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Lite & Load

Weber Rapidfire Chimney Starter

The most important piece of grilling gear after a grill and good meat is a chimney starter. Consider it less of an accessory and more of an essential, because you’ve got better things to do with your Saturdays than watching pyroclastics. The Weber Rapidfire Chimney Starter ($15) gets enough bulk briquettes or lump charcoal (try…

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The French Door & Sliding Door Mashup

Vufold Sliding and Folding French Doors

Clever design never escapes the eyes of our diligent editors, especially when it pertains to upgrading one’s home base. We can’t say if Vufold is the only company out there promoting this design, but the idea of combining the beauty of proper French Doors with the convenience of their sliding door counterparts definitely has us…

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No Cheap Vinyl or Logos Here

Coast Marine Bean

Bean bag chairs were never a bad idea, it’s just that Service Merchandise (remember them?) left us with a taste of cheap vinyl and NBA team logos. New Zealand based Coast proves that bean bag chairs can not only be comfortable, but also worthy of your discerning home’s outdoor space. Not convinced? Well, consider this:…

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Redefining "Bimmer" (BMW + Mower)

BMW Designworks Snapper NXT Riding Mower

BMW Designworks and Snapper. Not a collaboration we would have expected, but most certainly welcome now that we’ve laid eyes on the new Snapper NXT riding mower. Designed by BMW Group Designworks USA and Snapper, the new NXT ($2,599-$2,999) manages to combine functionality and ruggedness you would expect in an advanced riding mower in addition…

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Sustain Your Summer and The Environment

CB2 Sawyer Adirondack Chair

Winter is the number one destroyer of patio furniture. Well at least that sounds like a slogan some wood finishing or furniture cover sellers would promote. Whether its true or not though, if you’re outdoor setup was ravaged by the elements during the off season, the Sawyer Adirondack from CB2 ($250) is an attractive chair…

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Swing Into Spring

Loll Go Porch Swing

With Spring, there’s no better time or place to enjoy your morning coffee or evening reading than your porch. If you’re lucky enough to have one, that is. Make full use of your pendulating outdoor mecca with a modern update to the traditional porch swing from Loll – a company who’s built a reputation from…

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Humidifiers Aren't Just For Your Home

Moistly Grilled Cast Iron Grill Humidifier

It may be February, but we’re already chomping at the bit to fire up that grill and there’s never a better time to start getting prepared for the 2010: The Year Of Meat (unofficial Gear Patrol declaration). Instead of the “fire + ribeye = dinner” why not use this year to take what you already…

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A Prestigious Course of Study, Indeed

Kingsford University

Back in November, Kingsford Charcoal invited us to attend Kingsford University, a several day event that involved tuning and honing our grilling skills and wine tasting chops. Yes, college would have been far more interesting this way. Never ones to turn down an opportunity involving fire lighting or consuming fine vittles and vino, we headed…

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Turn Your Fireplace Into Your Grill

The Original Tuscan Grill

You’ve chopped the wood, lit the fire, and can’t help but stand back and admire your neo-lumberjack status (secretly hoping for some recognition from the significant other). Now, take that one step further, toss on the Original Tuscan Grill, and turn your fire into an indoor grill. Bella Cucina’s Original Tuscan Grill follows an 18th…

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Measure Better

Nuscüp Adjustable Measuring Cup and Scoop

Stop the clanging ruckus caused by frantic searches for measuring spoons in your kitchen tool drawer. Stop it now. Innovation, even on the most simplistic devices never fails to astound and the Nuscüps are a prime example. To select different measurements, simply adjust the thumb slider to match the amount you want and scoop. Labeled…

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Super Bowl Grill

Weber Ranch Kettle Charcoal Grill

Just because you invited 8 dozen people to your BBQ doesn’t excuse you from feeding each and every one of your guests a piping hot slab of grilled meat & veg. Host up and give your next über-BBQ a proper flame with a Weber Ranch Kettle Charcoal Grill. Providing a cooking area even Jerry Jones…

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The Axe George Washington Would Have Used, In 2009

Best Made Company Axes

The duo behind Best Made Company (designer and author Peter Buchanan-Smith, and outdoorsman and environmental entrepreneur Graeme Cameron) aim to make you rethink the value of a quality axe. The two are men with accomplishments and experiences befitting of men you’d trust to construct a quality axe: building hand-hewn log cabins, winning Grammy awards, rugby,…

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A Vacation Destination That's Closer Than You Think

The Hammock Source | Hatteras Duracord

In honor of it being that time of year when many of us are returning from a holiday and a sandy beach to the doldrums of our busy lives, we bring to you The HammockSource. Whether you are lying in a hammock feeling the ocean breeze and drinking a Corona or just in your backyard…

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The Easy Way to Mix Fire with Fire

Williams Sonoma Jalapeño Pepper Roaster

Whether or not you’re a fan of spicy food, it’s time to throw concern for your taste buds aside. Fire roasted, stuffed jalapeño peppers with cheese and other savory ingredients, are an appetizer that’s sure to knock your final summer entertaining stints out of the park. Holding up to 18 stuffed or whole peppers upright,…

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Tame That Yard

Husqvarna Rider 175 AWD Articulating Mower

For our green-thumbed readers, the Husqvarna brand needs no introduction. For the rest of you, just think of them as the BMW of lawn & garden equipment. The Rider 175’s zero-turn-radius will make you the neighborhood’s LeBron James of yard work by taking advantage of articulated power-steering (the rear wheels swing underneath at full lock)….

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Green Is The Color Of Grilling Cred

The Big Green Egg

By Gear Patrol Reader Jack Woods: It’s late afternoon. You’re strolling around whatever town you calling home these days, looking great in your J. Crew denim shirt, Henschel Hat, Thorogood Moc Toe Boots, wielding the Swiss+ Tech Utili-key XT 8-in-1 in your pocket, when that familiar cattle prod jolt to your hunger sensors has your…

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Grilling: Recyclable, Natural, To Go

EZ Grill

National Grilling Month may wrap up today, but there’s plenty of fair weather ahead to lure you and your dining out of doors. Since Gear Patrol readers tend to be an adventurous lot, it might be handy to have a convenient mechanism for grilling up your burgers and brats when you wander out of arms…

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Turn Up the Heat with Some California Cool

Element Grill by Fuego

When it comes to buying a grill, there’s no doubt that your primary concern is finding a unit that can get the job done. Every man needs a deckhand that will help him sear, char, and grill with the greatest of ease and aplomb. Now, thanks to Fuego and their new Element Grill, there’s no…

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I Love the Smell of Lighter Fluid in the Morning

Tactical Grilling Apron

Survival gear is hot these days. With the world economy bottoming out, bombs going off in posh hotels, and threat levels hovering in the orange zone, people are gearing up for the apocalypse. Military chic often surges in popularity during times like these. In the 70s (after Vietnam), preppy kids would comb the racks at…

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Memorial Day Weekend Make Gear Patrol Hungry!

Bobby Flay’s Grilling Giveaway | Sponsored by Food2

Memorial Day Weekend is upon us, and thus, the summer grilling season is officially underway. Of course, being the man that you are, you have the right, nay… obligation to grill year-round, but summer is the big show. In honor of the season, Gear Patrol and our friends at Food2 want to set you up…

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Full Burger Press

Crate & Barrel Hamburger Press

There’s a burger I like to make, it’s called “The Frisco.” Why? I have no idea. But at some point in my adult/grilling life, the idea for a ½ pound of ground buffalo meat stuffed with gorgonzola cheese along with some chives, a dash of Louisiana Hot Sauce, a drop of Olive Oil, and sea…

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Fire Up The Grill! We're Making... Pizza?!

Villaware Pizza Grilling Stone

There’s no better way to prepare a pizza than using a brick oven, but ripping down your dining room to install such a behemoth isn’t exactly cost effective. And as much as you or I would like to erect ourselves a singular purpose hearth, it’s just not really that feasible.

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The BMW of Patio Umbrellas

Tuuci Pagoda Parasol

Long for warmer days? How about an ice cold Corona, a good book, and nothing but the sound of the ocean or your iPod?

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NewCastle Fire Bowl Column

Further Argument For A Patio Nothing really warms up a man’s home more than a roaring fire. Unfortunately, not every living room is equipped with a fireplace or hearth. Note: A hearth can be summed up as a fireplace so large you could walk inside it. Open fireplaces are a great addition to any man’s…

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Stihl SH 86 C-E Shredder Vacuum Blower

Never Take A Knife To A Gun Fight The last thing my leaves ever saw. Leaves. In my yard. Everydamnwhere. To make matters worse, rain was bearing down on my position from the West. Such a tempest was sure to whip the unruly fronds that littered my property into an unrecoverable mess. Thus, I made…

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Jim Beam Cooler and Grill Set

From the SEC to the PAC 10 and at every Podunk U in between, you’ll find that the most rabid, ravenous fans begin to show their team pride long before kickoff. The true fan prepares his parking lot conquest with the dedication and abandon of a coach who knows he’s one loss away from getting…

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Team Pride Never Felt So Manly

M Custom Grill Grates

Whatever your team, this is the ultimate grill mark for your meat.Sometimes things in life are meant to be questioned like why your girlfriend came back from the grocery store with the brand of paper towel that costs $3 more a roll than the kind you buy. Others aren’t. You don’t question why you need…

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Zac Tool Trenching Shovel

Some accuse me of being an urban dweller, but I can reassure you that I spent many a summer digging holes: holes for fence posts, holes for our family’s sprinkler syste, and holes for mafia hits. Er, scratch that last one. It’s unfortunate I had to rely on crap department store brands instead of a…

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Leatherman Genus Landscape Multi-Tool

At first glance you might think it’s a pruner but upon second glance you may also realize it’s a Leatherman. You’d be right. Not only are you looking at Leatherman’s take on a pruner, but in fact it’s the new for 2008, Leatherman Genus. The Genus is a landscape multi-tool with stainless steel bypass pruners,…

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Fuego 02 Grill

What would a grill look like if Apple made it? The Fuego 02 grill might be a pretty close representation of that. The Fuego 02 grill is designed by Robert Brunner, former industrial designer at Apple. The 25×33 inch grill lacks nothing in the area of form. It’s relatively compact, has a protective retractable top,…