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Why Yes, I Do Smell Like a Brewery

Dogfish Head Beer Soap

There are three things that every man dreams of doing at least once in his lifetime. One is to play major league baseball, two is to bathe in beer, and the third is probably better off left unsaid. Dogfish Head brewery in Delaware is doing their best to make one of those dreams become a…

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Look Good Even in Your Sleep

Unison Bedding

Bedding may not excite you as much as say our coverage of the 2011 porsche 911 GT2, but what you sleep in does convey a lot about your personality. Especially to those you decide to bring home to the magic room from time to time. So if you’re ashamed of the old Ninja Turtle bed…

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Does Not Yell "You've Got Mail!"

8-Bit Hanger

The 8-Bit Hanger is certainly an item that separates a man in control of his decor from one whipped into submission by his throw pillow-obsessed domestic partner. Nothing screams “Welcome to Level One” quite like a coat hanger made to resemble the pointer we have all come to know and love (except for when it…

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A Bon Voyage State of Mind for Your Bedroom

Mayfair Steamer Double Chest by Restoration Hardware

Recalling the look of vintage steamer trunks from back when traveling glamorously meant whittling away the time in lavish passenger liners’ suites playing cards with a drink in hand, this beautiful dresser is aimed at those with cash to burn and a love of adventure. Constructed of a solid wood frame covered with handmade distressed…

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Where Sleep, Steel, and Style Meet

Room&Board Architecture Bed Frame

Those in the market for upgrading their sleeping lair can’t go wrong with the Architecture bed from Room&Board. Designed to command presence in any setting, its handmade steel frame exudes masculinity while providing enough compromise to get the nod of approval from your partner. Made in Minnesota and hand-welded for extra structural stability, the Architecture…

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Industrial Utility, Home Use

Restoration Hardware Industrial Utility Laundry Carts

Made here in the USA for Restoration Hardware, these Industrial Utility Laundry Carts by Dandux are the same carts that hotels, restaurants, and the US government have been using since the early 20th century. As you can tell, they exude industrial chic with their steel frame, heavy-duty canvas, snap-in divider for laundry separation, wood base,…

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Treat Your Clothes Like Royalty

Kirby Allison’s Hanger Project | Luxury Wooden Hangers

The notion of a worthwhile investment is something we men often struggle with, and it typically varies quite wildly from guy to guy based on personal preferences. One thing every man probably has spent money on at some point, however, is dress clothing. Not all of us may have skipped to the cash register to…

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A Detergent For Your Gear

WIN Green Sport Detergent

By Gear Patrol reader Jason Friedman WIN Green Sport Detergent is the best way to green your workout and preserve the life of your sweat-wicking athletic gear, all while being environmentally responsible. WIN Green is a new eco-friendly sport detergent that is completely biodegradable, in that all of the ingredients used are sourced from natural,…

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Skip The Ties & Cufflinks, Get Him Gear Patrol-Approved Gear

Father’s Day Gift Guide

When it comes to men, there’s few people that have influenced our lives as men more than good ol’ dad. He’s to thanks (sometimes, blame) for a lot of the traits that;s made you the man you are today. This year, Gear Patrol has put together a gift guide that forgoes the ties, cufflinks, and…

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Kiss Pink Satin Throws Good Bye

Pendleton National Parks Blanket

Here at Gear Patrol, we’re obviously proponents of the “Man Chair.” A few month’s back though, I discovered a glaring weakness with my “Man Chair”… the lack of a respectable blanket. This point hammered home when I looked down one evening and realized I was under a pink, red, and white flowered “throw” that beyond…

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Air-O-Swiss Ultrasonic Digital Humidifier 7135

Alright men, it’s time to buy a humidifier. With no end to the cold in sight, most of us have been running the heat 24/7. Although it feels great to cozy up indoors on these cold winter days, there’s one thing that we often ignore – humidity level. One big side effect of crankin’ up…

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5 Beds Fit For A Man*

*That Won’t Break The Bank Here’s what your bed says about you to a woman: crap sheets? She’ll think you’re cheap. Pristinely made? She’ll either think that you’re OCD (not good) or that you have a housekeeper (good). Quality, clean sheets, disheveled ever-so invitingly? She’ll want to dishevel them even more. Beyond the obvious benefits…

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Air-O-Swiss Travel Ultrasonic Humidifier

Don’t Throw Away That Water Bottle Just Yet If you do a fair share of traveling you probably know that staying hydrated is important. Outside of Las Vegas, you’re probably not staying in any hotels that take room humidity into factor, an important part of better sleep and avoiding dry/flaky skin. The Air-O-Swiss Travel Ultrasonic…

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Tired? Upgrade The Way You Sleep. Most people I know tend to fall into one of two categories with regards to sleep: deprived folks who revere sleep as a lusted after indulgence or the highly motivated individuals for whom sleep is a necessary evil interrupting their plans. Regardless of where you lie on that spectrum,…

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Max Longin Bed Float

It Doesn’t Really Float, But It’s Just As Good The Max Longin Bed Float. Not for your Sealy Posturepedic. A floating bed. Hmm… In theory, sounds a bit Back To The Future-ish for our tastes, but what you see packed into this crate is a bed with seemingly effortless design. You may actually find yourself…

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iZap Portable Tooth Brush Sanitizer

All The Menthol In The World Can’t Leave You This Clean It’s well understood that people get sick while traveling. Thanks to the iZap though, you can take a germ infested tooth brush off the your list of potential culprits. This duel purpose sanitizer and traveling case works by using a germicidal UV bulb proven…

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Tempur-Pedic GrandPillow

When you think of fine bedding what often comes to mind are high thread count sheet sets and luxury down comforters. While these an important part of sleep comfort, it’s easy to overlook your pillow. It’s time to treat yourself to the Tempur-Pedic GrandPillow. Their top of the line, ultra-luxurious pillow is every bit as…

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Kangaroom Bedside Saddle

[click on image to enlarge] Some guys don’t have the luxury of having a lot of space near their bed. That or they just prefer their clutter unseen. Be it your magazines, iPod, notepad or remote the Kangaroom Beside Saddle will keep your bedside gear organized and close by and manage do to so with…

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RabbitAir BioGS Ultra Quiet Air Purifier

You can have your housekeeper come every single day to clean your apartment, but she’ll never manage to get rid of pet epithelia, dust mites, danders, odors, and chemical vapors. As a matter of fact she might be contributing to the problem herself. Get an air purifier Rabbit Air is a Mitsubishi Heavy Industries developed…

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Nautica Dresser Valet

As a guy you probably end up with more stuff in your pockets than you realize (insert joke here). If you’re like us then it gets dumped on a counter or table at the end of each day. What about your valuables though? Do you chuck your watch, cellphone and wallet aside as you reach…

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How many times do you hit the snooze button in the morning: twice? three times? sixteen? If you need help or motivation for your New Years resolution to stop slapping the snoozer before you roll out of bed then the SnüznLüz may be the best $40 you ever spend on an alarm clock. Simply put…

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iTouchless UV Toothbrush Holder & Sanitizer

Being neat and organized doesn’t equate to sanitary so the fact that your bathroom is organized belies the fact that there are probably germs all over the place. One place you don’t want those bacteria, fungi and viruses is your toothbrush. The iTouchless UV Toothbrush Holder/Sanitizer eliminates unwanted and harmful no-goods from your pearly white…

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Hästens Vividus Bed

What would you say if you were looking at a bed that took over two years of experimenting to come up with the perfect combination of horsehair, cotton, flax and wool? What would you say if it took nearly 160 hours to hand stitch this bed together using traditional craftsmanship techniques honed in Sweden since…

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Deluxe Valet

At the beginning of each day how much time do you spend finding your wallet, watch, iPod, cufflinks, etc? If you’re like this writer than you probably spend more time than you’d like. Get your accessories and gadgets in order with the chest/table top valet. It is finished in chestnut and has room for all…