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Your paper will thank you

Rotring 600 Drafting Pencil

Pencil snobbery? You betcha. Whether you prefer your pencil of the Japanese variety or more traditional in nature, the Rotring 600 Drafting Pencil ($30) will likely give pause to any jaded engineer, architect or writer. Built in Japan, this 18 gram beefcake scrawler sports an all metal brass body with traditional knurled grip, lead grade…

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Welcome, to the grid


Another day, another notebook. Wait, not so fast. Whether you love the beloved principles of grid-based design (or not), the Gridbook ($26) should help you keep those pesky lines and sketches reigned in and cohesive. Storyboarders, designers and joe-schmo doodlers alike will appreciate the 15-point dot grid that divides perfectly into 4/5/6 columns across its…

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Amateurs Need Not Apply

Sharpie Professional Markers

Does your addiction to labeling leave your Sharpie’s drier than a Southern Baptist wedding? Then Sharpie Professional Markers ($4) is made for you. Their professional seal of approval means the stronger tip will last 50% longer than those amateur chisel points you’ve grown to love — ensuring you’ll always have ink to leave your mark…

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Cards of Wood

Paper business cards? Pass. We’ll take ours in wood. Using 100% natural, harvested sustainable woods from the US, third generation family owned Cards of Wood creates paper-thin cards using micro-veneer technology without the use of chemicals. Producing everything from stationary, to packaging, to envelopes in 23 different veneers, CoW even staffs a team of designers…

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Sheath thy pen

Journal Bandolier

The Journal Bandolier ($17) from Etsy maker Cleverhands is a useful addition to your journal, especially if you’re the type of fellow who despises carrying extra items or haven’t quite bought into the tablet madness. Made from reclaimed rubber and elastic, it’s both rugged looking and useful for most 5-inch notebooks like Moleskins. With seven…

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Quoted Notables

Field Notes Dry Transfer “________ Edition”

What’s better than a Field Notes notebook for your jots, doodles and inspiration? A personalized Fields Notes notebook, that’s what. The Dry Transfer “________ Edition” ($10) still look like the classic kraft-cover version, but you’ll notice these lack the brand printed boldly across the front. That blank space is your pallet for mad-libbing to your… product
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Get the lead (or graphite) out

Palomino Blackwing Pencil

How often do you think about pencils? Well, if you’re a composer, artist or designer — or perhaps all three — the pencil is one of your most important tools. In 1998, the pencil world (yes, there’s a world for that) mourned the end of the “best pencil ever made,” the

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Cool Correspondence

Oi Polloi Icon Cards

Let’s face it. 99% of the billion plus iterations of happy new year cards out there are lame, but you aren’t lame. No, you’re funny, smart, and some might even call you cool. That’s why these Oi Polloi Icon Cards ($4) are the perfect vehicle for your personally written communications. Made from 100% recycled paper…

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The Bomb(er), literally

B-25 Mitchell Bomber Airplane Desk

Even the most prolific jetsetter needs to land every once in a while to recharge his body, devices and get some work done. Luckily, the B-25 Mitchell Bomber Airplane Desk allows aviation and history buffs to take a piece of the sky with them. This limited edition desk from MotoArt combines functional art and rich…

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Pens literally mightier than the sword.

Essential Gear: 10 Badass Tactical Pens

Quite literally embodying the old adage that “the pen is mightier than the sword,” tactical pens are made for double-duty writing of grocery lists and as a last-ditch self-defense tool. Typically machined from solid metal and combined with pressurized ink cartridges, tactical pens are writing implements that take whatever abuse you could possibly throw at…

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Dare we say, "murdered out?"

Raven’s Wing Field Notes

From the skunkworks of our favorite notepad brand, Field Notes have created what we think is their best edition yet: the disturbingly sleek Raven’s Wing Field Notes ($10, 3-Pack). The black-on-black matte black-and-charcoal linen cover stock is striking and paired with the “butcher orange” French Paper sheath, so we can’t help but feel they’re an…

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Go Go Gadget Desk

Geek Desk Adjustable Height Desk

Naming your product Geek Desk ($800) is a good way to dissuade impulse buying from the image-conscious. If you can get past that though, this utilitarian desk is pretty nifty. Its surface area measures 78.75 inches wide by 31.5 inches deep, providing plenty of room for even the messiest of workaholics. Thanks to an integrated…

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Baby Got Back

Herman Miller SAYL Chair

If you’re going to be stuck in front of a computer for 8 hours a day, you might as well do it in style, and for a reasonable price. Lucky for you, Herman Miller’s new SAYL chair ($399) has your back – literally. The designers at Herman Miller utilized the engineering principles of a suspension…

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... Is Mighter Than the Sword

Hidetoshi Nakayama Bolt Action Writing Pen

Pens as we know them haven’t progressed much beyond their fairly utilitarian ways of concealing the pen tip, which saves ink, and your clothes from looking like you just tangoed with an octopus. And unless Apple comes out with a way to squeeze ink out of an iPad, the pen as we know it is…

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Set Your Desk Apart

Rare Device Desk Set by Singgih Kartono

Desks are a place for work, but that doesn’t mean you’re obligated to make them drab. If buying new furniture isn’t in the cards though, this Rare Device Desk Set by Singgih Kartono ($75) is a quick way to distinguish your place of toil. Hand-crafted in an Indonesian farming village — you won’t find these…

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A Moleskine Competitor With Real History

Rhodia Webbie Notebook

Moleskine notebooks have become the notebook-of-choice for the stylish and creative set who need to carry a notebook around to jot down their brilliant ideas at a moment’s notice. After all, that’s what Hemingway and Van Gogh and Chatwin used to capture their mind’s contents, and so why wouldn’t you? There’s just one catch: Moleskine…

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Benchmade 1100 Damasteel Series Tactical Pen

A pen can make a strong statement, not just by what it communicates in writing but by its appearance alone. Bic ballpoint = frugal and predictable, maybe an accountant. Uniball Roller = an analyst of some kind, very precise. LAMY Safari = artistic and original, perhaps a design architect. Montblanc = executive, makes big deals…

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Ditch the Neon Yellow

Moleskine Professional Sticky Notes

Is your office, kitchen, and bedroom, covered in notes? Are you constantly writing notes, jotting down thoughts, or making lists? Are you within arms reach of a Moleskine at all times? If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, then the Moleskine Professional Sticky Notes ($9) are just for you. Slightly more…

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Calculated History

Aaron Adding Machines #8

It may not load apps, play Stick Fighter, or even fit on your desk, but the Aaron Adding Machine #8 (est $5,000) is nothing if not awesomely vintage. Built by Andy Aaron, the antique calculator recreation actually performs calculations but more importantly, hearkens an appreciation for the technological-awe they inspired during the 19th century. Equipped…

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A Lamp For Your Office or Garage

Marina Task Clamp Lamp

Whether a man’s workspace is a desk with a computer, or a tool bench, it needs to contribute to his productivity. Thus light, and subsequently the light source, are critical component of the workspace equation. While we’ve covered plenty of acceptable lamps here on GP, the Marina Task Lamp ($129) is particularly versatile thanks to…

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Permanently Awesome

Sharpie Liquid Pencil

17. That’s the number of Sharpie variations we have sitting here at the GP offices. Zero. That’s the number of Sharpie markers and pens that can do what the all new Sharpie Liquid Pencil ($2) pulls off. In what we imagine amounted to an “ah ha!” moment at Sharpie’s labs, the Sharpie Liquid Pencil imparts…

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Work on the Gold Cost, Literally

J. Rusten California Desk

American patriotism is great, don’t get me wrong, but to those from the golden state, California pride is first and foremost. The California Desk ($4,900) from J. Rusten Furniture Studio is far more sophisticated than hoisting a grizzly bear flag at the office. Not only is it made from a beautiful “curly-grain” Claro Walnut wood,…

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Pop Goes Your Office

IKEA Vika Viene Table Top

There’s a reason people submit to the torture test that is building IKEA particle board furniture — and it has nothing to do with Swedish meatballs. Instead it’s the schnazzy and clever design factor the company consistently provides for a rock bottom price. The Vika Viene Table Top ($99) is just another example of this…

Stich Leather Card Case
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Because What's Inside Counts

Stitch Grand Prixe Card Case

With the surplus of “stuffy” card cases out there, we recently felt compelled to find alternatives that our readers who weren’t neck deep in the corporate world could get away with carrying. Like say for instance…if you wrote for a men’s product website. As a result, we came across these sneakily colorful Grand Prixe Card…

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Simplicity at its Finest

Dymo Rhino 101 Label Maker

The fact that we’ve covered the Dymo LabelManager before should have already tipped our hand to you guys that we’re into organization. Dymo has kindly reminded us though with the Dymo RHINO 101 ($20) that satisfying our need for order doesn’t always have to require batteries. Designed to be reusable and refillable, the RHINO 101…

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Local Weathermen Are Bunk

Bai Design Weather Monitor Wall Clock

Wall clocks don’t necessarily have to mean wall wart, and a weather station doesn’t have to scream “Brookstone” either. The Bai Design Weather Monitor Wall Clock ($75) is an “8 in 1″ weather station with thermometer, hydrometer, barometer, day of the month, day of the week, and of course, clock. The face is presented on…

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50 Pads for 50 States

Field Notes County Fair Editions

We keep a sizable stock of Field Notes pads here at the office. They’re sized just right for pen-to-paper jotting and constantly remind us how much we’d rather be writing in the field than in front of a computer. For Summer 2010, and just in time for Independence Day, Field Notes is expanding their Field…

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Written Naturally

Takumi Macinari Wood Writing Instrument

Recently, a decidedly non-gear item crossed our desks and “thoroughly impressed” became the typical response when grasping and using the 8 gram Takumi Macinari Wood Writing Instrument ($35). Designed by Hosei Suzuki and hand-made in Japan, the Macinari is available in the form of pen or pencil and constructed entirely of maple or walnut. Even…

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Putting Everything in Its Right Place

Mio Grid Wall Pockets

Call us OCD, call us crazy, but Gear Patrol’s got a thing for organization. Doctor’s hypothesize it’s because we were ripped away from our cubbyholes in Kindergarten prematurely, but what do they know. Made in the U.S.A. from a combination of local materials such as recycled wool felt, polyester, and rayon, these Grid Wall Pockets…

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A Great Idea We Want to Own Now

FastMac U-Socket

Longtime Gear Patrol readers may remember our post on a similar product called the Truepower USC Power Outlet that promised to integrate powered USB ports into the universal American outlet. Unfortunately it looks like that particular model which featured its USB ports on either side of the main AC sockets has since been scrapped. Macheads…