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Here's a Table You Might 'Fall' For

SIDD Domino Table

By Gear Patrol Reader Demitri Rusel: Designer Chris Pritchard of SIDD Fine Woodworking has created an instantly iconic piece in his Domino coffee table. The inspiration is as obvious as the name, but the treatment is both intelligent and elegant. Each of these intriguing tables is hand built by a single craftsman over a period…

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Full-Fledged Organic Duds at a Discount Price

Loomstate for Target

Organic is everywhere. It’s the buzz word of late. There’s organic milk, organic shampoo, organic beer, and now there’s organic cotton, but it’s not actually new. Some background: organic cotton has actually been around since 1990, when a group of Egyptian scientists convinced their government to convert land from the traditional practices of cotton farming…

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Look Good and Be Kind to Your Mother

Green Fashion: More Than Just a Color

Some say that green is the new black. Though history has proven that style trends leave as quickly as they arrive (sometimes thankfully, and sometimes not), eco-fashion has proven that it’s got the chops to stick around. So, in continued recognition of Earth Day, I’ve spoke with four fashion pioneers who are focused on making…

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Your Camping Stove Is About To Have Some Serious Competition

Lehr Eco Trimmer

The brand new Lehr Eco Trimmer is the world’s first bit of propane powered lawn care equipment. I, for one, hope that it won’t be the last. Read on to get my hands-on take on the Eco Trimmer’s impressive performance.

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The Most Energy Efficient Flat Panel HDTV Ever

Samsung UN46B7000 LED Green HDTV

Until OLED really takes off in the consumer market, LED backlit LCD screens (yes that’s what these TVs are, not LED TVs) like the Samsung UN46B7000 will be riding the cutting edge of HDTV technology. That’s because screens of this type have several advantages over their normal LCD & Plasma based brethren. First, their size….

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10 Simple Suggestions To Keep It Green

We’d like to think that most of the recent changes you’ve seen here at Gear Patrol have been decidedly for the better. As a part of our continued evolution, you can expect to see us expand our coverage of all things green. In fact, that coverage starts right now. So, in honor of St. Patrick’s…

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Enlightened lighting

SolLight LightCap 200

It’s great that so many products are trying to be “green” these days, but it’s especially nice when there’s a convergence of green and practical. SolLight takes a noble idea – solar power – and puts it to smart use with its LightCap 200. The LightCap 200 turns any of those ubiquitous wide-mouth water bottles…

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Prius Deluxe?

2010 Lexus HS 250h

Ages ago, I remember driving my family’s white 1992 Lexus ES300. My excitement for simply driving as a Tennessee permit holder masked the car’s utter blandness and miserable driving dynamics. I soon realized the car was a sleeper… literally, it just slept. This summer, Lexus is unveiling a decidedly ‘cheaper’ hybrid. Dubbed the Lexus HS250h,…

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Black & Decker Power Monitor

Now You Know… And Knowing Is Half The Battle Being the savvy, well-educated Gear Patrol technophile that you are, you’ve certainly noticed that one of the most consistent wallet wasting trends of recent months has been the steady increase in energy costs across virtually all geographies and power utilities. Whereas this lowly commentator prefers to…

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Paperwork Recycled Storage Basket

Paper Basket? Recycled paper as a storage basket. Clever. The Paperwork Recycled Storage Basket from Mocha comes with a purposed design: to banish clutter. Not a new concept, I know. Rather, the unique premise of this storage basket comes from the fact that it’s made from recycled rolls of magazines, something I come into contact…

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Honeywell Programmable Thermostat

Being Green = Making Green One of the single greatest ways to save money is controlling your home’s energy usage. The average household spends $2,000-$3,000 over the course of a year on energy bills. With a simple $50 investment and an hour of your time, you can save hundreds of dollars each year with a…

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Voltaic Backpack

Charged Up, Eco-Style You can’t exactly plug your iPod into the nearest tree. Ahhh, the great outdoors. There’s nothing like the fresh air and open spaces that Mother Nature provides. The GP crew spend a lot of time outside, but as you can tell, we’re also gadget freaks and that poses a dilemma. Where do…

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Brunton Solaris i6 Foldable iPod Charger

There are some things in this world we just can’t be without. An iPod is one of them. Here in New York, I find being without my iPod actually makes me irritable. Want to make sure that it’s got juice wherever your adventure takes you? Well, so do the guys at Brunton. Their Solaris i6…

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Sigg Water Bottle

Feather-light aluminum is the basis for the Sigg water bottle: a high performance alternative to plastic water bottles for sport and leisure. The body of the bottle is extruded form a single piece of seamless pure aluminum with a taste-neutral internal coating. The screw top features an integrated seal that is leak-proof, even for carbonated…