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The Taste of a productive day

The Kentucky Sundowner

The Irish have Irish coffee, the Scotch have Highland Coffee, the Germans have Rüdesheimer Kaffee, and college students have vodka and red bull. Kentuckians have the Kentucky Sundowner. Here’s how to make one.

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A twisted, artful rabbit hole in Idaho

Postcard: Stumbling Into Freak Alley

Boise, Idaho, 9:28 a.m. A huge deformed potato leers from the side of a building, plastered on the brick like a perverted ad for Ore-Ida. But this spud only shills for Boise’s not-so-hidden oddity: Freak Alley Gallery, a collection of local artists’ whims, painted with vigor and a poppy-field vibrancy of colors throughout a series of side alleys in the city’s otherwise quiet downtown.

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Bogged Down in West Yarmouth

Postcard: Harvesting Cranberries in Cape Cod

12:30 p.m. EST | West Yarmouth, MA — To get from the bog to the bar cart, cranberries endure a strange journey.

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Wet trousers and world-class scallops

Postcard: Lunch at The Three Chimneys Kitchen Table

1:00 p.m. BST | Colbost, Isle of Skye, UK – We parked the truck somewhere in the north of Skye and picked up our rental Lapierre road bikes. It was very cold and raining hard, the aftereffects of Hurricane Gonzalo on the other side of the Atlantic, but we wanted to get a ride in and figured: let’s just bike to lunch. Lunch was at The Three Chimneys, the Isle of Skye’s best restaurant with a newly minted Michelin star.

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Terrifying Road Rules in Beautiful Skye

Postcard: Yield Please, Yield

9:00 a.m. BST | Isle of Skye, UK – Driving a broad car on the wrong side of the road, from the passenger’s seat, is an upsetting experiment in bizarro world physics.

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High on a Scottish View

Postcard: High Noon in Glasgow

12:00 p.m. BST | Glasgow, Scotland, UK — After two delayed flights we stumbled through Glasgow airport at the crack of dawn and dumped our bags at a hotel. Like any respectable New Yorkers, we asked where the best coffee was and then jumped on the subway to the West End to consume several rounds of it.

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Learning the way of the climb

Postcard: Learning to Climb in the Gunks

2:00 p.m. EDT | New Paltz, NY — I’ve never met a more playful group of people than rock climbers. The experienced ones seem to have the best sense of humor when they’re standing on the edge of a cliff.

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Instead of Gatorade and Gu, Chianti and Lardo

Postcard: Roadside Assistance, Italian Style

1:00 p.m. CEST | Gaiole in Chianti, Italy — Actually, we’re something like 30 miles outside Gaiole in Chianti. Jeff‘s seat tube keeps falling, which makes sense because we’re riding pre-1987 road racing bikes as L’Eroica requires, and the mechanic had reamed his tube (the bike’s) something serious to get the seat post into it yesterday.

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Good view, good drink, good company

Postcard: Paradise — and Beer — in New York Wine Country

6:15 p.m. EST | Seneca, New York – Ask for paradise and a wise man’ll point you to the rule of three: good view, good drink, good company. You’ll know when you’ve found it, like I recently did.

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Don't be a pogie

Postcard: Searching for Bluefish at the Verrazano-Narrows

3:30 p.m. EDT | Just off Gravesend Bay, Brooklyn — “Pray that if you die, you don’t ever come back as a pogie.”

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(and Pizza)

Postcard: Steep Descents in Sonoma

12:30 p.m. PT | Healdsburg, CA — I’ve got February legs in August this year, but the promise of legendary brick oven pizza at Diavola in Geyserville, CA, was enough to get me out of bed for a few dozen miles of riding out of Santa Rosa.

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Ironman's fastest champion

Postcard: A Jog with Craig Alexander

7:00 a.m. ET | New York, NY — It’s the triathlete’s equivalent of shooting hoops with Kobe Bryant, tossing a football with Eli Manning or having a volley with Roger Federer: a morning run with Craig “Crowie” Alexander in Central Park.

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Sporting Days

Postcard: Target Practice

1:15 p.m. ET | Dover Plains, NY — We’ve been enthusiastically told no fewer than four times that “trap shooting is golf with guns”, but equating an activity that uses twelve-gauge shotguns to explode clay targets with the world of outlandish polo shirts and John Daly seems like a gross disservice.

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A moment of faith on baseball's holy ground

Postcard: In a Hall with the Greats

Baseball is only a sport, something you put on in the background while you do your crossword. And then suddenly you’re sitting in the Baseball Hall of Fame museum in Cooperstown, New York, the rumored birthplace of the sport, and there’s a family on one side of you, happy father cooing in his baby son’s ear about how lucky he is to see the greats in person, an old man alone on the other, grasping his 75th anniversary commemoration class yearbook in both hands and taking in the sights like a greedy drunk sucking at a bottle.

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Goodwood, 3:30 p.m

Postcard: Fumes of Motoring Past and Present

Standing here in a small crowd of automotive devotees at the top of the Hill Climb at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, it’s a privilege to breathe in the fumes of motoring past and present as historic cars and motorcycles whiz past in all their glory.

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Centre Street, before the rush

Postcard: Nantucket Reds

Nantucket just before the summer tide of tourists rolls in is a special place.

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The Ultimate Gear Valet

Postcard: A Street Vendor for Athletes

Central Park, New YorkT2 Lockers, founded and run by Army vet and triathlete Richard Rafael, provides street-side storage for New Yorkers while they train in Central Park.

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A lonely guard holds its post

Postcard: Willemstoren Lighthouse, Bonaire

In the 1830s the Dutch built the Willemstoren lighthouse at the southernmost point of the Caribbean island of Bonaire to warn sailors of the hazardous reef offshore. The lighthouse is now locked up, the keeper’s house crumbling and derelict.

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Reveling in a Moment

Postcard: Quiet Hikes

10:28 a.m. HST | Kauai, Hawaii — The two mile hike up to Waipoo Falls in Kauai’s Waimea Canyon is by all measurement an easy one, but it underscores what’s best about a quiet hike.

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Stereotypical? Je n'aime pas

Postcard: Paris in The Summer

7:05 a.m. CEST | Paris, France — This couldn’t possibly get more stereotypical. I’m standing on the Pont Du Carrousel an hour after sunrise pointing a medium format film camera downstream.

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Pain and (Elevation) Gain

Postcard: Barry-Roubaix Sucks

GP heads to the Barry Roubaix dirt road race and comes away tired, angry, and fulfilled.

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Upgrades are Futile

Postcard: Final Approach

10:34 a.m. | 4 miles southeast of Cayman Brac — Final approach in a puddle jumper is a visceral experience.

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Scratching a nerdy itch

Postcard: Skipping Homework for Nintendo

A few hours spent playing old-school video games while draining a couple of beers proves the perfect way to accomplish some “homework” for an assignment.

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Cracking Shells on The Chesapeake

Postcard: Crabs on The Bay

Kent Island, Maryland – I’m working through something like my fourth large blue crab. My hands are covered in salty Old Bay seasoning and some ooze that probably served a vital function when the recently deceased was scuttling around the Bay. Things are good.

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Preparing for Takeoff in the Alps

Postcard: Air Zermatt

Zermatt, Switzerland — Air Zermatt pilots are the rock stars of the Alps, and they know it.