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Ace Bartender

30 Minutes With: Kenta Goto

The Pegu Club in NYC takes its job as one of the “gatekeepers of the classic cocktail” very seriously. So does Kenta Goto, the Pegu Club’s head bartender, whose work at the bar includes not just pouring excellent drinks on a nightly basis but also working with the Club’s owner, Audrey Saunders, to maintain an extensive menu of beloved traditional drinks and new creations that push the boundaries of modern cocktail culture. We had some burning libational questions for him.

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To see one is to lust

Behind the Wheel: 1968 Jaguar E-Type Series 1.5

Ali Sadrieh is a man who lives in the present. From his cutting edge podiatry practice in Los Angeles, to his love of all things tech, he believes there has never been a better time to be alive. It is this very love of all things digital that inspired him to own an “analog car”: the iconic and rare 1968 Jaguar E-Type Series 1.5. Through a chance crossing of paths, we were able to meet Ali and take his gorgeous Jag for a ride. Read on to see the video.

octane-promo-box-logo-gear-patrolThis film is part of a new original series, OCTANE -- a premium take on all things motoring.
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This accomplished Charlestonian is just getting started. Really.

30 Minutes With: Brooks Reitz

Brooks Reitz may not be a familiar name to foodies today, but don’t expect things to stay that way for long. As the GM of Charleston’s 2013 James Beard nominated finalist for best new restaurant, The Ordinary, Reitz has already garnered comparisons to a young Danny Meyer; in his fleeting spare time, he’s also the founder of Jack Rudy Cocktail Co., which specializes in upscale, handcrafted mixers with a distinctly Southern flair. We recently sat down with the Kentucky gent to talk business, booze and life in our latest addition of 30 Minutes With.

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Senior Advanced R&D Engineer, Cervélo

30 Minutes With: Damon Rinard

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to design bicycles. Dammit, nevermind: yes it does. Damon Rinard is one serious bicycle designer. He’s Senior R&D Engineer and Race Engineer for Canadian bike maker Cervélo, the most popular brand at the Ironman World Championship at Kona several years running. We caught up with Rinard to talk about the P5, happy meals and the science of comfort.

limits-promo-logoThis interview is part of a new original GP series, LIMITS, dedicated to exploring the physical and mental borderlands of human capability. And beyond.
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Senior Director of Global Product Management, Cannondale

30 Minutes With: Henning Schroeder

If you’ve ever wondered why your bicycle looks the way it does, has the features it has, or just generally why you’re riding a refined machine rather than an old European boneshaker, then Henning Schroeder is a guy to know. As Senior Director of Global Product Management for Cannondale, he oversees all departments — road, mountain, urban, women’s — steering the direction of the brand and working with everyone from engineers to the sales force to figure out what bikes to produce.

limits-promo-logoThis interview is part of a new original GP series, LIMITS, dedicated to exploring the physical and mental borderlands of human capability. And beyond.
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A Fly Fishing Legend

30 Minutes With: Lefty Kreh

Lefty Kreh is one hell of a fisherman. He’s lots of other things, too: retired outdoor editor of the Baltimore Sun, accomplished photographer, prolific author, father and grandfather, teller of stories, entertainer, absolute legend as a fly caster. It seems, though, that all of these things orbit around the first one. We sat down with him to hear about his 32nd book, common casting mistakes, how he was introduced to the sport, and much, much more.

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The man behind Israeli wine

30 Minutes With: Victor Schoenfeld

Victor Schoenfeld has been the Head Winemaker at Golan Heights Winery since 1992, where he’s spent time studying and understanding the terroir of northern Israel, building a groundbreaking vine propagation facility, and ultimately making wine that’s considered some of the best in Israel and in the world. Not bad for a guy who dropped out of high school. He told us all about that and more when we met him at the winery for their 30th anniversary celebration.

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Veteran Stuntman

30 Minutes With: Steve M. Davison

Name ten action movies and you’re nearly guaranteed to hit one that Steve M. Davison has nearly been killed in. He’s logged 166 titles as a stuntman or stunt coordinator, including some absolute classics like Behind Enemy Lines, Planet Terror, Gone in 60 Seconds, Scarface, and, most recently, the very stunt-filled A Good Day to Die Hard (now out on Blu-ray & DVD). The veteran badass sat down to chat with us about hairy moments on the job, getting into the stunt business, and working with big-name directors.

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The Man Bringing an Icon Back, One Defender at a Time

30 Minutes With: Matthew Perlman, Founder of West Coast Defender

After being told he needed a license to sell his personal Land Rover Defender 90 to friends, Matthew Perlman decided to go all in for his passion. His company, West Coast Defender, brings 21st century updates — refinished exteriors, heated seats, power locking and other modern amenities — to classic machines. Sourcing Defenders from all over the world and backed by a staff of former Land Rover mechanics, Perlman’s leading the charge toward the rebirth of the iconic British SUV right here in the U.S. We jumped at the chance to fire up the cameras and chat with him about his passion, why these cars are so special, and how one handles being held at the Turkish border for no reason.

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The Youngest Man to Ski to the North Pole Solo

30 Minutes With: Ben Saunders

One of only three people to have skied solo to the North Pole — the youngest to do so by over a decade — Ben Saunders is also an avid cyclist, Twitter presence and Land Rover enthusiast. We chatted with him about his own heroes, what scares him and his next epic adventure.

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Founder of Wilderness Collective

30 Minutes With: Steve Dubbeldam

Canadian-born Steve Dubbeldam, founder of Wilderness Collective, has been described as a “serial entrepreneur”, having begun multiple fashion collections and co-created an online magazine with his wife. His latest venture is Wilderness Collective, supplier of “Legendary Adventures for Men”. We sat down with Steve to discuss his approach to adventure, what men stand to gain from the trips he arranges and what went into starting a company built to satisfy man’s thirst for exploits.

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Vice President of Product Design at Kalamazoo Gourmet

30 Minutes With: Russ Faulk

Plenty of guys think they’re grill masters. But Russ Faulk, vice president of product design at Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet, actually happens to be one. After asking him to add his personal notes to our tips for mastering the grill, we caught up with him to talk about life, family, battling squid and American craftsmanship.

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Hunter, Safari Guide and Photographer

30 Minutes With: Alex Walker

Alex Walker grew up in a National Geographic photo spread. Instead of a lawn with a picket fence or a city playground, the fourth generation East African’s childhood stomping grounds were the tea fields of Mufindi, the bush of southern Tanzania and Kenya’s Mau forest. Today he makes his home in Masai Mara, Kenya, one of the most famous wildlife ecosystems in the world. After staying at one of Walker’s camps on our adventure in Kenya, we were curious to hear more about what makes this safari guide tick.

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Poised to make history

30 Minutes With: Kevin Krigger

Kevin Krigger is a 29-year-old derby rookie and the rider of Goldencents — a favorite in this year’s race. As a native of St. Croix, though, Krigger will share the honor of being the first Virgin Islander to compete in the race. More importantly to some, he’s also the first black jockey to compete in the event since 2000 — and he has a chance to be the first black rider to win the Derby since 1902.

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Woodford Reserve's Master Distiller

30 Minutes With: Chris Morris

Talk about working your way up from the bottom. Chris Morris came to Woodford Reserve’s parent company, Brown-Foreman Corporation, in 1976 as an intern. The native Kentuckian stuck it out, rising to the position of Master Distiller as American bourbon rose, too, from a soda additive to a super-premium product on the same level as its haughtier cousins. We caught up with him as part of our summer preview to hear some drinking stories, find out what’s next and hear about his love of the Kentucky Derby.

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Putting your semester abroad to shame

30 Minutes With: Lee Abbamonte

There are globe trotters, and then there’s Lee Abbamonte. Though he doesn’t consider himself a “competitive traveler” per se, he is the youngest American to visit every country (196) in the world. He is 34. We got to chat with him about his life in and outside of the suitcase.

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A gin magnate shares his secrets

30 Minutes With: Martin Miller

Martin Miller has been hatching money-making schemes ever since he can remember. His early business ventures as a schoolboy included hamster breeding and a magazine for local teenagers. The ambitious youngster’s first small-scale money-earning success came with a mail-order dating book called Success with the Fairer Sex. He was 14. In 1999, he struck gold in the gin business with his eponymous Martin Miller’s Gin. We caught up with him to chat about bucking industry trends, chess and what he’s working on next.

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Youngest Briton to Climb Mt. Everest

30 Minutes With: Jake Meyer

Jake Meyer is one of those throwback British adventurers, in the mold of Shackleton, Scott and Fiennes. He’s tough but refined and well-educated, positive but not giddy, understated but confident, and has that mix of derring-do and panache that we admire. Meyer, who at one time was the youngest Brit to summit Everest, is now a management consultant who applies what he learned on the world’s highest peaks to business best practices. But don’t think he’s gone soft. We recently had a chance to catch Meyer in his London offices for 30 minutes of Q & A.

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No, it wasn't a four-hour talk

30 Minutes With: Tim Ferriss

Pine pollen is a powder that contains the cellular material used to produce male sperm cells in coniferous plants. It’s available on as a supplement to increase testosterone, with some companies marketing it as a source of “perpetual youth”, claiming that it helps with everything from improving endurance to regulating prostate function. As part…

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We interview the real fists in Bond's fights

Guts & Adrenaline: Backing Up Bond’s Bravado

21st century moviegoers think technology has taken the dirty work out of filmmaking, leaving the job of faking the “impossible” in the hands of the hardest working person in the Hollywood: CGI. But the best action directors still understand there’s no airbrushing when it comes to the strain of a man at his desperate limits….

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Good things come in pairs

Talk Shop: In Living Stereo

Ahh, that musty smell of dusty, disorganized vintage record shops. Or how about the high-pressure unapproachability of hi-fi audio retailers? Instant turn-off, right? Not so fast. The crew at In Living Stereo prove that purveying fine audio gear and records can indeed live in harmony. With a recent move from deep in the East Village…

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Dessert, Discussion, Direction

The Smart Lives of Smart Men Part 2: Tomorrow

Question: How can technology change our lives in the future? In this follow up to the Smart Lives of Smart Men Part 1, our guests Michael Williams of A Continuous Lean, Evan Orensten of Cool Hunting, Anthony Sperduti of Partners & Spade, Ben Pieratt of Svpply, and Richard Blakeley of Thrillist concluded the evening in…

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Dinner, Discussion, Direction

The Smart Lives of Smart Men | Part 1: Today

Question: How is technology changing the lives of men and the world we live in? Rather than look to the usual pundits for the same canned responses, we decided to hunt down answers by inviting a group of friends and colleagues to the Royalton Hotel penthouse for an off the cuff conversation over dinner and…

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Solving It, One Design At a Time

Interview: 30 Minutes with Peter Bristol of Carbon Design

Chances are that if you’re reading this, you’re as completely and unashamedly obsessed with objects as we are. Interviews with designers are our way of getting back to the source and seeing who’s behind some of our favorite gear, and this week we got a hold of Peter Bristol,product designer/renaissance man and one of the…

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A passion for watches

Timekeeping | Interview: 30 Minutes with Steve Laughlin, Designer of Benarus Watches

The watchmaking business is not for the faint of heart. We’ve showcased a number of niche watches on Gear Patrol, and we’re proud to say that Benarus has been one of them. From their groundbreaking Barracuda, which sold out in a matter of weeks, to their latest creations, the Moray 2 and the Remora 3,…

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Leather. Head.

30 Minutes With: David Munson

Adventure, and the gear you take along for the ride never ceases to enthrall us here at GP. David Munson, CEO of Saddleback Leather Co. is a kindred spirit in that regard. Subsequently, we decided to sit down with him and pick his brain on everything from the best strategies for approaching world travel, to…

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Well-Dressed Comeback

30 Minutes With: Paul Trible

Southern gentleman. English rake. Paul Trible is the consummate man about town. Designer and co-founder of Richmond-based Ledbury, Trible draws on his transatlantic roots to make the ultimate refined-yet-modern shirt. Read about how that happens after the jump.

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30 Minutes With: Christopher Bastin

Gant has a long-standing tradition of helping men look their best, but a recent rival effort has thrust the brand back into the spotlight of men’s fashion. Characterized by modern tweaks on classic americana stye bred in the collegiate atmosphere, the company has also just launched a new online store, enabling anyone with a mailing…

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30 Minutes with Liad Cohen, Lomography General Manager and Chief of Retail

30 Minutes With: Liad Cohen

We tend to believe that technological advancement in the last 20 years has changed the world mostly for the better. Still, the waning of film-based photography is the worst causality in our books resulting from the collateral damage of the digital age. Thanks to a passionate community of shutterbugs and the style elite, however, analogue…

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Every Man Needs a Basecamp

30 Minutes With: Graeme Cameron

Few things are more primal than an axe. It’s the minimum amount of tool that can come between man and the act of felling a tree. But simple doesn’t mean crude — the perfect axe is a transcendent thing. To find out what that looks like, we sat down with Graeme Cameron, formerly of Best…