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Blade Stunner

TB Groupe Evercut Knife

The TB Groupe Evercut Knife ($235) is arguably the best kitchen knife money can buy. Yes, that’s a pointed statement, but according to CATRA (Cutlery Allied Trades Research Association), the Evercut busted the chops of over 450 other knives in its tests, and slashed all cutting records held by steel and ceramic blades. For those…

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The one pyramid scheme we'll back

Fridge Monkey

The only connection the Fridge Monkey ($7) has with primates is that it’s rather skilled at organizing our favorite beverages. Measuring 9 3/4″ x 4″, this glorified rubber matt is good for holding 10 cans or beer bottles, or up to five wine bottles perfectly in place thanks to some purposeful ridges. Translation: it’s a…

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McILhenny fire

Tabasco Family Reserve Hot Sauce

Tabasco Family Reserve ($25) starts out life as the finest peppers grown on Tabasco’s Avery Island home, handpicked by the family. These superior specimens are then smashed and combined with Avery Island salt and set to age in white oak barrels for a minimum of three years. Certain amounts age for an additional five years…

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Old Meets New

AGA Total Control Cast Iron Oven

The duties of a traditional cast-iron range are typically three pronged: prepare food, provide ambient heat and heat water. They also happen to look like a million bucks. The trouble is, most take hours to reach proper operating temperature making them a poor match for busy households or those not fully entrenched in the slow…

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The water bottle comes full circle

Nau Klean Kanteen

Water bottles have come a long way in the past hundred years. After hauling hydration in animal skins and glass for centuries, men started using steel canteens in the two World Wars –- sturdy but heavy, they were a reliable way to schlep your water around the battlefield. Metal bottles, first steel, then aluminum, were…

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Campfires Be Damned

S’More To Love S’More Maker

We love camping as much as the next guy, but there’s no reason why the consumption of one of the world’s greatest deserts should be restricted to just jaunts in the woods. Enter the S’More To Love STL-600 S’More Maker ($15). Up to six stacks of marshmallow, chocolate and graham crackers can be locked-down securely…

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Caso X3 Kitchen Scale

Kitchen scales aren’t critical for all cooks, but they come in handy for those who prefer to count salt grains pre-spinkle. The Caso X3 kitchen scale ($45) takes an interesting design approach to the typically boring product category. As a scale, it can weigh up to 6.6 pounds in 0.03 oz increments — meaning it’s…

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Killing Guesswork Grilling

Steak Button Thermometer Set

Some men are grill-capable the day they leave the delivery room. Others have an uncanny ability to turn great cuts of meat into fresh sets of mud-terrains. If you or someone you know falls into the latter bucket, these Steak Button Thermometers ($20) will help. Their big, easy to read dials are essentially idiot-proof, even…

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Worth a Shot

Nespresso Pixie Espresso Maker

We love an expertly pulled espresso as much as the next guy, but when morning scrambles get hectic (and when don’t they?) there’s nothing wrong with just wanting a no-fuss shot. Our regular go-to capsule based maker recently unveiled their latest Swiss made single cup machination, the Nespresso Pixie ($250) and it’s diminuitive design has…

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Blue Ribbon Blades

Benchmade 4501 Prestigedges Kitchen Knives

While you may not think twice about mounting a wilderness excursion without your Benchmade knife, what about a more domestic adventure, like the kitchen? Benchmade has a knife for that. These knives may not include typical Benchmade features like a locking mechanism, pocket clip or sheath, but what they lack in outdoor grit the three…

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Awww Shucks

RH Forschner by Victorinox Oyster Knives

A few beers, a bucket, and one of these RH Forschner by Victorinox Oyster Knifes ($11) can make for a great night given the right company. Each knife features a high carbon steel blade with an ergonomic, and slip resistant supergrip handle — ideal for prying open even the toughest fruit of the sea. Sold…

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Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid.

Bhut Jolokia Ghost Pepper Products

Are you drinking straight from the gallon jar of Tabasco without even flinching? Then why not upgrade to cooking with the Bhut Jolokia Ghost Pepper. As the hottest pepper on the planet, it only has a Scoville heat rating of 1,041,427 — which happens to be over three times hotter than the Habanero and over…

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German Efficiency

Wüsthof Rotating Knife Stand

Traditional knife blocks look great, but unless your a feng shui master, their position in the kitchen is rarely optimized for grabbing cutlery mid recipe. Magnet strips definitely speed up the process, but there’s always that risk a quick grab could lead to Simpson’s hands. That’s where the Wüsthof Rotating Knife Stand ($320) steps in….

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Oven Armor

Royal VKB’s Apron with Built-in Oven Mitts

Aprons and oven mitts in many ways perform similar functions. One prevents stains from scarring your clothing, while the other prevents scars from ruining your hands. This brilliant design combines both features in one convenient product, making it a bullet-proof vest of sorts for chefs. It even has two buttons at the waist for hanging…

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Cut above the rest

Zwilling J.A. Henckels Limited Edition Twin 1731 Knife Set

Slicing, dicing and chopping your way through dinner prep doesn’t always have to be such a staid affair. Designed in collaboration with Italian architect Matteo Thun, the Henckel’s Twin 1731 collection a lineup of blades with top-tier features and the architect’s signature minimalist design. Each blade is made from a single piece of tapered, precision-forged,…

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On the Scene Caffeine

Handpresso Outdoor Espresso Kit

A reader recently wrote us to ask if we knew of any solutions for making coffee at a picnic. It seemed a bit strange considering we’re in the middle of February, but we can’t blame people for planning ahead. While the GSI Mini Espresso Maker is ideal for roughing it, the Handpresso is a slightly…

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Not for Marshmallows

Hyper-Caffeinated Coffee-Flavored Marshmallows

The concept of Hyper-Caffeinated Coffee-Flavored Marshmallows ($6) is just plain dangerous. Why deal with guzzling over 16 oz of piping hot coffee, or down one of the billion or so energy drinks brands out there if you could get the same effects from popping a cloud of sugary goodness? Yes, these will power-destroyers are packed…

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Dinner Is Served

Destination Dinners Recipe Kits

The biggest bone we have to pick with Food Network personalities — or any telegenic chef for that matter — is how much easier cooking looks when their ingredients are already on hand and nicely organized by an army of production minions. “Now just take seven- and-a-half peeled edamame beans wrapped in pancetta and mix…

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Deadly, but not silent

Ninja Professional Blender

The Ninja Professional Blender ($95) doesn’t get credit in our book for being the first product to bring Ninjutsu into the kitchen — that honor stays with our trusty Ninjabread men. Still, its unique six blade technology and 1000 watts of power are quite deadly to anything you feed it. That’s because, unlike typical blenders…

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Handle Me Cookware

We try to avoid talking about conceptual products on GP mainly because teasing cool things that might not be commercially developed can be frustrating to the gear obsessed – aka us. This Handle Me Cookware series was just so damn good looking though we had to make an exception. It’s the brain child of the…

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Solution for the daily manly grind

Cast Iron Herb and Spice Grater

Instructions for use: Insert the raw herb or spice from cork-lid storage top. Rotate top and bottom applying pressures for preferred fineness. Enjoy odd sensation of feeling manly about herbs. Buy Now: $45

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No More Stale Taste Tests

RSVP International Glass Canister

Taking a stale mouthful of a favorite snack is something we’ve all regretted doing. Short of buying in smaller quantities or paying someone to periodically clean out your cabinets though, there’s no way to guarantee you won’t relive the experience in the future. The RSVP International Glass Canister with Freshness Date Dial ($12) can at…

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Delayed caffeination

Hario Cold Water Coffee Dripper

Sometimes good things come to those that wait, and when it comes to producing a good cup of joe, about 12 hours is all it takes, unless there’s a Blue Bottle Coffee nearby. The Hario Cold Water Coffee Dripper ($265) is a no-frills version of more eccentric slow-drip coffee makers, which have been making the…

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Bowled Over

Lékué Steam Roaster

A brand new bowl probably isn’t at the top of your Christmas list this year, nor will it ever be. The Lékué Steam Roaster by Compeixalaigua Design Studio ($40) sports a cool enough design that we’d at least appreciate finding it under the tree. Made from 100% “Platinum” silicone, its ideal use case involves a…

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Grind (in) house

Breville Smart Grinder

Chock it up to a fascination with overengineering, but the idea of a die-cast conical burr grinder gets our java flowing. The Breville Smart Grinder will gracefully pulverize beans with no fewer than 25 settings and uses “Dosing IQ” technology to ensure each dose is automatically adjusted depending on the grind — an important factor…

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Say hello to our little friend

The Smoking Gun

Just because winter is upon us, doesn’t mean we are abandoning our desire to produce perfectly smoked barbeque. Next time you are standing outside, hands numb and freezing, attempting to feed wood chips or pellets into your favorite smoker, consider an alternate option: The Smoking Gun ($99) smoker. This petite 2 pound package uses an…

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Intelligently Crafted

Intelligentsia Coffee

Extreme coffee heads alike can all attest to Intelligentsia’s supreme coffee and abiding culture. Now with nine locations—after recently opening in Pasadena, California—the company ensures a premium experience through high-quality, direct trade production and a superlatively trained staff. Committed to exceptional coffee, Intelligentsia’s buyers and quality control staff spend many months overseas in the most…

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Freudian Sip

Freud French Press

Class up your Saturday morning brunch routine with a Freud French Press Coffee Pot ($105). A far cry from the tired look of your Bodum french press, the 8-cup stainless steel pot strikes a balance of industrial and modern design with its signature drip-free spout and wood handle. Whether its for you or the coffee-fanatic…

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Livin' The Dry Life

Bonhome Heat and Dry Dish Rack

Those with dish washers can just ignore this post since your existence is one of privilege. Other readers who deal with the pain of hand-washing out of a lack of space or funds though should listen up. We know its hard to get excited about a dish rack — but eliminating the need to hand…

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There's a Drawer for That

Fisher & Paykel DishDrawer

Just because urban dwellers measure their counter space in inches versus feet doesn’t mean they have to forgo the conveniences of a dishwasher. Designed to fit in the space of a slightly oversized drawer, the Fisher & Paykel DishDrawer ($700+) can plow through a load of dirty dishes at 163° F temperatures using less than…