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Handy in a Pinch


Some tasks call for delicate tools, others don’t. The PockeTweez ($25) was designed by construction industry veterans who worked around Oregon’s milling industry and admired the hand-crafted tweezers employees made from planer blade stock. Unlike your typical drug store variety, these tweezers were stout and sharp as hell, which made them great for removing splinters/silvers….

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Third eye not so blind

Ryobi TEK4 Inspection Scope

Just like your own personal periscope, the Ryobi TEK4 Inspection Scope can go where your head and eyeballs can’t. Better than cramming your face through a wall or snaking your meaty forearms through a small space under the hood of your car, this scope has a 3 foot camera cable that’s waterproof, along with a…

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Nice adze

Gränsfors Bruks Gutter Adze

You may not be planning to do any log grooving, boat building, or wood sculpting this weekend, but that doesn’t mean you can’t appreciate the rustic beauty of the Gränsfors Bruks Gutter Adze ($310). The Swedish company, famous for their luxurious roughhewn hand tools outdoes themselves with the small form-factor bowl shaped adze designed for…

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Plowing through yardwork... literally.

Boxer 320 Mini-Skid

Have you ever driven past a construction site and wondered just how much yard work you could do if you just had one of those Bobcats? With the new Boxer 320 Mini-Skid ($14,999), you can bring home the power of industrial-grade equipment in a domestic-friendly, workshed parkable machine. At just 34.5″ wide, the rideable skid…

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This little vacuum sucks, a lot

Dyson DC35 Multi Floor Vacuum Cleaner

Dyson’s most recent addition to their dirt destroying lineup, the DC35 ($300) cordless multi floor vacuum includes a digital motor that’s three times faster than conventional motors, a fade-free lithium ion battery, and a detachable long-reach wand (we guess size really does matter…). A fully charged vacuum will provide 15 minutes of constant high suction…

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When large just isn't enough

KASTOmaxcut Bandsaw

The KASTOmaxcut Bandsaw could very well be the king of cutting. It’s got a blade as thick as a man’s arm and the wheels that make even the baddest mudders look puny. In terms of oomph, it uses a 29 horsepower motor to power one-of-two blade options that can be hydraulically positioned for vertical or…

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Get a grip

Gorilla Gripper

Handling and transporting sheet materials like drywall, plywood and particleboard have turned many a do-it-yourselfer into a “eh-maybe-laterer”. The problem that plagues most home projects isn’t the weight of materials, but the strain on the body from assuming awkward positions necessary in order carry them. That’s where the Gorilla Gripper ($40) really lends a hand…

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Cut above the rest

Fiskars Cuts+More Scissors

The Fiskars, Cuts+More Scissors ($20) are far more than your average pair of hinged blades. Taking a cue from the multi-tool world, Cuts+More scissors not only provide top notch cutting performance but also integrate other cutting implements including: wire cutter, twine cutter, power notch for cutting light rope, pointed awl tip and bottle opener (pictured…

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Naughty and nice

Mountain Boy Sledworks Mountain Boggan

One of our favorite things about the holiday season is its tendency to remind us what is really important… important things like the sheer thrill of racing down a snow blanketed slope of precarious grade, red-faced with tears of joy streaming out the corners of our eyes, ignoring the warnings and caution of mothers as…

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Firewood's Dark Nightmare

Fiskars 7854 Super Splitting Axe

While it’s not as elegant as a Best Made Axe, in true Gear Patrol colors, Fiskars does deliver wood-splitting Armageddon with their 7854 Super Splitting Axe ($40). With its 28-Inch Handle and 4-1/4-Pound Head, it’s powerful enough to break up some serious logs to stoke your blazing winter fires in the hearth, the stove or…

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Use This Neck and Save Yours

Zippo Flex Neck Utility Lighter

The genius who put a lighter at the end of a long stick is hopefully up for canonization in some religion as a finger saving saint. Clearly Zippo’s Flexneck Utility Lighter ($23) is the neck err…next evolution. Thanks to its flexible extension and slim powerful nozzle, with this in your hand, there’s no need to…

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Sound Off

U.S. Patrol Siren Padlock Alarm

Padlocks are a great way to keep things secure. The world’s supply of bolt cutters isn’t exactly dwindling though, so there’s always a risk that your bike, tool box, or other toys can get snagged when you aren’t around. The U.S. Patrol Siren Padlock Alarm ($13) adds another layer of protection by emitting a 110db…

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Protect Ya Neck

Rock Lock

We don’t imagine many of you earn your scratch as guitar playing street busker — but if you do that’s totally cool and please send us a demo. We also doubt you’re reading this while aboard your tour bus driving to your next 100,000+ seating stadium venue (again though if you are a global rock…

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Go ahead, get your hands dirty

Grease Monkey Wipes

Ride your bike enough and you’re going to have to fix a flat tire. You’re lucky if it happens close to home but Murphy’s Law says you’ll most likely be 20 miles out, at dusk with a storm approaching. Oh, and it will be the rear tire, which necessitates fiddling with the chain to pop…

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Trust Us, It Has Nothing to Do With T-Pain

Husqvarna 576 XP AutoTune Chainsaw

Chainsaws and Husqvarna are pretty much synonymous. So when the venerable brand declares a chainsaw to be their most advanced you know it’s time to expect performance. Utilizing an all-new X-Torq 5.7 HP engine the Husqvarna 576 XP AutoTune Chainsaw ($910) utilizes an onboard AutoTune sensor to monitor the engine 20 times per second constantly…

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One Beautiful Beast

Estwing Claw Leather Handle Hammer

Estwing was founded by Swedish immigrant Ernest O. Estwing nearly a century a go. Ernest had a talent for forging hammers from one solid piece of hardened steel and the rest as they say is history. Estwing tools are still made in the USA in Rockford, Illinois and this Estwing Claw Leather Handle Hammer ($26)…

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Take A Workshop Anywhere

POWER8 Workshop

Most of us have a go to tool for every job that comes across our plate. The POWER8 Workshop ($340) is a good all-in-one starter kit though for those just beginning the grail quest that is building a tool collection.

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That's a Knife

Gerber Gator Machete

Plan on blazing trails or just cleaning up the yard anytime soon? Then consider packing the Gerber Gator Machete ($19). Measuring 25.7 inches long and weighing a light 18oz, it’s slightly bigger than that Swiss Army on your key chain. Overall the business parts amount to a 15 inch fine edge blade on one side,…

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Not Made for Your iPod


When it comes to endorsements, we consider a decision by law enforcement, armorers, and government to use a particular product to be a lofty one. That said, the Podbox is a highly customizable multi-application stow cart used by government agencies in 8 states and made in Morganton, North Carolina. Across the entire lineup of carts,…

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Measure More Than Minutes

Stanley Tape Measure Watch

Most men can probably provide the time with a flick of their wrist. Unless they’ve got a yard stick tattooed on your inner arm though, they probably can’t help with measuring out a door frame. That where the Stanley Tap Measure Watch ($44) comes in. It features an integrated 3 ft tape measure along with…

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Crowbar's Angrier, More Destructive Brother

Halligan (Hooligan) Bar

Each occupation has a tool they can’t live without. For a golfer, it’s his clubs. For a cop, it’s his gun. But unless you’re using a nine iron to smash in the window of an Escalade in Florida, or using a 9mm to accidentally shoot yourself in the leg in a New York nightclub, these…

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A Different Kind of Suck

Oreck XLAUTO Car Vac

Everyone knows that the only thing more embarrassing than your assortment of Dungeons and Dragons figurines is the collection of french fries and smashed peanut butter crackers that you’ve accumulated beneath the driver’s seat. Women dig a clean car, not as much as they dig a guy with hoards of cash, but at least you…

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Wax Off, Wax Off

Klasse All-In-One Car Polish & Sealant

Calling a vehicle “mere” transportation is tantamount to speaking blasphemy. Acquiring our dream vehicle (wheeled or otherwise) is the first and highest hurdle. The second hurdle is how to best care for your baby. Tips: 1) Find a solid mechanic; 2) Use Klasse All-In-One Polish & Sealant ($24). There’s no wax or polymer in this…

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A Bag for Tools (Only in the Literal Sense)

Timbuk2 Tool Shed

Constructed of waterproof and grease-resistant Tarpaulin, the Timbuk2 Tool Shed $35 can handle being tossed around and is easily secured by an anodized aluminum buckle. Despite Toolmonger pointing out that it’s suited for the hipster-repairman or Timbuk2’s own claim of adoration by hairstylists, we still this case is great for that spare set of tools…

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A Greener Greenery Manager

Bosch Rotak Li Electric Lawn Mowers

Those of you with serious swaths of property may laugh at electric push mowers, but for home owners with small plots to tend, they can be great. The Bosch Rotak Li Series ($300-$540) makes them even better — for a price — by eliminating the pesky cord in exchange for a lithium-ion battery that’s good…

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Simplicity at its Finest

Dymo Rhino 101 Label Maker

The fact that we’ve covered the Dymo LabelManager before should have already tipped our hand to you guys that we’re into organization. Dymo has kindly reminded us though with the Dymo RHINO 101 ($20) that satisfying our need for order doesn’t always have to require batteries. Designed to be reusable and refillable, the RHINO 101…

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Get Your Doc Brown On

The Best of Make

D.I.Y.ers, builders, geeks, mechanics, wood workers, and all around fiddlers aren’t the type who normally need an excuse to find something to do. In the rare instance that your creation queue is dwindling though, picking up a copy of The Best of Make ($24) should keep you busy for at least a week or two….

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Monitor From a Cool Distance

Ryobi TEK4 Professional Infrared Thermometer

One way to test the heat of your grill is to step right up, look at the grill temp gauge, and feel the burn on your already steamed person. Ryobi on the other hand offers a pleasant alternative with the Ryobi TEK4 Professional Infrared Thermometer ($69). As a point-and-shoot infrared thermometer, it instantly measures grill…

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Razor-Back Professional Tools | The Pulverizer

According to Webster’s Dictionary, the definition of pulverize is: to reduce (as by crushing, beating, or grinding) to very small particles. Well, the Pulverizer from Jackson Professional Tools is nothing if not appropriately named. Whether your abrading, atomizing, beating, braying, contriturating, crumbling, crushing, fragmenting, granulating, levigating, pestling, splintering, or triturating, the Pulverizer does a man…

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Because Getting It Clean Shouldn't Take Hard Work

Ionic Clean Washing System

There’s nothing, and we mean nothing, quite like the feeling of a clean car. In fact, it’s been proven (through our highly-scientific testing process) that a spiffy ride really does drive better. Typically, that means adding a trip to the wash to your already packed routine. That’s why you might want to consider booting your…