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A Revolution In The Way You Buy Clothes

Trunk Club

In a perfect world, every business deal would close, every workout would yield visible results, and everything we wore would draw men’s respect and women’s phone numbers. But all those things take time and, in a perfect world, we’d have more of that, too. Well, the folks at Trunk Club are taking us one step…

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Now Featuring: "The Awesome Bar"

Firefox 3.5

50%. That’s the percentage of Gear Patrol readers who use Firefox to read the crew and our readers’ glorious articles and posts. That’s a hefty portion. If you’re specs obsessed like me, then you care about everything from dimensions, to manufacturing processes, to performance, so why skimp when it comes to your web browsing? Firefox…

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Not Chandler's Search Engine

Having used Google for as long as I remember “searching for stuff,” I’ve come to know the various in’s and out’s of its essential searching capabilities (looking up “definitive men’s resource,” notwithstanding). But as you and I continue to satiate our desire for new and improved gear, perhaps it makes sense to do so in…

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Be a Better Man in 30 Days | Day 16: Know How to Manage Your Online Identity & Image

By now, everyone has heard the stories. A guy interviews for a job, asks the right questions, provides perfect answers, and knocks the whole affair right out of the park. Unfortunately, he doesn’t get the position. That’s because a quick online investigation by the hiring HR department unearthed countless strikes against him. Facebook photos of…

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The Department of Productivity Called...

Hulu Desktop

Don’t lie. You catch up on episodes of Lost and The Office at work. It’s okay, we do too. Well, Hulu’s schemes to “turn your brains into mushy mush mush” are getting a boost with the new Hulu Desktop Application. Hulu is calling Hulu Desktop a lean-back viewing experience for your PC. It’s got an…

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Music That Transcends Borders and Beliefs

Playing For Change

Gear Patrol hasn’t previously published many posts like this, but maybe its time we start doing more so because some things are just worth sharing. On a recent trip out to Los Angeles, I was having lunch on the Santa Monica Promenade and couldn’t help but notice that there was a talented street musician emphatically…

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See also: What the Heck is a Tweet?

What The Hell is Twitter and Why Should I Care?

In way of full disclosure, I’ll start by saying that I harbor a mild Twitter addiction.  I’m a fairly new user to the service, and I joined up under relentless pressure encouragement from a friend. Before signing up, I peppered him with questions like, “What is Twitter?” and “Why should I care?” He didn’t have…

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Never Forget Your Umbrella Again

Umbrella Today?

If you ever get to know me, you should know that I am unabashed in my lack of rain preparation – oft by choice. My argument is that I’m a quandary of mankind. I relish the Scotch mist, but admittedly walking a mile+ to work in rain does not make for passable office attire. Oh,…

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One Season

Tired of beating your buddies in your annual Fantasy Football league or looking for the excitement of March Madness twelve months a year? Check out One Season. Why? Because, LeBron is probably a better bet than your 401k right now. combines two of my favorite things: fantasy sports and free markets. It’s an online…