite a full-fledged tablet, the newly announced Barnes and Noble’s Nook Color ($250) blends an interesting mix of features that could change the current landscape of gadgets vying to replace your laptop, paperbacks, and magazines.

Keith Richards book cover Life
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Because Jack Sparrow Isn't Always a Reliable Source

Life: Keith Richards’ Memoir

Few people on the planet have ever epitomized rock and roll like Keith Richards. That’s one of the reasons why his long-awaited memoir Life ($16) is a must read. Filled with Keith’s surprisingly crystal clear recollections about the genesis of classics like “Ruby Tuesday” and “Gimme Shelter”, consider it a rare look into the special…

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Learn More About the Directors You Love

Masters of Cinema Series

The Masters of Cinema Seriesare essential introductions to the world’s most renowned directors. Each book is written by contributors to the famous Cahiers du Cinéma magazine, and feature over a 100 images of film stills, set photographs, and posters — many of which have never been seen. Organized chronologically, film lovers can also read brief…

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The Beginning

American Assassin by Vince Flynn

In American Assassin ($15), the 12th effort from #1 New York Times, best selling author Vince Flynn takes his signature character, Mitch Rapp (think Bourne but cooler) back to the beginning of his career, before he was a reaper of death feared all over the world. After the tragic loss of a loved one to…

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A Worthy Sequel

The Making of Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back

After several postponements, The Making of Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back ($51) has finally been released. Author J.W. Rinzler has surpassed his previous work with this edition, and like the movie it chronicles, it’s even better than the first. The 362 page book is packed with everything a casual or avid fan could ask…

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What Animators Create in Their Spare Time

Moonshine: DreamWorks Artists…After Dark!

There’s no doubt that the creative minds behind blockbuster feature animations like Kung Fu Panda, The Lord of the Rings Two Towers, and Finding Nemo are incredibly talented. But, do you ever find yourself wondering how these artists use their skills when they’re not doodling Scottish ogres? Reading Moonshine: Dreamworks Artists… After Dark! ($14) is…

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Why Mock One Country When You Can Take On The World?

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart Presents Earth: A Visitor’s Guide to the Human Race

Earth: A Visitor’s Guide to the Human Race ($15) is like Jon Stewart’s previous book America (The Book), except, instead of ripping on the good ol’ US of A, The Daily Show has the entire planet in their irreverent and witty sights. Filled with page after page of hilarious infographics mocking just about every aspect…

Cult movie Quote Book
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Because Somebody Already Probably Said It Best

Cult Movie Quote Book

Feeling like your title as resident movie expert is in doubt? Then a quick read through a copy of the Cult Movie Quote Book ($10) should help you set the record straight. Filled with quotes from must see films like Easy Rider, Taxi Driver, Alfie, and the original Italian Job, it’s a perfect gift for…

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Better, Badder, Guidebook

Rough Guides

For some, a vacation is supposed to be an adventure, and nothing’s worse than realizing you’ve spent your hard-earned dough and precious holiday time in a tourist trap. That’s why Rough Guides were developed. If you’re looking to go off the beaten path, these guides are the perfect travel companion for a news and picture…

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Vino's Best Friend

Winery Dogs of New York

Finally, a book that celebrates two of our favorite things: wine and dogs. Photographers Andrea Jacoby and Marjorie Adams recently published Winery Dogs of New York ($40), the fourth and latest edition in a collection of books about dogs that work and play at wineries. The vino-loving, canine-adoring couple visited over 70 New York State…

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It's Biblical

Ministry of Top Gear Presents: The Alternative Highway Code

The absurdist humor of the Brits is the stuff of Pythonic legend, and it lives on in the pages of this brilliant piece of literature: Britain’s traditional traffic handbook as reinvented by the boys of Top Gear. Filled with unbridled sarcasm, general silliness, and automotive expertise, you need only peruse the index to find page…

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Operation Red Wings and the Life of Lt. Michael P. Murphy, US Navy Seal

Seal of Honor

Though the expression is cliché, the freedom that we enjoy in America has always come at a high price. Gary William’s biography of Navy SEAL Lt. Michael P. Murphy, posthumous recipient of the Medal of Honor, Silver Star, and Purple Heart, is a meditation on the sacrifice and dedication exhibited by those who have served…

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Eyesores, Eye Wonders, and Everything In Between

Modern Architecture A-Z

$60 By Kevin Zack

Four Fish_border
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Because It's No Longer Just a Past Time

Four Fish: The Future of the Last Wild Food

Whether you’re aware of it or not, there’s a growing debate in the U.S. over food. Led by writers like Michael Pollan, the so-called “Food Movement” questions America’s dietary habits and the production practices we’ve adopted to sustain them. In a similar vein, the New York Times seafood writer (yes they actually have one on…

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Because Great Style Arrives by Knowledge

Style and the Man by Alan Flusser

Alan Flusser, author of recognized men’s style books and permanent member of the International Best-Dressed List (yes, there’s a list for that), has recently published his most recent book, Style and the Man ($10). Essentially an abridged variation of Dressing the Man, The Art of Permanent Fashion (a general reference resource at Gear Patrol), continues…

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Baby Back Ribs Got Book

BBQ 25 by Adam Perry Lang

If you enjoy BBQ in any form whatsoever it’s imperative you own BBQ 25 by Adam Perry Lang. Lang, a classically French-trained chef is a modern-day BBQ savant. His words are simple, his methods foolproof. The results, incomparable. Here, Lang’s collection are 25 of the most popular BBQ recipes and used in 95% percent of…

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Get Your Doc Brown On

The Best of Make

D.I.Y.ers, builders, geeks, mechanics, wood workers, and all around fiddlers aren’t the type who normally need an excuse to find something to do. In the rare instance that your creation queue is dwindling though, picking up a copy of The Best of Make ($24) should keep you busy for at least a week or two….

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Priceless: How I Went Undercover to Rescue the World’s Stolen Treasures

The world of high stake, high-profile theft has been glamorized by Hollywood for decades. But what is it actually like? Priceless: How I Went Undercover to Rescue the World’s Stolen Treasures ($15) is a look back on the career of Robert K. Wittman who is the founder of the FBI’s Art Crime Team and has…