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BMW Concept C Motor Scooter

Typically, riding a scooter as a full-fledged male has the ability to take you down a few notches on the coolness scale. Well, BMW hopes to change some of that, as they try to edge in on the ubiquitous scooter market with the introduction of the BMW Concept C motor scooter. Using a high displacement…

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One great looking whiskey, we imagine

Design Spotlight: Ryesenberg Whiskey

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to find this one on the shelves of your local package store, but that doesn’t mean we can’t use a little imagination, right? Created by David Riesenberg (get it?), the sublime package design project features a unique concept: a removable bottle label created through a unique process of drying, pressing…

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Explaining the Basics, Debunking the Myths

Timekeeping: The Dive Watch, Deconstructed

It is ironic that, while watch companies are turning out more capable dive watches – helium release valves, absurd water resistance, innovative bezels – fewer and fewer SCUBA divers are wearing watches at all. Go on any dive boat and you’re lucky to find one person wearing anything besides a dive computer on his wrist….

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Sand Scorcher

Chevrolet Colorado Rally Concept

If Chevy has the cojones not to completely bludgeon the buff and beautiful design of the Chevrolet Colorado Rally Concept, then they just might have a winner in the evolutionary-but-not-revolutionary pickup truck field. The recently released images reveal a rugged and ready vehicle that’s more Paris-Dakar than Paris, Texas. The Colorado Concept sports a new,…

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Look Out Nike Plus

Beat Workout Watch

We love a good mechanical watch, but when it comes to workouts, our obsession with analog craftsmanship takes a backseat to functionality. The Beat Workout Watch ($TBD) checks all the boxes of the ultimate exercise companion. Pairing a shoe based sensor with a chest strap heart rate monitor and a 16GB portable music player isn’t…

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Ultimate Deference Machine

BMW 328 Hommage

In commemoration of the BMW 328 75th anniversary (no, not the leased 328 in your neighbor’s garage), Bavarian Motor Works has created what really can only be described as a breathtaking reintepretation, recently revealed at the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este in Como, Italy. Aptly called the BMW 328 Hommage, its resemblance to the original 1930’s…

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Motorcycle Nirvana

Falcon Motorcycles Black Falcon

There are custom motorcycles everywhere these days. Some stand apart from the rest, not just because of their design but because heritage and history are the framework of the overall design. Falcon Motorcycles Black Falcon is the ultimate example of just that. This two-wheeled work of art was recently uncloaked in California at The Quail…

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Orange Slice

1970 Lancia Stratos HF Zero

At the 1970 Turin Motor Show, Italian design house, Bertone, revealed to the world an automotive design so radical that it marked a new era in exotic automotive design, taking risks that seemed borderline insane. The 1970 Lancia Stratos HF Zero, or just “Zero” rocked automotive circles like practically nothing else before it. Bertone did…

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A Better Way to Boil

Kickstarter: Backcountry Boiler

The Backcountry Boiler just recently stepped on the Kickstarter scene, but the project has been a labor of love for Devin Montgomery for quite some time. In fact, check out his blog theboilerwerks and you can follow his development process from start to finish. The central concept behind the device was to develop a sensible…

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Simply Electric

Peugeot EX1 Concept

Perhaps electric car design is on the upswing. Electric no longer equals emaculated with the Peugeot EX 1 Concept, which just set the speed record for an electric car on the Nordschliefe at Germany’s Nurburgring track at 9:01.338, which equates to an average speed of 86 mph. You might not think that’s fast until you…

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From Boxy to Foxy

Volvo Concept Universe

Even though Geely sounds like a name your kid might have chosen for his pet hamster, the Chinese automaker can respectably take the stage with a beautiful new concept car, the Volvo Concept Universe. In the 70’s and 80’s Volvos were relatively reliable European cars but tended to channel large kitchen appliances on the design…

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Sometimes more is more

Lexus LF-Gh Concept

The newly introduced Lexus LF-Gh Concept stands apart from the myriad anemically designed hybrids we’ve seen (sans the Bugatti 16C Galibier). But what makes this car so important is not its expected fuel efficiency but rather the bolder design direction it will take Lexus. Note the spindle-shaped grille, large and quite original, that seems to…

Der neue Volkswagen Beetle
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It's finally okay to drive one

2012 Volkswagen Beetle

Good news, men. You’ll no longer be emasculated driving a VW Beetle. Lower, wider and with just the right amount of aggressiveness, the 2012 Volkswagen Beetle is completely redesigned so you won’t have to look like you borrowed your girlfriend’s car. Though we can’t say it’s rakish and intimidating, we do agree that it’s clearly…

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Stay tight, stay cool

110% Play Harder Transformer Shorts

It’s common knowledge among athletes that muscle compression is good during hard efforts. It’s also well known that icing muscles immediately after a workout makes for faster recovery. The two concepts have always been mutually exclusive though. Compression wear is all the rage, those snug tops and tights favored by pro football players and, regrettably,… -
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Excellent Excess

Bugatti 16C Galibier

The Bugatti Veyron 16.4 and Veyron Super Sport have shared the supercar limelight for some time now. Well, Bugatti is staging an upset within in its own automotive ranks by releasing production news of the supremely opulent Bugatti 16C Galibier. A 1000 horsepower W16 (yes, mating V8s) and enough torque to move it to 60…

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The Holy Grail of Sports Sedans

2012 BMW M5 Concept

The BMW M5 has stood as the definitive sports sedan for two decades. Others have tried and though some have duplicated its power, no one has been able to harness the commensurate handling dynamics in this category. Now, BMW has pulled back the curtains on its 2012 BMW M5 Concept, and the results are nothing…

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A man is what he carries

The Loadout: My Perfect Everyday Carry

Editor’s Note: We’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about our EDC (everyday carry for the uninitiated); in large part because of one of our favorite Tumblers, EDC. If you’ve never been, head there if you want to kill an hour or two. While we already have our daily rigs sorted out reasonably well…

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1990 Meets 2011

iFusion iPhone Docking Station

The idea of making a wireless phone wired is admittedly strange, but nostalgia for the familiar often drives people to do crazy things. The iFusion ($150) is essentially a Bluetooth speaker dock in traditional telephone clothing. Thanks to A2DP Bluetooth streaming, the iFusion can playback both call audio or music over its internal speakerphone. The…

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Bad name, really good concept

Vizualtech Growler E Concept

The Jaguar E-Type is perhaps one of the most significant vehicles ever made. It will never look outdated and it stands as a nearly flawless design 50 years later. The folks at Vizualtech have rendered a concept called the Growler E to honor the E-Type on its half century anniversary. No, you don’t fill up…

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Neat Seat

Chool by Slam

If Slam gets their way, “Chool” will one day enter our vocabulary next to the terms, bench, seat and stool. Essentially their concept centers on a stool-like base that can be transformed into a chair by pulling up a nifty slidable backrest. Realizing that there were plenty of ways to iterate on this form, the…

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Two Wheels Good

Ducati Multistrada 1200 S Pikes Peak Special Edition

The iPad 2 release from the minds at Apple may put you to sleep when you see what else has been unveiled in Cupertino, CA. The Ducati Multistrada 1200 S Pikes Peak Special Edition is easily more fun than a flock of angry birds (app or real). Created to celebrate motorcyclist Greg Tracy’s victorious class…

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First class ease

Adidas SLVR S-M-L Concept Shoes

We may not be able to do much about the invasive body searches, but air-travel doesn’t have to be a miserable experience in every aspect. A critical piece of gear you shouldn’t overlook are the shoes — specifically: weight, style and ease. The Adidas SLVR S-M-L Concept Shoes ($140) are designed with all three in…

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No, it's not Elton John's ride

Mini Rocketman Concept

Mini is clearly not running out ideas. Case in point, the newly introduced Mini Rocketman Concept is a fairly radical design, even for Mini. Its exterior dimensions are closer to the original at only 11 feet long, and makes use of a carbon-fiber spaceframe that keeps weight down while giving the car a stunning proposed…

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Romeo. Ohh, Romeo.

Alfa Romeo 4C Concept

Following in the footsteps of its positively stunning predecessor, the Alfa Romeo 4C Concept is both lighter and smaller in dimensions than the 8C Competizione. The 4C Concept is built from carbon fiber and aluminum and manages to keep an ultralight weight of 1,873 lbs. Not nearly as powerful as its bigger brother’s V8, the…

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Hippie Heaven

Volkswagen Bulli Concept

Many of us lamented the VW Microbus that never came to fruition several years ago (probably tragically killed off by some bean counter). A decade later, and an even tastier version has emerged, hopefully with a real chance of making into showrooms this time around. Introducing the Volkswagen Bulli Concept, named after the German nickname…

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A Classic Board Game Gets a Designer's Touch

A-1 Scrabble Designer Edition by Andrew Capener

The A-1 Scrabble Designer Edition brings a modern, penthouse-approved look to a game that has entertained word nerds since the 1950s. Before you geek out entirely, though, you should note this version is just a concept. The board and interior box you see above was constructed from solid walnut, while the exterior box is made…

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Kickboxer Diesel Concept

Turbo. All-wheel drive. Diesel. Motorcycle. Virtually all of these words get our attention all by themselves. Combine them in the form of the chiseled two-wheeler above, and you have the (conceptual) Kickboxer Diesel, designed by Ian McElroy. Powered by a compact, fuel-efficient Japanese diesel engine, the Kickboxer capitalized on McElroy’s previous Subaru WRX gas-powered engine…

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Low slung bull

Lamborghini PML-F Formula 1 Concept

Unlike the Prancing Horse, Lambo lacks any serious racing pedigree. The newly designed Lamborghini PML-F Formula 1 Concept, however, could change that. Part F1 racer, part Dark Knight transport, this demonic creation from Sabino Leerentveld is intended to be propelled by a 3.0L 1200 hp V12. If it ever gets built, pairing that engine with…

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Flame Off

Amatoya ATV

In purely concept form right now, the Amatova ATV, from designer Liam Ferguson, gives us a vision into what first-line fire-fighting could look like in the near future. More like something out of the ‘Terminator’ series than out of your local firehouse, the Amatova houses 2 passengers in a high-visibility cockpit and can liquid Howitzer…

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Gets you where Quattro won't

Audi Carbon Ski Concept

In case Hublot’s sledge doesn’t strike your winter sport fancy, consider Audi’s Carbon Ski Concept a potential alternative. Created in collaboration with Head, Audi’s Munich based concept design team has developed a pair of skis built around a wood core sandwiched between aluminum and titanium and coated in carbon fiber. The result is a more…