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Painfully Cute Dog Not Included


You spend a major portion of your life sleeping on the comfort of a mattress, so why shouldn’t your best four-legged friend? DoggySnooze ($139) is an orthopedic, elevated bed with bolstered rails designed to give Fido the most comfortable sleeping experience (besides his/her favorite place, of course: beside your feet in bed). DoggySnooze is available…

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Chuckit! Launcher

Man’s best friend doesn’t get a lot of attention from a gear perspective here on Gear Patrol, we’re aware and we’re hoping to change that. Our first step is bring the Chuckit! Launcher to your attention. The Chuckit! is a plastic tennis ball launcher made to let you keep your hands slobber free, throw the…

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Dog Poo Bags

Shit Happens. Just Be Prepared. Further evidence, everything can be civilized if you look hard enough… Let’s be honest for a moment. When you leash together your fate with that of your four-legged friend and head out of doors into the certain chaos that waits, you realize that, in fact, your dog is walking you….

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J.Crew Leather-Backed Madras Dog Collar

The only accessory we condone for your pets is a collar. Period. If you wrap your pet in frilly sweaters then I emplore you to stop reading Gear Patrol. What kind of collar you choose for your compadre we’ll leave to personal discretion, but the Leather-backed Madras Collar from J.Crew is a good choice. It’s…

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Cole Haan Dog Leash

Walk your dog with a little more style when you use the Cole Haan dog leash. It’s got enough understated luxury to it to show you’re not going cheap on your new best friend(s) and durability. It’s woven with Cole Haan’s signature bridle leather. What this means to you: Give grover’s leash an upgrade. He…