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To the winner goes the coffee machine

#GPCoffee Contest Winner

Good news: Based on the overwhelmingly positive response to the Fortnight of Coffee, we’ve decided to extend it another six months. Ah, just kidding. We received more than 400 photos in response to our Show Us Your Coffee contest: latte art, morning espresso pulls, campfire percolators, an espresso mint mojito, a crazy lego piece, delicious-looking pancakes, many remarkable pour-over kits and even a few oddballs. So… who won the damn thing?

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Get 'em in while you can

Show Us Your Coffee Contest Ends Sunday

The Show Us Your Coffee Contest ends Sunday. Read on to hear the rules and details.

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We need your help, Coffee-heads

Contest: Show Us Your Coffee, Win a Bonavita Thermal Coffee Maker

If you haven’t been snoozing, you know we’re right in the midst of a Fortnight of Coffee, our two-week study of addiction that life-affirming beverage. But we can’t do it alone. Too much caffeine. Not enough time. Loved ones troubled by our shaking hands and fast-talk gibberish. So we’ve got a proposition, the net-net of which involves a shot at a Bonavita BV1800TH Coffee Maker: Thermal (pictured right). That’s enough brewing power to go from take-out dweeb to caffeinated honcho faster than you can say, “coffee is for closers only.”

Specifically, we’re looking for you to snap photos of your daily coffee experience and send them our way. What works: your home coffee maker or setup, favorite coffee beans, the cute barista at your local coffee house, the cup of Joe on your daily subway commute, the Probat parked in your garage, mind-blowing latte art, even a regular old cup of black coffee at the diner. What doesn’t work: tea.

To enter, simply hashtag photos on Instagram or Twitter with #GPcoffee and include @gearpatrol in your comment so we can find you (follow us while you’re at it). Or just email shots from your phone or computer to coffee [at] If you need a little inspiration, check out some submissions from our Show Us Your Beef contest.

Throughout the Fortnight, we’ll be sharing coffee photo submissions on GP, and we’ll announce a winner on Twitter the first week of March. The winner gets the official title of Brewmaster along with the Bonavita. What are you waiting for? Fire up the camera app and show us the crema.

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Reminder: Last Day to Win a Set of Mizuno JPX-800 Irons Giveaway

Just posting all you gentlemen a reminder that this weekend is your last chance to enter the Mizuno JPX-800 Irons giveaway package (over a $1,000 worth of gear, in case you were wondering). Get all the details on how to enter here.

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Iron clad performance

Mizuno JPX-800 Irons (Win This!)

When it comes to the best irons in golf, there are few quite like a set of Mizunos. As their newest, most aggressive move into the highly sought-after game improvement category (think: what most all of us need/use), the Mizuno JPX-800 Irons ($699-$899) might just well be their best yet. Long known as the “better…

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Music was his religion.

West Coast Seattle Boy: The Jimi Hendrix Anthology (Sponsored)

Elaborate box sets for many rock and roll legends boil down to repackaging the same music you already own. West Coast Seattle Boy ($55) doesn’t suffer from the same shortcomings, since it isn’t a collection of existing albums at all. Instead, fans of Jimi will discover 45 previously unreleased live studio recordings that include demo…

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Tweet Your Team Pride | Win 1 of 5 FLO TV’s!

As you know by now, our man Bradley Hasemeyer is on a mission to check out some of the biggest games in college football this season and award the most bodacious tailgaters with a grip FLO TV’s. Since we’re only hitting five games this year, we didn’t want to leave our faithful readers out of…

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Four's a Company

Ralph Lauren Big Pony Cologne Set (Win This!)

Tired of smelling like your deodorant, or just had enough of that same bottle of cologne your girlfriend bought you for your 21st birthday? Well then consider today upgrade day. Polo sent over a complete set of their new Big Pony Cologne for one lucky GP reader. For the math challenged, that’s four separate bottles…

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Giveaway! | SeeMore DB4-CS Gunmetal Putter ($295)

SeeMore Putters, maker of incredible putting machinations like the SeeMore DB4-CS Gunmetal Putters ($295) shown above is giving Gear Patrol readers a chance to win their very own custom putter, complete with individualized lie, loft, shaft length, etc. The black satin finished precision milled carbon steel DB3-CS putter is virtually guaranteed to cause a stir…

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Giveaway | 3x $100 Nautica Gift Cards

Update: This giveaway has ended. See the winners here. Nautica has kindly provided Gear Patrol a trio of $100 gift cards to get you geared up this summer and just in time for Father’s Day. Per our usual, entry is a breeze… of the ocean variety. Just visit Nautica Men’s, pick out an item you…

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Winner! | Sony Water Resistant Walkman NWZ-W250

Thanks to all who entered our recent Sony Walkman giveaway. Unfortunately, we can only make the water resistant dreams of two lucky random readers who entered come true, so congratulations to Adam Yates and Jeff (doing the Ironman Coeur d’Alene). We hope you’ll both enjoy the sweet rewards of Gear Patrol readership. Drop us a…

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Giveaway | Sony Water Resistant Walkman NWZ-W250

Note: This contest has ended! Click here to find out who won. After our review last week, Sony graciously offered up two black Sony Water Resistant Walkman NWZ-W250’s to get Gear Patrol readers geared up with some water-resistant, wire-free goodness. Here’s the skinny. We know some of you have Facebook, some of you have Twitter,…

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Giveaway | 1,000 Gillette Fusion ProGlide Razors

Yesterday, you guys claimed 100 razors in mere minutes. As promised, Gillette is helping Gear Patrol upgrade your grooming gear with another cool grand worth of Gillette Fusion ProGlide Razors ahead of public release this June. Well, technically it’s 999 + 1 we’re giving to a randomly selected person that adds us on facebook and/or…

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Giveaway | 100x Gillette Fusion ProGlide Razors

Update: Damn, that was fast. All 100 razors were claimed in 30 minutes, but good news: we just spoke with Gillette and are hooking Gear Patrol readers up with 1,000 more razors tomorrow. Seriously… one thousand razors. Boom! Check back early and often if you missed out. Update 2: Our 1,000 Gillette Fusion ProGlide Razor…

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Savile Row Meets American (Made) Style

Rufus Shirts (Win This!)

Rufus shirts offer a quiet uniqueness, garnering second looks without screaming, “Look at me!” meaning you can wear these shirts with confidence, and rightfully so. Offering both classic and contemporary patterns, fabrics, and colors, with a touch of style and flair, these shirts diversify your otherwise mundane choices of the standard white and blue office…

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Porter Cable Drill Kit Giveaway Winner!

So we can only assume that many of you are saddled with sizable to-do lists, as we received a veritable crap-load of entries in our Porter Cable 18V Lithium Drill Kit Giveaway. As always, we’re grateful to each of you who took the time to enter via the comments, Facebook, or Twitter. Our sole winner…

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Porter Cable 18V Lithium Drill Kit Giveaway!

We like to think of ourselves and yourselves as guys who get stuff done. Having the right tool for any given job is key to this effort. To that end, we’ve been big fans of Porter Cable’s full lineup of equipment, suitable of just about any worthwhile task you can think of. Even better, we’ve…

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TV To Go

FLO TV Personal Television Giveaway!

This contest is now over. A winner has been announced here. Thanks to everyone who entered! FLO TV Personal Television. It’s a 5 ounce TV streaming machine that gives you five hours of access to 20 channels including CBS, Comedy Central, Discovery, ESPN, FOX, MTV, NBC, and The Food Network. What’s better than that? Well,…

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Aperion Home Audio Link | Giveaway!

The only thing better than getting to test the latest and greatest gear is having the opportunity to give some of it away to you. In recognition of Aperion Audio’s newly released Home Audio Link (launched today) we, and Aperion Audio, want to give you a chance to get in on the wireless sound goodness….

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Black Friday Giveaway | Winners!

Congratulations to the winners of our Black Friday Giveaway! Drew H. (Canada) is the recipient of the Sound ID 300 Bluetooth Headset (current headphones: Skull Candy Smokin’ Buds, and Richard L (San Jose, CA), wins himself a pair of V-MODA Vibe II Headphones (current headset: the included Apple iPhone headset). Glad to see such a…

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Thanksgiving Giveaway | Winner!

Congratulations Roan (Chicago, IL), the winner of our Butterball Indoor Turkey Fryer Giveaway ($150). Roan’s favorite kitchen utensil? The Fryer’s Friend Grease Keeper and his reason sounds perfect to us: My bacon fat strainer/container, because bacon fat is THE secret ingredient to almost everything I cook. Congratulations to Roan and thanks to everyone who entered!…

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Black Friday Giveaway | Moda VIBE II Headphones and Sound ID 300 Bluetooth Headset (Today Only!)

Welcome to Black Friday, welcome to our second Great November Giveaway. Today’s docket: The V-Moda VIBE II Headphone/Headset ($120), and Sound ID 300 Bluetooth Headset ($80). To win, just do one (or all) of the following:

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Thanksgiving Giveaway | Butterball Turkey Fryer (Today Only!)

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Welcome to today’s Turkey-day Giveaway. We’ve got a brand spanking new Butterball Indoor Electric Turkey Fryer ($150) to giveaway and it’s got your name written all over it. How do you get in on the fried goodness? Simple, all you need to do is one (or all) of the following: Leave a…

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Need For Speed SHIFT Giveaway – Winners!

Thanks again to all ye who entered our latest Gear Patrol Giveaway. We’re pleased to partner with Coke Zero to announce our two most excellent winners, both of whom are soon to be digital speed-addicts. We salute both Tyler L. (commented on the giveaway posts) and @jordachio (a Twitter follower, quite obviously). The gods of…

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Coming Up: November Two-Day Giveaway (Win $400 In Gear!)

In between stuffing your face with turkey, falling asleep from tryptophan induced coma, and fighting the ravenous Black Friday crowds, make sure you stop by Gear Patrol for your chance to win some tasty gear in comfort of your own home. We’ve got a Masterbuilt Pro Series Butterball Turkey Fryer ($150) to give away on…

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Early Holiday Present from Coke Zero and Gear Patrol

Need For Speed SHIFT Giveaway!

Fast cars, video games, we love ‘em. If you were to assume that we also like video games that feature fast cars, you’d be right. The recently released Need For Speed SHIFT definitely fits the bill, as we discussed in our mini-review. Now that we’ve played ourselves into a redline-induced frenzy, we thought that you…

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The Way to Go When You Can't Grow

Beard Head | Giveaway + Movember Update

So we find ourselves smack in the middle of the month of Movember. The Gear Patrol crew is doing our part to raise awareness for men’s cancer research; likely many of you are doing the same. Should your follicular efforts be as disturbingly lecherous as ours (more on that in a moment), we’ve got a…

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NBA Live 10 Giveaway | Winner!

Friends, we have the latest Gear Patrol Giveaway winner to announce. This one was conducted exclusively on our Facebook Fan Page thus, if you’re not following the action there, you likely missed out. Correct that oversight, post haste. That said, congratulations are in order for Tommy C. He’s the winner of his very own copy…

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Welcome to the Players' Ball

NBA Live 10 Giveaway

The annual pro basketball simulation from EA Sports is back for more this year, with NBA Live 10 boasting some series-best gameplay and features. As you might expect, the team at EA Canada that headed Live 10‘s development has delivered improved graphics and realism, but it’s the smooth motion and responsive controls that should be…